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  1. Smelters are an even bigger problem than lifters. "Smelters" can quickly catch or drive most of the rainbows out of a small creek. No easier way to get fresh spawn than to go smelting. I am so glad the creek is posted!
  2. Region 7 has diaries for the tribs, apparently Region 8 does not.
  3. There are separate diary programs for lake and trib fishers. Also, the lake diary programs are divided into warm and cold water fisheries.
  4. Yes, large crowds walking in or near Rte. 14 with it's busy traffic. As you know, the road and the creek are right next to each other. This has caused traffic jams and the potential for accidents in the past.
  5. Biggest rainbow shocked on Catherine today was just under 9 pounds.
  6. I was told that DEC quit stocking them in Owasco because they didn't show up in the angler diaries and they failed to find them when they did electroshocking in the tribs after Thanksgiving. However, a dedicated fly fishing friend of mine found them during Christmas break and had the trib to himself until the January 1st stream closure. He reported many fish in the 20lb range, and a few much bigger.......I suppose if he were a lifter he would have dragged a few home and word would have gotten back to DEC, but he's not like that. I have seen him pass up shots at giant tom turkeys simply because the bird that responded to the call was not the one he was after.
  7. The search is on the USGS site. I think I found it under water levels- a search on their site for Cayuga Lake will not yield results, you will need to search for Cayuga Inlet because that's where the gauge is. Sorry, I don't have the link bookmarked.
  8. So far Cayuga Lake is not on the rise. As of 9 AM this morning the USGS gauge on Cayuga Inlet recorded the surface elevation of Cayuga as 378.76 ft. This is about a tenth lower than last week. Normal summer time levels are about 382 ft. Minor flooding occurs at 385 ft. and major flooding occurs at 386 ft. Officially, the surface level is controlled at Mud Lock. Some believe the locks are controlled by monkeys throwing darts at a dart board!
  9. I never actually saw a truly big one electroshocked. Lot's of really nice fish between 6 to 9 pounds though they occasionally get bigger ones (when I'm not watching). Biggest Finger Lakes rainbow I ever saw was in Hemlock Creek (near Owasco Inlet)during the winter of 1982.The creek practically ran through my back yard and I watched the run all winter long. However, there was one spawning bed that was (larger than a washtub in diameter) that I never saw a fish in during daylight. One moonlight night, I snuck up on the bed and saw a rainbow that I estimated at 18 to 20 POUNDS! I saw the fish several times after that, always in the dark, always in the same spot. We had a warm rain before the April 1st opener, and I never saw the fish again.....I took a couple 10LB plus rainbows in the years that I lived in that neighborhood, but I never managed to get one of the big ones. By the early 1990's I was living about 3 miles from Catherine Creek. I those days I spent hours scouting the streams prior to the opener for one specific fish to target. One year I found a big female in Caitlin Mill Creek. I managed to hook that fish, but it ran my line through some willow roots andpulled the hook. I figured that fish to be about 14 pounds. It didn't hang around to give me a second chance, it left the skinny water and headed back towards Seneca Lake.
  10. NYSDEC has announced their schedule (weather dependent) for electroshocking of the annual rainbow spawning runs. Naples Creek: March 19th at 9AM, starting at the route 245 bridge. Cold Brook/Keuka Inlet: March 20, at 10AM, starting at the stream crossing on the Hammondsport-Pleasant Valley Road (county route 88). DEC does not announce their schedule for Catherine Creek, due to public safety concerns.
  11. When? Certainly not on Saturday 2/28.Today's Ithaca Urinal reports open water near Bolton Point and a 2 to 3 mile area of open water south of Long Point on Saturday.
  12. Firearms hunting is allowed in that portion of Lansing within the focus area, not allowed in the Village of Lansing. Cayuga Heights has spent a lot of money trapping and sterilizing deer, a big waste (IMHO) of money. Deer control is mostly achieved by automobile. Cornell tried sterilization and gave up on it. They obtained nuisance permits last Winter and quietly took out something like 48 deer via bow hunting while students were away. (Many shot at night with spot lights).The students were really upset when they found out and the University administration reportedly received over 10,000 complaints. To my knowledge, Ithaca has done nothing to address it's deer problem. My observation is that killing as many deer as possible around the problem area does nothing to alleviate the problem, it just makes the hunting suck in the surrounding area.
  13. Nice Buck. I wouldn't dare wait an hour around here....yotes would pretty much eat/destroy everything except the rack.
  14. Details are on the DEC website under "Tompkins County Deer Management Focus Area". http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/82382.html Season: January 10-31. Limit 2 antlerless deer per DAY. Note: rifles are not allowed in Tompkins County.
