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  1. not many targets in the harbor. There are fish but need to go deeper
  2. I have found it tougher to fish for browns in the late fall. Once the water cools down they could be anywhere. I find them harder to turn in September and October before the make their way upstream. That said I have had good days. As the post above mentions, river mouths are always a good starting point. Spoons and stickbaits.
  3. its been a slow pick. Try in tight and work your way out
  4. It has been good for the past 3 days. A lot of fish being taken inside 300fow.
  5. It was really good last week. Wind last few days have moved the fish around.
  6. We could arrange to take you out. Always happy to help out someone with kids. Out of the eastern basin, Oswego/Mexico.
  7. That net job......ouch. nice fish!
  8. I use one color cores in lieu of weigh rods.
  9. mono flat line with a pitch weight to get the spoon down 2-3 ft. Mostly used in the spring targeting BT when you want to run spoons.
  10. Its been very slow for browns, don't waste your time. Lakers are plentiful,
  11. This is another good site to use. www.fishweather.com - Have to check all the sources available.
  12. Syracuse, NY but I’ll ship it in the US for $5
  13. Brand new Pro Troll Block Box. $90
  14. Plenty of boats were launching this weekend out of Mexico. Water is down but doable
  15. out of Mexico it was the same. They weren't out deeper.
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