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  1. Heck, I even had to buy a one day derby ticket for my brother when he was visiting us from NYC. I could not even find a sweet spot to begin to try to convince him that the derby ticket is the only way to go out fishing with me.
  2. Great job out there with your boy! Congrats on good fishing.
  3. Honda makes the best little kicker out there in the market. I have 15hp for ten years with over 3k hours on it. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Great job out there guys! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Great job on finding the kings while most of us struggles over the weekend. keep it up.
  6. Agreed with the folks on this post about the inevitable June transition. The spring Brown fishing has been tremendous for us. I agree fishing has been tough from last weekend. One must be patient and you will be busy catching them again later just in time for the 4th of July.
  7. 500 & 600 set up - pls check PM. Thanks.
  8. We were targeting the salmon with our spread in the upper column. Typically in the spring time, the lakers would take hits in the upper column (up to 50' down). Generally, lake trouts are found at the bottom. I was surprised to find the lakers on the 5 color leadcore set up for two days in a row. The lake is still very cold with surface temp around mid 50's. Browns are still close to the shore. We are experiencing unusually cold weather and that bodes well for spring tactics.
  9. Rochester 6/4 - agressive lakers We started at 5 a.m and headed in the dock by 8>30 am. Went out with Tony, the new guy on the block for early troll this morning. We knew we had a short time to fish with the hazardous warning including downpour and thunderstorm. Started out in between Genny and I Bay in 120 FOW and 140 FOW. We took three fish including 2 year old salmon and a laker off 50' rigger with glow frog spoon and a fat lakers.from the dipsey diver out 120 at#3 setting with caramel dolphin spoon. Had a hit on the 7 color core and nobody was home when I checked it out.. It was interesting to note that the lake trout caught on the upper column seemed to demonstrated some serious fighting strength. I forgot about how strong they were when they were reeled in. You got to respect the lake trout sometimes as we know deep in the back of our minds, they are one of the less appreciated fish in our pond. It was nice to be able to catch three fish and head in time. I did not see any thunderstorm later in the day which had left me wondering if the weather hazardous report were accurate. In my case, I would lean toward being on the safe side. Heading back to the dock, it was a very sad sight to see as most of the docks at Mayers Marina are empty yet on the other hand the docks are crowded by the sea gulls and their gifts they leave behind for the scattered boaters including myself. With the no wake zone all over the IBay the whole bay felt empty. I m sure that the lack of report on the LOu had a lot to do with the near empty docks. We are witnessing the flood of the decade of not, the century and whilst no matter how much water we have in the lake, the fish are still here. Be safe everyone.
  10. Truth be told. Those with the most experience have managed to find the late bites. I almost fell into this trap thinking I may be spoiled enough yet I must be humble and get up very early enough to find them. I will feel so guilty for going out too late in the day and land a big one!
  11. That's a great video of a non-stop action on your boat. Even a great crew makes fishing fun!
  12. Dipsey Divers - PIck up in Rochester Anybody got a spare set of dipsey divers in Rochester? PM me and I will come to you. Thanks for looking. Anthony
  13. Golly! What a beautiful rig! I am envious about the next owner of this boat.
  14. Gill-T Thats wonderful piece of information to digest when planning for the starting point.
  15. Sounds like fun! I love it with the event being in our backyard. Thanks to all of those who contribute toward the success of this event.
  16. Found a nice steelhead fir a brief trill in the afternoon. Fished from noon to 2 pm. This steelhead took chicken wing mag spoon off 5 color lead core in 170 fow. Always remember the soldiers who gave their lives to give us the freedom to live in USA. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. AA is right on the spot. Don't push the little guy especially with the early morning trips and the rough seas. You got to make this fun experience or else he would hate fishing for the rest of his life. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. Pap - There are numerous charters in the Kona Harbor. I was fishing on a private boat for 2 weeks. I noticed the low price for a full day charter which reflected the close proximity between the harbor and the fishing grounds. A full day charter could be around $600 before tips. We caught several blue marlin and a striped marlin. I will get the video footage later on. Also helicopter tour with the Blue Hawaiian s a must for anyone visiting the islands. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. For sure, mate! Let's make this on our Bucket list! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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