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  1. I was out on the finger for a couple of hours Tuesday. Temp was 73 @ 100. Once I got out a little deeper I found some mid 50s deep. Temp seemed to jump around, 48 in one spot, a few min later, 63 at the same depth. Anyway, got a 26 lb king on a green/silver/black stinger. Sorry, I’m no good with the names after they come out of the package. That was the only hit I had, probably because I tangled two dips eyes and a copper on a turn, and didn’t know it until it was time to head in. Still beats working, still learning the fishery in that area. Lots of lakers from what I’m understanding. The fleas weren’t bad, how ever, they seem to have grown. They look like miniature shrimp now. I could see the eyes, and their little spiny legs. Not as many, and much easier to clear from the lines. I hope to get out one day next week if the winds cooperate. Good luck,out there ! Rusty
  2. Thanks Born to Fish. Could I trouble you for the size and pitch of the prop you are using ? Rusty
  3. You are welcome Brian. I don't have a bow mounted trolling motor. I'm sore the two batteries add some needed now ballast. What prop is on your 150 ? I'm having some concerns with the performance of the 150 on my 196, and think it may be prop related. Thanks - Rusty Rusty
  4. Howdy all, I have a Starcraft Fishmaster 196 pushed by a Mercury 150 four stroke. Both are 2012 editions. I believe the boat is experiencing excessive prop slippage during acceleration, and am looking for some input on the issue. I don’t have numbers as to rpms and mph, but after the boat gets on plane, the rpms seem to be too high. When the boat gets to about 20-25 mph, I can pull the throttle back, and the prop seems to “catch”. By that I mean the rpms will drop suddenly, but the boat continues at the same speed. On the motor currently is a 15” x 17p propeller. It’s in good shape. I bought the boat used, and with it came an extra propeller, it’s a 14.5”x 19p. It’s in pretty bad shape, and I’m guessing it’s the prop that came on the boat when it was new. 1) Are there other folks out there with the same boat/motor configuration ? If so, what prop are you running, and do you experience excessive prop slippage ? 2) Can you tell by the information I’ve given if the current prop is correct for the boat. 3) Could the issue be caused by something other than the prop- clutch perhaps. If so, what the diagnosis to determine clutch slippage ? Thanks in advance for you help Rusty Rusty
  5. I have a ‘12 196. I love the boat, it’s the second 196 I’ve had. The first one was an ‘06 with a 115 Mercury 4 stroke. I loved that set up, trolled down to 1.8 with a small bag, planted nicely at about 15 mph, and topped out in the low 30s. The ‘12 has a 150 mercury 4 stroke and a merc 9.9 four stroke. The kicker works flawlessly. The issue with this set up is that I think the 150 plus the kicker makes the boat rather stern heavy causing steering issues at low speed. I fill the livewell with water to add some ballast in the bow. The 150 has sort of adjustment feature on the tach that allows the motor to be operated in a trolling mode. It allows for rpm adjustments of 50 (rpms) to control speed. I’ve used that feature in the past, and it works really well. So, in my experience in your situation, the kicker works great, but I’m not sure it’s needed because of the weight and option of trolling with the main. Good luck fellow 196 owner- Rusty Rusty
  6. I have the same unit, on the same boat. I love it, and recommend it. Rusty
  7. That’s about right. I launched there two days ago. No more wet feet ! Now if I could just figure out how to catch the fish [emoji30] Rusty
  8. Trolled this area this morning. Did a teenager on a two face spinny with a habenero fly of a rigger about 90/130. Had a foul hooked laker on a different FF, during a turn. Also had a couple of nice tangles, one of which sent a FF and meat rig to the bottom. Quite a few boats south of the trench, didn’t see any in the trench. Rusty Rusty
  9. It’s a great clean burning powder. Much less fouling, and cleans with solvent rather than soap and water. Rusty
  10. No wonder I’ve had trouble finding it. It’s incorrectly named. Thanks m Rusty
  11. Howdy all, The Stony Point area has become my home fishing ground. I made it out for the first time this year on Thursday. The water at the Stony Point launch was still over the bulkhead. Anyway, I talked to a fellow at the launch that afternoon, and he said he usually fishes “The Finger” in front of the light house. I’ve heard others refer to the same place, but really couldn’t figure out the exact area they were referring to. Based on what has been described to me, I’ve come up with this determination as to where they are talking about. Am I close ? Also, where is “The Mountain” ? Thanks in advance-Rusty Rusty
  12. Nice work Crime Pays ! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Sorry Sir, can't help you with that. Although it's my favorite lake of all times, I've moved from the area, and haven't been able to fish it since about 2015. My best recollection is to try various depths, they are typically scattered until the thermo sets up. Rusty
  14. Small sticks and spoons in perch or rainbow colors. Rusty
  15. Lemme know if spoons go on the for sale list. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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