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  1. I will take the short boom with base for $200 even. I can pick up. 585-872-6189
  2. Got a small steelhead and a 20lb King down 95 over 170, 55 degrees, green and white mag spoon for the king at 730am. Sorry do not now how to post pic and yes it was sporty out there good 2-3ft in my 19ft. wellcraft was rough. Came in as ship mate tossed his breakfast over the side. I would go deeper than we where all other boats did we saw going out of the genny this am.
  3. Genesee River boat launch Is the boat launch at Charlotte open and clear of debris from trees or the construction going on there?
  4. Batteries can go pretty quick on the probe. Make sure there is no water in there as well. We use vaseline on the probe threads to keep water out. I'm sure you've been there, done that. I reverse the cable on the rigger, unspool and spool from the other end when cable gets worn then replace as needed.
  5. We are fishing out of Hughes in the am. Where you East towards Sodus or West of port?
  6. Which port and how far out is 26 to 28 (how deep) from there?
  7. Saw water temperature off Genny is 48 degrees do to upwelling. What does this to to fishing, scatter fish? Going out of Ibay in the am.
  8. So where to start Friday at O'dark 30 out of I-bay? Will the water temp. change really mess with the fish? Usually means go deep!
  9. Nice day on the water today! Fished 7am to 11am with only 3 steelhead to show for it, but great first day out. Found bait and fish at 230 FOW straight out from the river doing a SE troll towards I-bay. All fish came on the SE troll today. Water tmp 40 and down speed 2.3 at the ball at 50 foot down. Black / green glow and a chicken wing took fish, down 30 to 50 foot back 40 to 60 feet off the riggers (I don't have dipsy's). Not sure of the west way point Mark but there out there, I'm sure you will find them. Charter guys on channel 5 (Mick) had white on white spin doctors with hammer flies working for kings down 62 feet in the same 220-240 FOW. I should have dropped my stuff down lower but the top 50 was producing fish for us. Good luck!
  10. Do you run with or without swivels and or flashers in front of j-plug? Is cut bait still an option?
  11. Bayside Bait and Tackle at the bottom of I-bay got some in Wednesday 8/20 green packs but look small. Guy said they might be red size in green pack. I bought two packs and some heads, pricey but hey it's fishing! Will be out Friday, Russel to Braddocks. You out Mark? Ch.8
  12. I'll take two 12lbs as well. Webster / Rochester. Send a PM for details on shipping or if you will be in the Rochester area soon.
  13. Not knowing the area, which direction is the pump house from the creek? I believe it must be west, but now far?
  14. Ok I'm convinced, I need to make a trip from Rochester to Sandy! Where is the boat launch? Street name?
  15. Dipsey setup still available? I'm in Webster running downriggers only and would like to get into wire.
  16. Same report. Only saw two fish boated in two hours. Fished 7-9am and called it quites when the 3-4 footers started to come over the bow of my 19ft. Wellcraft and my buddy lost is breakfast over the side of the boat. Picture looked best at 30-35 foot of water but could not get them to go. Went up the river from 9-11am without a touch as well.
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