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  1. Heading up Sat, 5/17, am ... should get there around 3 or so ... hope the fishing turns for the better
  2. Price reduced to $ 4300.00 OBO. This is a great boat !!!
  3. I live in New Jersey and will be retiring to North Carolina this fall. I am selling my Spectrum 1900 Riveted ( not welded) Aluminum hull boat with all necessary equipment to launch and go fishing on the Big Pond. I purchased this boat in 1991 and fished Lake Cayuga once or twice a yr for 5 yrs of so. Then ventured to LO chasing Kings and never looked back. We went to LO for 3 or 4 days in the spring, Derby, Olcott, and tried to make a 3 or 4 day trip in the fall, Salmon River area. This Boat has always been stored in a garage when not on a trip. Trailer: Escort single axle, spare tire, extra hub with bearing and an extra set of lights. Tows extremely well behind my Bronco, Expedition and now Highlander. Boat: The boat is a 1900 open bow model with a riveted hull. No dents, repairs or leaks. Full enclosure as seen in the pics Two 2 or 3 yr old Max 29 Marine batteries. Power by a 1985 115 inline 6 cyc Mariner two stroke that requires mixed gas. This motor has less than 1,000 hrs on it and will troll all day long!!! Has a Evinrude 9.9 kicker, original motor, with it's own controls with boat and runs off the same gas tank. less than 200 hrs on it. Has a 14 gallon gas tank but we've taken 5 addition gallons and have stayed out 10 to 12 hrs trolling off the big motor. Live well with aerator and a bilge pump. Anchor, chain, line, bumpers, tie ropes, boat pole included. All Electric working, lights, horn, am/fm radio. Equipment: VHF Radio Fish Hawk Thermo Troll with sensor (old style no leaks) Garmin GPSMAP 215 B/w Gps Garmin FF/GPS 541 S ( used two days last yr) 2 - Cannon Mag 10 A's (one has positive ion control) 3 pole holders each 1 - Walker electric w 2 pole holders 2- Big John manual downriggers ( one mounted on boat the other a spare) 3 pole holders 2 - 24" berts tracks with two pole holders each. Big John Dual Planner Board mast and two double keel Otter Boats long handle net It all works, and many, many more items are included. We will be arriving in Olcott (Slippery Sinker) late afternoon 5/17 and leaving noonish 5/21. Anyone want to inspect the boat, go for a ride or even fish for a few hrs LMK. [email protected] $4,800.00 cash and I won't big the boat home. any other views or more pics please ask and I will post them. Ton's of tackle, too much to list here ( another classified posting ), that's going to be sold also.
  4. The reports above are spot on !!! We are waiting for the waves to become fishable. Not many marks on graph but a few fish here and there . I'd wait a week also.
  5. Chaos, we will be fishing this thurs, fri and sat am at least ... we are staying in olcott but im pretty sure we will be launching in Wilson. Boats name is Karen's Q, 19' spectrum with full enclosure. We'd be happy to share any info... thanks, Larry
  6. Bob, Thanks for your honest report !!! We're headed to olcott the 18th, hope things settle down by then ... Larry
  7. OK, does the 20 lb fill the 47 close to the top ??? Thanks, for the reply
  8. I am going to spool up a SG 47 LC reel with 1,000 feet of AFW 20 lb 1x7 wire for this year. I know 1,000 feet of 30 lb fits very nicy on the SG 47 but I am wondering how much 30 lb mono or 40 lb pp i need to use in order for the 20 lb wire to fill the spool. thanks for the help, Larry
  9. Definitely go with metal and I like/use the Berts also. Haven't tried the cannons but they do look interesting.
  10. We usually fish with 3 guys thus 6 rods and get our fair share of tangles What could possibly go wrong with 9 rods ???
  11. I would like to meet a few LOU memebers also. My son, brother and myself head up to Olcott for 3 or 4 days in the spring it would be great to amke another trip or two if i had someone to go with. I can make either day. Thanks, Larry
  12. I was there and saw it in the cooler on the dock ... one great fish !!! ... Captain told me on 600' of copper, i didn't ask what lure, and over 42minutes to land ... Congrats to tthe lucky Fisherman !!!
  13. Spoonfed is right on with his post ... especially that 2nd reel ... saved my butt more than once ... smoothies are great drag washers.
  14. There have been a few good reviews on the Diawa wilderness rods ... it think they can be had for less than $20 each ... imho you should check prices of new less costly models, go see what's at the show then decide which way to go ... 7' to 8.6' med or ml should work just fine ...
  15. I got a little over 300 yds of 40# pp, about 40' of 30 lb flourocarbon for releases, 10 colors of 27 lb and 50+ ' of 20lb flouro leader on mine ...
  16. Yankee, thanks for the reply ... no sense driving myself crazy about that since i only pull 450 +/- ... i'll find something else to dwell on ...
  17. i like the otters for the above reasons also ... i've had boards flip and dive once or twice ... not fun ... o you guys run dual keels or just the 'stock' one ? ... i only have the single keel but was wondering if two would be better when pulling copper...
  18. as a senior male i prefer low to mid 70's ...
  19. I also agree with the wire first recommendation, 1,000' fits nicely on the 47's ... i'd also get a 65lb pp setup, the heavy pp will help with flees ... some days our wire dipsy's take most fish and other days it's the braid doing the trick ... if not broke yet you may want to get two additional set ups for lead core ... imo the 47's will not hold a full core (10 color) with proper backing but 7 color should be fine with pp backing ... you can make the other one 4 or 5 color set ups ... still have a balance on that gift card ??? ... a couple more set ups for flat lining with weights or even a slide diver as suggested before will be needed at some point in time ... the above will cover the water column fairly well and you can make adjustments to target specific depths ... if you think this is getting rather expensive now ... just wait !!!
  20. even though from out of state i signed also ... gonna need a lot more than 164 to make an impact... SPREAD THE WORD !!!
  21. 61 here ... wish there wa more fishin time left ... of course i don't know how much time in the bank but i do know it should be more ...
  22. lam, i don't need a calendar but a few of those chix will work ... Larry
  23. The Best Holiday for Everyone !!!
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