  15. First of all, it is sad to see (not to mention outright annoying) that every DEC announcement is an unpaid political advertisement for Cuomo. When did the DEC become the governors whore? Secondly, I am totally opposed to the current smelt regulations. The proposed change on Cayuga and Owasco will remove protection for rainbow trout that run in the fall and over winter in many small tribs- lethargic in the ice cold water they are easy targets for "sportsmen" in the dead of winter. In fact, this is a tried and true way to get fresh spawn for the April 1st opener. If the DEC is serious about improving rainbow populations in the Finger Lakes, the need to review their short sighted smelt regs. Do smelt really run in January and February? No need for a year round season. No need to be in the streams disturbing the trout then. Close the smelt season until Spring and protect the rainbows. Third, the lower part of Fall Creek used to be closed in the middle of Spring to protect spawning "Black Bass". Now were told that that isn't necessary, yet people complain that the fishing isn't what it used to be. When the DEC realizes that their sturgeon are spawning in Fall Creek ( as I recall one weighing 106 pounds was caught there in the early 1900's) will they ban fishing there? Thanks to you guys for posting and thanks for reading my rant.
  16. I've heard that there is a small, dedicated group of locals that really clean up there after dark. Oh, and I should mention that they are tight lipped about there success/tactics. I've also read that Cayuta has a high sawbelly population resulting in well fed fat walleyes that just aren't very hungry.
  17. Cayuta Lake (371 acres) in Schuyler County was the subject of an angler survey during 2012 and 2013. Survey results indicate a walleye catch rate of only 0.1 per hour, significantly lower than the DEC's goal of 0.25 per hour. DEC hopes to improve this situation by increasing walleye fingerling stockings to 20 per acre every other year. The lake will continue to be managed as a trophy fishery, with an 18 inch size limit on 'eyes.
  18. The Field and Streams store in Horseheads had a mother lode of .22 and bulk pistol ammo this afternoon- stuff I haven't seen on the shelves in a long time- in any of the stores mentioned in this thread. I also bought a hang on tree stand (that I really don't need), just because the price was right. Also, there were 45 people in line waiting to check out, ( 8 registers were open)so I would say that they were busy with a capital B. Didn't bother to check out the whole store, I'll go back after the crowds die down.
  19. According to an article in Tuesdays Syracuse.com: "Lake Sturgeon are listed as a threatened species this state. There is no open season to fish for them. Possession is prohibited. Those that unintentionally hook one should: 1)Avoid bringing the fish into the boat if possible 2)Use pliers to remove the hook. 3)Always support the fish horizontally. Do not hold sturgeon in a vertical position by the head, gills or tails, even for taking pictures. 4)Never touch the eyes or gills. 5)Minimize time out of the water Source DEC"
  20. The west coast sturgeon are NOT lake sturgeon.
  21. As far as I could tell from several web sources, lake sturgeon have been stocked in Cayuga Lake: September 14,1995 2400 at Long Point and 400 in lower Fall Creek. These fish averaged 10 inches. August 8,1998 370 These were 14 inch fish. 2000 412 2004 150 2013 2500 These were 6 inch fish. They have metal tags implanted in them, so DEC will be able to distinguish them from any reproduced in Cayuga. So, there at least 5 different age classes of lake sturgeon present in Cayuga. Natural reproduction hasn't been observed yet, but should happen soon. Several sturgeon have been killed by the intake at the power plant. Sturgeon are vulnerable to sea lampreys. Sturgeon are susceptible to lampricide. Some of the sturgeon haven't stayed in Cayuga, and have moved downstream. In addition, DEC believes that sturgeon populations are relatively easy to monitor by gill netting, and that the sturgeon are hardy and survive gill netting.
  22. As long as Lake Sturgeon remain on the threatened species list we're not going to see any type of sport fishing allowed for them. Bear in mind that the purpose of the stockings was to reestablish sustainable populations, not to provide fishing opportunities. That being said, the restoration effort is producing real results. It has been documented that sturgeon are reproducing in some of the waters where they have been stocked,including the Oswego River watershed. If the sturgeon in Cayuga successfully spawn to the point where they produce several age classes, we would be well on our way to some sort of legal fishing opportunities.
  23. DEC wouldn't be to happy about salt stations in your woods, otherwise, it's a really clever idea. A recent study in Connecticut showed that young ticks feed on mostly mice, older ticks need a larger animal like deer. The study indicated that the best way to control ticks/Lyme in suburban settings is to control the deer population. I will be making it a point to fill my DM permits this Fall!
  24. Congrats Mike. As they say in our club, way to drive the boat! It was good to see several rainbows(5?)and a landlock showing up in the catch. That hasn't happened on Keuka in a long time.
  25. I couldn't fish (my favorite lake) Sunday and you guys really know how to rub it in! Way to go!
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