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  1. Please PM me your address. I have extra spoons and stickbaits for you. I hope this would at least help you get back on your feet.
  2. Im sorry to hear about this horrible situation. The scums will be caught one day. I had my boat cleaned out once at Mayers Marina. It happened in late Fall when there was few boats left on the dock. The U.S. Boat Insurance had my equipment covered including rods reels and tackle boxes. After the theft, I put all of my gears in a large duffel bags. I no longer leave stuff on my boat. It is kind of a PIA hauling your precious stuff back and forth between the truck and the boat in the water. This gives me a peace of mind. Now, I do have a honda kicker motor and I am going to buy a lock today. God bless.
  3. I am having a garage sale tomorrow because the weather will not permit you to fish at all. 250 NK and stingers. 200 stick baits Releases Dipsey divers Owners Hooks Stickers Various spoons Rods and 3 reels No time to post - stop by 9 am to 2 pm 76 Kings Gate North Rochester, NY 14617 Off 104 and Goodman North, 3 miles away from Irondequoit Bay. Stay warm and be safe tomorrow.
  4. Thinning out my man cave for someone s man cave! King Salmon 44" $175 Northern Pike 44" and 37" $150 each Walleye 29.5" $100 Marlin $995. 10' long Pick up Rochester ny
  5. Bought my Honda kicker and they installed it like a cake walk. I trust the folks at Arney's.
  6. What a fantastic start of the year with a KING being mentioned in your fishing report! Wish you a best success for 2016 fishing season!
  7. Great start of the season! Good luck and be safe on the water.
  8. Im sorry to hear about your experience. All the more we need to be patient and compose ourselves like a gentlemen especially when we are on the battlefield. It would not be called a combat troll otherwise. Of course, I have had my line cut off in my early days of trolling. Had to swallow it and learned to let it go and save your lines along with the junk you put out. At least, we are blessed to be fishing out in the lake!
  9. Awesome work out there on the fish. Yes, its not easy at this time of the year. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Great job on the lake trout! I am glad you were able to share the photo as this exemplifies the best of fishery from our backyard. Tight lines!
  11. You have produced another catch of a lifetime for your clients! Way to go Captain Bruce!
  12. Wow! Thats my response after reading your amazing fishing experience. Congratulations on making it to the top!
  13. You have the best uncle! Thank you for taking your time to hekp us out! Very grateful! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Wow. That's a big brute!!!!! Way to go! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. On Tuesday, my boat was out of gas just right after I launched from mayers marina. I had a sick feeling in my stomach when this happened despite that your gas gauge showed you had enough fuel. I failed to listen to my instinct when I had a feeling I should have poured 10 gallons of gas just right before I took off. We were about a quarter mile away from the port. I was with my daughter and it was only ten minutes before we found help. Lo and behold, Rodmaster charter boat came and quickly brought us to the Mayers. Captain Pastore was very unselfish as he took his time away from the charter clients and brought us to safety. I cringed when I realize that the captain who depends on charter for a living have to stop and give up his time to ensure for our safety. I am very grateful to get this type of help right away. The lake was flat calm and we were never in any danger. Very fortunate for us. Not too long ago, I saw a father and son on a small boat just near the rocks on the jetty and I knew there was trouble when I saw the boy trying to put the boat oar on the rocks to prevent the boat from being smashed up. Of course, I was quick to offer help and towed the boat back to the dock. What comes around goes around. For our big pond we live in, we must keep our lake safe by helping out others in need. :yes:
  16. Fishing actions in the past three days has been sporadic. We have managed to land the browns yet its the king we wanted. Cant choose when you are begging for a king! You have to be patient and keep on trying different lures and head in different directions. Monday, August 31. East of I-Bay. Hot action was all about the brown trout. We fished40 to 60 FOW and landed four browns off riggers with spoons and cheaters. The leadcore was quiet. My daughter managed to land 18# salmon on a 400' copper with purple mag spoon. Later on, the lake trout took sushi fly off the riger parked 90 over 110 FOW. After the quiet lull, we motored out to 400-500 FOW to find more actions however the screen on the fish finder were void of bait and fish. I prefer to find out if there is any action at all instead of sitting on the sideline and wonder if the big boys were there. Tuesday, Sept 1 Repeat of the day before with set up in 40-60 FOW. Best action for the browns were in 60-75 FOW. All took spoons. While my daughter was fighting the brown, with about 50 yards away, a huge king breached out of the water with lamprey eel attached to it. Only if we had a go pro mounted on the boat, it would have been spectacular sight. Wednesday, Sept 2 I went out solo and managed to find brown trouts in 60 FOW. Nothing exciting except for the hot air and flies. Fished for few hours in the morning before I decided to head home to hit the pool. Good luck fishing the derby. Anthony
  17. This is a very sad day for us. It was a heartache to see my buddy part away from her lady. I have rode on Chris boat countless times. She is a fish catching machine. If you know Chris, he cleans up his boat after every trip and it certainly shows. Evkerything on the boat runs perfectly! I cant believe it is only $19.9K. This is priced to sell very fast. Best of luck to both Chris and the next owner!
  18. Great catch you got in your hands! Thanks fir sharing! Tight lines Anthony Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Congratulations Captain Bruce! Drooling for the pictures! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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