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  1. Mike, If you need one more to fill the league I guess I could donate my money to you guys. Brian
  2. Just wondering if anyone has any 8 pound weights laying around that they want to get rid of. Let me know. Thanx
  3. There is no T&S stamp needed right now. That did not get accepted. The rest of the increased fees are more than enuff. I don't understand why they are charging extra for the DMP'S. I have had a lifetime since they first came out so I am grandfathered, but I think there was way too much of an increase all at once. just my 2 cents.
  4. Went yesterday morning and fished inside water 70 - 90 ft. Lots of marks and bait only managed 1 Brown. My boat is too small to head out to 400. Beats workin.
  5. Thanx a bunch guys for the reports. This is the first chance I have had to post. We were out Sat. morn for a few hours and did not do much. We were in and out 90 -130 with not much going. We had one small steelie on jumped and was gone,it came on a 42nd spoon. We tried a few different spoons and paddles but could not get them to go. Will try to get out tommorrow afternoon, for sure Tues. morning. Brian
  6. We are going out in the morning and I was wondering if any of you Sandy guys could let us know where the down temp was today around 100 ft. My guess it is pretty warm but if anyone knows that would be great. We can't go out too deep so we'll stay in that 100-200 range and see if we can figure something out. I'll be on 72 and will shout out if we do anything. Good luck to all. Brian
  7. Great day. Thanx for the post. We are heading out in the morning out of Sandy Creek and I am guessing the down temp will be deep. We don't have down temp on our lil boat. Good luck tommorrow.
  8. Way to go. You are a quick learner. Years ago we used the length to give us the weight and it was pretty close. 30 inch fish = 20lbs 40 inch fish = 30lbs 50 inch fish = 40lbs In your case that would make the fish around 25 lbs. I would say pretty close. So there's that for what it's worth. Keep up the good fishin.
  9. I was there yesterday and got a few more for the box. Hopefully one's a derby winner.
  10. Have you guys noticed many small kings with missing AD's ?
  11. We went out Sat. morning for a charter trip with JD'S Custom Charters. We had a great time. Jeremy is a great guy and really enjoys fishin. We mainly stayed inside 250 ft and got into a bunch of fish with some quality fish also. We got a couple nice kings along with a few smaller ones and a bunch of Steel with a couple over 11 pounds. We had one triple and what a blast. We tried to get Jeremy to reel a couple in but wanted us to do it. He gave me tips to help me catch a few more on my boat, but when I end up winning the derby I'll have to give him a cut. If anyone wants to learn a few things, have some fun, and catch some fish give Jeremy a call. Thanx again JAX. Brian
  12. That is too funny about the Twinkies. You are right, anything in moderation.
  13. Jeb1340, keep any Kings you catch in those streams. If there is any natural repo. there there is not much. There is a lot of it going on in the Salmon River and tributaries. In fact there is so much that the state is not sure how it will affect the lake population. All chinooks that are raised now get marked so they can get a better handle on it in the future. I saw a picture last year of the guys netting wild fingerlings in the stream and I could not believe how many there were. We usually don't keep any simply cause they don't taste like perch, but if anyone wants to keep them, have at it. I do agree with you guys who say release the small ones. Those skippers will grow into 30 pounders in a couple years.
  14. Great picture of the happy man with that nice king. Looked a lil rough out there yesterday.
  15. Thanx Fishman for the picture. Something else to get.
  16. Great report. It makes things a lot more interesting with no one else in the boat. Won't have a chance to get out till late next week but I can't wait.
  17. Anyone have a picture of a Rodney? I heard they do pretty well with it at the Oak. Thanx.
  18. Well it won't be me cause I'm at work. Hopefully you are puttin a whoopin on the fish. I'll have to get me one of those SS, that looks like an awesome color.
  19. I got a few last week dragging tubes. They are out there ya just have to work for them. Good luck.
  20. Read the fishing reports for the past couple weeks. Guys have been doing really well out that way.
  21. Great morning. Way to go. I love that sunrise pic. Almost nothing better than out fishin first light.
  22. Just want to say thanx to you guys for letting me know what what going on, however when I went to leave I looked up and the trees were moving pretty good so I thought it would be a lil choppy for my 16 footer out in 120 feet. I'll try again next time.
  23. Just so ya know for next time, if you were fishing an inland stream for Browns you can only keep 2 fish 12 inches or over. It still does not give the guy the right to dump out your fish however. If you were fishing where I think you were, some 2 year old browns were put in as surplus and most are well over 12 inches.
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