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  1. Thank you for the kind words! My mom is doing well and she is now back in NY with us due to the Hurricane Irma lurking near Florida at this very moment.
  2. Now you got me thinking about it last night and I ve sent it to the Streeters for the mount job. Thanks Pap for kicking some senses in my head.
  3. Truth be told, even if I have a few million dollar in the bank, I still cannot afford this trip at all. It is quite sad to face the truth that this trip is exclusively for the one percent of the one percent. Yet I do not know anybody other than these three brothers who share their love and passion for the marlins and they are all in with this adventure. They have placed their 78 foot Garlington on a cargo to be brought to Australia from Alabama. Each brother brings their two buddies to this trip and I am the lucky one to get another invitation.
  4. Black Marlin Fishing in Australia - A trip of a lifetime! This video was created by a professional film maker for our two weeks trip in Australia in October 2016. The three brothers, Keinath are the world class anglers and they chase for big marlins all over the world. I am fortunate to be a guest on this trip of a a lifetime .We will be at it again next month for a full 30 days on the water. You must have a very understanding wife to be able to go away for this long period of time. Please enjoy the film.
  5. My big LOC Brown Trout So it has happened on August 30th, when we landed this beast on the boat. Larry Hammond and I were fishing in the afternoon in 20 to 30 fow between I Bay and Hedges. The cold water was inside due to the constant south east winds over the past few days. With the cold water inside, browns are found everywhere! My set up was quite basic with two riggers and a 10 color lead core down in the chute and two slide divers on both sides of the boat. I ran all spoons on my set up. When we brought this fish on board, we thought it was 14# until it was weighted in at South Bay Boat and Tackle shop. My eyes fell off when I saw the scale leaning toward 17#. Larry told me I needed a new scale and I have already ordered a new one on the way. Thank you Larry Hammond for working so hard on the water with me and landing this beast! I was hoping to finish in the top five if not three. I cant imagine the level of suspense for the leading grand prize winner of LOC derby. I am quite sure he has checked the leaderboard every often or so. This feeling of daily suspense would just kill me easily. Whenever my friends checked the leader board, I asked them not to remind me or confirm with me about my placement because I just like to wait until the very end before I find out about the winners for the LOC derby. During the fishing season, I have missed the Spring derby and some of the summer derby because I was down in Florida to take care of my mother. We know our fishing days are not infinite. Each time I come back home from my mom's, I feel very fortunate to be able to fish out on the lake. During this fishing season, my yamaha outboard motor for 14 years had finally died. I wanted to thank the folks at Arney's Marina for the quick turn around with a new motor. It took them two days to get my boat up and running again. Safe fishing to everyone for the best month of the year - September.
  6. What a great day to finish off with a grand slam! I have mentioned to the organizers at LOC derby that your brown trout was released successfully after weighting in. They were so perplexed as to how this was accomplished. I explained that the fish was kept alive in your fish box and it was transported on a pick up truck with a cooler full of water. This is just like watching the Disney movie, Free Willy when the Wily the Orca was released from the captivity into the ocean and the whale swam away in joy. I nearly cried when I saw the brown trout swimming away happily. You and your dad make an awesome team. You re lucky to have such a cool dad. Thanks again for the good fishing on your boat.
  7. Congrats on landing the beast. Like that custom R-rated flashing flasher. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Thank you for looking. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. That's a terrific trip with catching so many species! Thanks for sharing your awesome catches!
  10. X3 What Gill-T said. In case if you give up on fishing, I would like to buy your Fish Hawk.and your other fishing gear. Kidding aside, even tough my LOU name is something other than salmon and trout, you got to be patient. Your best bet is to invest in a reputable local charter and learn from them. There are experienced anglers on LOU who always have open seats. Keep notes on what does not work and what works. Best of luck.
  11. At 6:30 am We started out deep this morning by going straight out of I Bay to 450 fow. We started the day with a very large coho that took the cheater and totally destroyed the spoon. For what it is worth, it was a decent fight and the fish was released successfully. After I sent the photo to captain Larry Hammond and he has alerted me that this was the biggest coho he has seen. Riggers parked at 90 and 100 with yellow green spoon along with the cheater evil eye black and gold and atomic spin doc on the other. Wire diver out 230 and 270. With cut bait and pro troll flashers. 500 copper down the chute with another cut bait and flasher. Trolled between 450 and 550 between the river and east of ibay. We did six fish for the morning, coho kings and steelheads. Picture here shown took 4 fish while the diver took a steelhead . Good luck out there with the LOC! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Way to go! Congratulations! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I fixed it I hope it works. Cheers Anthony Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Here's a recap of my trip to Hawaii in May. Kona Harbor is amazing place as it offers short distance between the harbor and the prime fishing area. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Aloha, Cornellius! The GT is a great fighting fish. i am glad you are very lucky to be out there in the beautiful Pacific ocean with your wife. Last May I spend two weeks fishing on my buddy's private charter, Five Star from the Kona Harbor on the Big Island. I agree with you about their tactics being are somewhat less aggressive as compared to the way we fish in our big pond. During the two weeks, we had a spotty results as compared to the other charter boat that was fishing with us. Some days we skunked and some days we got fish on including spearfish, tuna and blue marlin. As expensive as it can get, chartering is beyond reach for most of us including myself and not even many people could charter a boat for a week or more. I must add that spearfish is very unique to the Hawaii basin. It was a shame fishing the small spearfish on a heavy tackle. Be sure to eat the kalbi Ribs! Anthony
  16. Pick up in Rochester. Daiwa Sealine 47LC $50 - SOLD Daiwa Accu Depth 47 LC PLUS $40 Okuma convector 45 D. Eagle claw diver rod. $50 - SOLD Okuma convector 30 D eagle claw rigger rod $50 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. awesome catch! Good job with taking your boss and his son out and catching fish.
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