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  1. Good goin. We were out there also and did pretty well, but not that well. We were out a little deeper for a while, probably should have stayed in a little. Nice mornin to be out.
  2. Thank you for that detailed report. Ya think you retired guys would take more time writing about your fishin trip.
  3. Bear sorry to hear about your truck. That happened to me once also. At least a good day of fishing.
  4. Glad to hear all you Sandy guys had a good day. Hope to make it out this week.
  5. Be careful on the docks there is a lot of Algae.
  6. Go back and look through previous posts. There is a ton of info on Favorite combos. Mine is anything green most times, with white being close second.
  7. It was stocked last week with browns.
  8. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Fishin Again? ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Today Time on Water: 6 PM Weather/Temp: Sunny/Calm 80 Deg Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: 0 Surface Temp: 68 Location: 80 fow off Sandy LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 2 Total Boated: 1 Species Breakdown: Chinnook Hot Lure: Stinger Trolling Speed: 2.8 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 80-100 Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Got the Boat out again finally just to make sure she was runnin ok. Started about 70 ft and trolled to 150. Pic was bleak over 100 so came back in to a few marks and some bait. Lost a small knig near the boat and then about 15 min later had a real good rip and finally landed a 16 pound king. Lots of fun by yourself and by that I mean a pain in the a##. Sure could use an auto pilot. Oh well had fun. ====================
  9. I would have to guess that the fishin was pretty good? Nice to see you guys get some good weather and spank the fish, had to be a lot of fun.
  10. Nice goin. I asked ya how ya did the other day when you were comin in. I was in the small boat with wife and kids. I managed a half hour trollin trip. Thanx for the info anyways.
  11. Good goin. I have a small boat also but the big lake is where I fish. Nothin like a spring King rippin line. I never seen that happen on Canandaigua Lake.
  12. I would start fishing by 6 AM and try the shallow Brown bite first. Look for stained water starting near creek and following dirty water 5-20 feet of water. Long leads and stick baits. If that does not work slowly work out deeper south to North looking for marks and temperature breaks. Put out dipsys on each side with flasher fly combos and put spoons on downriggers and vary depth from top to at least 60-80 feet down. Troll out to 300 or so and see if ya mark or get anything. Change up lures for water color, depth, and brightness of day. Vary your speed and see where the other boats are fishin and listen to VHF. Some of the guys there are pretty helpful. Good luck. I hope to be out Sunday morning.
  13. Way to go. What a great way to spend Mothers Day morning. Wish my boy and I could have went out. Glad ya did well. I was out with Jax last nite and the fishin was good. How was the water color when u left?
  14. Thanx for the trip Jeremy. Good time as usual. I'll check my boxes to see if I have any PR Bombers left. Brian
  15. Real nice ride I would say, but I am not sure about that NY thing on the back of the boat. You won't be getting many charters from the Boston area.
  16. Sounds better than work to me. Nice kype on the top fish.
  17. Yankee I was just pulling your guys chain. Braddocks is usually a great spot this time of year depending on wind. The drawback is getting out of the darn bay. Last year first time out I had a foot of water and it was flat calm. Good goin on your trip Sun. it sounds like your clients had a blast. If ya see a 16 foot Sylvan in front of Braddoccks try not to run me over.
  18. Hey Jkarol don't believe that there are many fish down by Braddocks. I have been fishin out of there for about 30 years and the Brown fishin out front is not very good. Most of the guys out of the river should troll east towards Iron. Bay and Shipbuilders. The fishin is always better down that way. Plus there are a lot of boulders and rocks off Braddock point and I would not want anyone to lose any lures there. Good luck with the fishin you'll get em.
  19. Good job. You are doing great on those Atlantics so far this year. Don't feel guilty out fishin while I was workin in the coal mines all day. Brian
  20. Hey Bob get out there and fish. I have been out twice with Jeremy and he has already been out 6 times. The fishin has been pretty good with a mix of fish with some real nice browns. Go get em. Brian
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