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  1. Does anyone know if the docks r in at the Penn Yan village boat launch?
  2. I believe I have about a dozen or so that I will offer up. Please PM me and I can provide info.
  3. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
  4. Is the north end of cayuga still iced up?
  5. TTT Price reduced. $750
  6. Correct, it is I-Pilot compatible. Thank you for providing the info.
  7. Correct, it is I-pilot compatible.


    Thank you very much for providing the info.

  8. I have an used: Minn Kota TERROVA 101lb thrust W/US2 54 inch shaft and low-profile foot pedal with 18' cord. No issues with motor, just decal missing. Asking $850.
  9. For sale: Minn Kota TERROVA 101lb thrust W/US2 54 inch shaft and low-profile foot pedal with 18' cord. No issues with motor, just decal missing. $850 ​Call 315-651-2390 before 9pm​ ​
  10. Very glad to hear everyone was ok. Also glad that Dave shared his experience with us reminding us how quickly accidents can happen.
  11. Absolutely love it! All wire rods have been converted over to Torpedo 19 strand wire on my boat and I believe only 1 not changed over on the Liquid Plumber boat. Team Liquid Plumber
  12. Good luck to you and your team Matt! We will miss you from the AM division. Team Liquid Plumber
  13. I will be there. TEAM LIQUID PLUMBER
  14. We(Liquid Plumber) have not sent them in yet.
  15. Chinook, Thank you. I do not recall what spool it came on, but we have not had any flaws in the wire we received. We have all positives to say less the little bit more of fleas gathered. Our guess(really Team member Mark's) is there are more strands with more places for those fleas to get their tiny little legs and tail into.
  16. Team Liquid Plumber would like to thank A-TOM-MIK, Dreamweaver, and Torpedo Divers for their 1st place finish in the AM division at the Oswego County Pro-Am this past weekend. 8 of the 10 fish(10th fish was reeled in by the observer, who had a fishing license, after boxing out with our 9) were caught on an A-TOM-MIK fly/Dreamweaver Spin Doctor combination discovered during prefishing. The majority of the bites came on the dipsy rod with the new 19 strand Torpedo Diver wire we recently purchased. Of course all of the fish were caught on Tom's flies. For those of you who want to know, the new 19 strand wire from Torpedo Divers does not kink easily, it does not "curl up" like the 7 strand, it is very easy to work with, and it is easier than the 7 strand to undo tangles due to its limpness. The only negative is it does gather more fleas than the 7 strand, not really bad, but the 19 strand does gather more than the 7 strand. Like we said though, this rod was hooked up most often. Thanks to all who helped make this event happen as well as all the sponsors and we look forward to next year's event.
  17. Prefishing: Thurs - 1 fish Fri - 4 maybe 5 or 6 legal fish Not 1 fish over 6lbs in 2 days, but we had a game plan to go from covering water from 40ft to 600ft in 2 days. Sat - boxed 6 including BIG fish for the Pro/Am with a few unders thrown back Sun - could only manage 4 in the box with 1 being a laker It was tough fishing and the name of the game for us was fishing "shallow" with lead cores and riggers. DW Super Slims put several key fish in the box both days, but the BIG fish came on a NK 28 blk/silver spooked with glow/purple. On Sun, we did find big schools of bait with big arches in 120-160FOW and set up with our favorite King program but no takers so we headed back to the skinny water. We managed enough fish to claim 3rd place in the event, BIG fish for Sat, and the West End Cup! We would like to thank all involved in holding the event and especially thank Dreamweaver and Northern King as their spoons put the necessary fish in the box. We had NK special deliver a spoon to us that worked great the weekend before in Niagara, but unfortunately did not catch fish in these conditions. The same DW Super Slims(PK Special and Jawbreaker) that worked in Niagara produced again. See everyone at Oswego! Team Liquid Plumber
  18. We were happy the fish stayed there. We actually did better the week before! Below is a picture of the winning browns. Missing from the photo is the big fish of the tourney, just over 12lbs. Fish Wish Taxidermy is mounting the big fish as part of sponsoring the event. Team Liquid Plumber
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