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  1. Good going Doozer. The fish should be out in front there for the next few weeks no matter what the water temp. We were gonna go out today but some other things came up. Good Fishin..
  2. Yea you are right. I like it there cause there is never a wait to launch and the fishing is usually pretty good there with most other boats off the river. If I do go out of there again I will be crawling. I only have a 16 ft boat so it shouldn't be a problem. The week b4 I went out and a bass boat came in (YT?) and we had no problem. I'll probably go out of the river or Sandy from now on. I may try out of Hughes next week cause I want to catch a few Smallies and try for a King or 2.
  3. Well I figured I would add my 2 cents. Nobody wanted to go out so I went out myself for a few hours out of Braddocks. It did not start well. I went out on plane and hit bottom. I am glad it is only sand. First hit in 10 years of owning the Boat. I was not happy. Did not do any major damage, but will file out the lil bit of curl on it. Anyways went out to 70 feet and trolled north. About a dozen other boats were around, probably a few guys from this forum. I stayed around 100 ft of water and got one teenage king. It took a bunch of line and I had the boat turned around by the time I got him in. Boy it is tough by yourself keeping the boat straight and all, but it beats mowing the lawn. Got the fish on white hootchie Mama with Mirage fly down around 75 feet on a dipsy. Saw a bunch of nets out on other boats. Will get out again, and maybe even fish the derby. Hopefully I won't hit anything again. Just a heads up, there are some orange jugs in the channel marking something..... GO SLOW !!!
  4. Thanx for the report Bill. I don't know if the East wind affected us in this part of the Lake but it seems like there was some colder water off the Oak according to reports. I am going to try Sunday off Braddocks and see what happens. I tried last nite to cram a full core with backing onto a 47H with no luck. I may try using 6 or 7 colors with a 16 oz. dropper and see how that works b4 I buy another reel. I am trying to get by with the reels and rods that I used 20 years ago but I'll probably have to break down and buy a new rod and reel or two, just don't let my wife know. I keep reminding her to turn down the Air Conditioning. Good luck to everyone also.
  5. Everyone has been saying that it has been slow so you are not alone. I haven't been out in over a week but I may try tonite for a couple hours out of Braddocks. If nothing else it should be a nice nite for a boatride. This has been a really great year so far, so a little lull should not be unexpected. The best is yet to come in the next few weeks.
  6. They have have something to do now that the ferry is gone. That was a good nite of fishing, the kids had fun, so the hands got cut a little. Might try tommorrow am.
  7. Good job LT, it sure is a lot more fun than dragging circle fish around on wire on Canandaigua Lake isn't it. Maybe I'll see ya out there some time. Just kidding See ya at work.
  8. Good Going. Fun isn't it? I was out this morning and can't wait to get out again.
  9. Went out this morning for a couple hours in front of Braddocks. Didn't mark much but managed one teenager on a Green E-chip with green fly on a wire diver down about 75. Tried slide diver with spoons and white flasher and fly. Also tried 4 color core but fish probably too deep. Nice morning not much chop. Sandy area may have been better but it was good to get out. Pulled lines about 8:30.
  10. See my post about fishing this morning on Gamblers report from yesterday. I was out several times late last summer and early fall. If it gets too rough you just have to bag it and try again next time, although it's easy for me to say cause I have a 10 minute drive to the lake. Good luck.
  11. Hi Guys, I was all fired up with Gamblers report yesterday and went out this morning, but, It was a little too rough for me. I have a 16 ft Sylvan and started at 75 feet and got a Diver and lead core in but it was a lil too bouncy so I bagged it and went to work. I might get out Monday or Tuesday. Good luck to everyone that gets out this weekend. Brian
  12. Wow what an awesome morning. Thanx for the report. I am gonna try it out of Braddocks tommorrow AM. Haven't been out in a while so I'll see how it goes.
  13. Thanx anyways I found the info I needed on their web site.
  14. Guys I used a Slide Diver for the first time the other day and it worked well, but I am not sure where the surgical tubing goes. Does it go on the line between the diver? I put it on the trip wire where it meets the line but I don't think that's right. The directions on the package were not that helpful. Any info would be helpful. Thank you.
  15. Got out for first time Monday morn. Fished stained water in front of Braddocks. Fished by myself after making sure motor was running good. Bay channel only about a foot deep. Went 4 for 5 on Browns off the boards. The one I did not get was something that screamed off drag right after I put the line in the clip. I did not even engage the reel yet. He took a bunch of line and that was it. I never had a chance to get him tight. The four browns I got were 2-4 pounds and came off stick baits. It got real windy and I had to get off, maybe I would have caught a few more. Good first trip.
  16. What color snubbers do you guys prefer on the dipseys? I need to get one or two more and I would like to get clear but I have not found them so far. Thanx Ps I run my dipseys about six feet back, I also have a small boat. I just bought a slide diver so I'm goona try that.
  17. Just wondering if anyone has been thru the channel out to the lake yet. I would like to fish out of there, but I don't want to hit bottom. Last year I went out early and hit, and that was with a 16 foot aluminum. Thanx.
  18. That is awesome what a geat day to go fishing plus you slammed them . That does not happen very often. I have to work the weekend but will try to get out tomorrow after work or Monday for sure weather permitting. I don't think I could get my wife on the lake this time of the year, but today may have been the one day where she would have. Again congrats on a great day!!
  19. Hi GUYS. I used to be Just Fishin but there was another JF who has been on here longer so I changed. I use to fish the lake a lot in the late 80's but got out of the trolling thing for the most part. I have been doing it a little more the past couple years out of a 16 foot Sylvan. I have learned a lot from you guys and we got into a bunch of kings last summer and fall. Fishing is a lot different than it was years ago.I'll try to get out more this year until the fish move out to deep for me and then hit it again when they come back in to a hundred feet or so in Aug. I usually fish out of Braddocks. I'll log on when or should I say if we catch anything.
  20. Sea Lion I may be interested in buying your riggers if they are still for sale. Please log on and let me know thanx. I live in Greece so it wouldn't be a big deal to get them.
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