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  1. Don't you retired guys have anything better to do? Hows it going Steelheader. We'll have to get out for Perch this fall.
  2. Thanx for the Coffee and Doughnuts, but next time I would rather have a fish in the "Money". We had a good time. We had enuff action to keep it interesting. Next time I want a big Laker. Thanx to LT for getting me out, my boat picked a great time to end up in the shop. Hopefully it will be done in a few days. It was a great morning to be out, especially for those of us without the big boats. See ya Brian
  3. I haven't been around there in years at Harborfest time, but if it is like years ago I would not go anywhere near there with a trailer, its too much of a Zoo. Just go hang out and have a few cold ones or launch in lil mexico. Have fun whatever ya do.
  4. I know the feeling of no down temp or speed. Its nice when ya get a few rips anyways. Good going.
  5. When running cowbells how far off the ball do you run them? We had them back a few feet from the ball. We noticed on the graph that fish would come up and look but not hit. Thanx
  6. Anybody been fishing for smallies out here? Might give it a try this weekend and maybe troll for the bigguns out deep. Thanx
  7. Thanx for the tips guys but they did not help us much. We are pretty much just running dipsey/flashers and we did not get any Salmon yesterday. We were off the State Park out to about 200 and back and put the lures down deep and shallow. We also ran lead core with no hits. We went in a little and got a couple lakers on cowbells. I need a bigger boat then maybe I'll get downtemp and speed. It was good to get out, only 2 other boats out there. The fleas were bad and there seemed to be a wicked current. It beats working.
  8. Guys, Just wondering where we should start tommorrow out of Sandy. Water temps are down a little so is it worth it still fishin in the 100-200 range or do you think way out deep? If we go out I was thinking of starting about 70 then troll out and change up the depth of lures as we go. If anybody has any ideas that would be great. If we get into any I will let you. Thanx
  9. YT. Thanx for the advice on the depth yesterday. My depth finder isn't showing much at all and I don't have down temp. The finder works ok for depth but thats about it. After I talked to ya I got a small king. Might get out tommorrow with another guy on his boat and give it a try. Congrats on a great weekend of fishing. Brian
  10. Thanx for the report. If you see a 16 ft Sylvan out there that will be me. I usually will stay in around 100-150 but if the lake isn't too bad we may try it out a little deeper. Either that or fish for Smallmouths somewhere. Good luck to all this weekend.
  11. Hey Guys. I was out for the first time this year in my 16 footer Sat. morning and fished 70 to 135 feet of water and managed 1 small Coho on a flasher/fly. I figured it might be a little better out deeper but it was a little too choppy for us to go out farther. The guy that went with me has never been out b4 so we were happy to get one. Hopefully these winds will switch around and the fish will come back in some. It was nice to finally get back out.
  12. I have not fished there in a few years but may try in a week or 2. If you can get the kayak in near the pump house on the west side that can be good this time of year and a good spot before that is a nice dropoff that goes down pretty quick,you would have to check on a map. Good luck
  13. Thanx for the report. I'm glad you are getting into some fish. I think I saw ya off of Braddocks a couple of weeks ago. I fish in a 16 ft Sylvan. I have not been out since, too much going on but hope to get out soon, but probably not in the derby. I have 2 new wire setups that I can't wait to get out and try.
  14. Guys thanx for the advice on spooling wire. I had two old 47h's set up with wire but I just spooled 2 new accudepths. One I put on 1000 feet of malin 30 which fit just fine, I used a little backing first so the wire wasn't directly on the spool, and the other one I used 500 feet of steel wire that I had on my old reel and put on backing behind that so the spool was full. I didn't quite use a new spool of dacron backing. I connected the wire and backing together with a number 8 Sproo barrel swivel. It went through the line guide on the reel with no problem. The swivel is 50 lb test so hopefully it will work fine,time will tell.
  15. Thanx a lot guys. I'm gonna play around with them this weekend and hope to get out soon to try them.
  16. Ray are the cups also white and do you run em off the boards? Usually I just run sticks off the boards but I'll try spoons if I can keep em out of the sand. Thanx
  17. Morning Guys. Happy Easter. I was going thru my lures the other day and I have a bunch of double sided painted lures mostly NK'S, along with some yecks.Most are black and white,yellow and white,white on white with tape ect. Now back in the 80's when I used to fish more we used these lures a lot. But now with the clear water I don't think they will work all that great except maybe down deep? Should I keep them in my box or make room for some new ones? The past couple years of being on LOU I have not heard much about them. Any opinions? Thanx
  18. Well, made my last boat trip out for salmon in front of the creek this morning. Boy was the fog thick. Got two kings and missed a third on glow J's. Only one guy at the dock fishing this morning so I didn't have any problems like some other guys have. Fish were jumping in the creek. Won't have a chance to get out for a couple weeks and that will be for some Smallies and Perch. I want to thank everyone who uses this forum and gives out advice. I learned a lot this year and caught more salmon than I have in years. Maybe someday I'll have a bigger boat and will be able to head offshore for some of that action. Brian
  19. Went out this morning first light. Trolled in front 10 to 20 feet for a half hour and managed one nice Sheephead on a glow green Jplug on lead core out 4 colors. Boy what a tussle!!! After that fun I trolled out to the 60 feet range and managed 4 Kings and one Coho. Nothing real big, most were males. Got them all on the lead core. Never got the dipsey and spinners to go once. Had a good time, just out myself today then off to work at 9:45. I love overcast mornings. Saw a couple kings swim by as I was pulling my boat. I'm glad to say I didn't hit my prop. Till next time. Brian
  20. Well we made it out and had a pretty good morning. I ran 3 Dipsey rods and 1 lead core. We caught 2 16-17 lb kings and a nice 10 pound coho. We also lost a king not to far from the boat. White and green the usual colors, 40-60 down over 70 - 100. Talked to another boat and they got a few also with a couple nice size ones I guess. We fished till 10 and pulled the plug. We caught our last fish about 9. We had a fun morning and it was great to get my friend a few fish. We let em all go so we can catch em next time. Hope to get out again in the next couple days.
  21. Thanx MJ, I'll put something out shallow. We have been getting most of our fish on the green and white also. I'll let ya know how we do.
  22. Hi guys. We are gonna fish Sandy Thurs. morning and I was just wondering if you think the fish will still be in that 50-100 zone or, deeper or shallower. I didn't know what this east wind will do for sure. My guess would be, that it might make the inside waters a lil cooler. If anyone has an educated guess I would like to know. I am taking a friend who has not been out for Salmon much and we would like to get on a couple. We'll be on 72 if anyone go's out. Thanx
  23. I would stay away from the Accudepth's also. The drags are terrible compared to my old 47's. The other day I started to reel in a king and the line guide popped off the reel. It hit my foot and I was looking all around as the fish started taking more line, finally I found it, snapped it back on and reeled in the fish. If I get more reels they are going to be the Sealines.
  24. Way to go. Sounds like its getting back to normal. We trolled for almost 4 hours the other day with only one King, so I am getting pschyked for this weekend. I don't think I spelled that right but oh well. We'll probably see your boat out there. We'll be in a 17 Ft. Tracker trolling Dipseys. Good luck tonite.
  25. Gambler I was out Mon. morn also and marked a lot and got 2 decent kings right off the bottom in 100 ft and picked up another 75 down from pump house to channel. I was out with LT TROLLER yesterday and we were pumped to slay em and just got the one. We might try again this weekend. Good Luck to everyone.
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