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  1. If by chance something falls thru please let me know. Thanks, Scott
  2. I use pro cure trout scent, only a little above the treble hook split ring, it holds up good and works well for me.
  3. I'm lovinging the pics. Next gen fisherman on a good sheep head bite this year too in the bay!
  4. Here are a few of the nice fish caught and released this year. I had a great year fishing Lake Ontario, with this being my third season fishing for Salmon and Trout. My boat had numerous fish over 20 pounds, and they all swim away happy for someone else to catch another day. I'm looking forward to seeing some of everyone's best fish of 2016. I'm also looking forward to April and the beginning the new season! Scott
  5. I live in Irondequoit and see big old coyotes all the time, I say it's a coyote. I took this picture just the other day in my back yard.
  6. You say can fish out of any port rules say out of Bay only?
  7. You say can fish out of any port rules say out of Bay only?
  8. Hi Rich, I spoke to you today, and will follow up with you early next week with my paypal account so you can send out (2) 12# gator color weights. Thanks, Scott
  9. 8' power pole pro II, black ,bought new 02/2014 use 1 week in February and 2 weeks in April, in-laws sold condo moved boat from Fl. to NY in April and don't use it, not a mark on it, only in the way of my new down riggers, still on boat, works perfect, paid $2000 installed, has (2) wireless remotes, have receipt, will sell for $1200 serious inquiries only. Please call, Scott Miller@ 585-467-0381 Rochester, NY 14617