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  1. Thanx 4 the report. If I can get out Sun. morn I may try it there for browns but if I can I want to go west for kings. We'll see.
  2. The fishing can be so good in this lake that sometimes ya get a little spoiled. The Lake Michigan guys wish they had the fish that we have in this lake. Numbers of kings may be down a bit but the size sure makes up for it.
  3. Billy's boat can handle it, it is the question of everyones stomachs handling it.
  4. Great video. I picked up a couple good tips. The ole Bomber still takes browns. I was fishin west of you guys on Sat. in front of Braddocks.
  5. Braddocks is almost closed in much of the way across. A guy put in some milk jugs where the old channel is and it is about 1.5 feet getting out. I tried another spot and had about 10 inches of water. Take it slow or launch somewhere else.
  6. Nice. A lot better eating for sure than Browns.
  7. Finally got out this morning on my own boat with LT Troller. Bay is real shallow but we got out fine. No real dirty water but we managed to go 5 out of 6 until the sun got high and it slowed down. We got 4 decent browns and one pig smallmouth which was probably 5 lbs. Fish hit on riggers and on inline board. We never got a fish on the planer board lines. Best lure was a chrome silver Rapala and the rigger fish came on a green alewife Stingray. As I was put a line back into a release a fish grabbed the lure and I started handlining like I was Ice Fishin. The fish got off. It was a fun morning and there was not another boat around for most of the time. Can't wait till I get out again. One of these days I'll figure out how to get pictures on here.
  8. Fred, glad to see ya made it out. Are you sure it was an Atlantic? I did not know you could tell a trout from a Salmon.
  9. Thanx a lot Fred. Have not heard from ya in months and thats what I get. It was a fun morning on the water. We had a great time. Jeremy, I think I changed my mind about Cindy, I want her back. Thanx again.
  10. Thanx Rob. Boy it is low but I guess I should not not have much problem with my 16 footer. Launched at Sandy on Friday and I could see it being a problem for bigger boats.
  11. Thanx 4 the report. I was wondering what the channel was like also.
  12. Good Job guys. Jeremy I guess you can still catch a few fish even though you are getting old.
  13. Hey Bob let me know if ya want to go out for browns. I'm gonna get the boat ready this weekend. I put my Ice stuff away also. Was there much perch action in front of your brothers house?
  14. Hey Bob 13 I did not know you Greece guys can catch any fish. I was in your spot last week and got a couple small Pike but almost got blown away in the wind.
  15. Did not do as well as you guys did during the derby Saturday but managed to keep a couple dozen gills and one nice crappie. It doesn't look like the weather will be too good for the next few days so I took a half day from work and went out. There were quite a few guys out there. Did best on waxworms.
  16. The annual State of the Lake meeting for the Rochester area will be held on March 10th at RIT in the Chester F. Carlson Center, Bldg 76, Room 1125. It will be from 7:00 till 10:00.
  17. Park at Vitale Park in Lakeville on the North End. Take out bass minnows, spikes, tip-ups, and a jig pole with 2# test max and some small panfish jigs. Walk out to where everyone else is. Set tip ups for Northerns or Bass and jig for gills. Not a lot of flags but a good chance for a big Northern or Largemouth. See the Ice Shanty forum for lots of info on Conesus. Have fun.
  18. Jax, I must be getting old. Who are Tim Meadows and Jack Johnson? I have heard of Audry Meadows and Jerimiah Johnson.
  19. There is a bunch of info on this in old posts but wire cuts the water better and gets deeper faster although you have to be careful about kinks in the wire. Look back a bunch of pages for more answers. Good luck.
  20. Another AMEN here brother. Thanx to all our vets. Brian
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