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  1. Never install on a boat. Price depends on the transducer you choose. I got 2 transducers that I can sale with it: HST-WSBL 83/200/CHIRP(new) and a Airmar TM-150 brand new still in the box I'm installing the latest update tomorrow morning V.20 Compatible with Simrad and Lowrance autopilot, also compatible with the MotorGuide elec. motor using a Gateway, compatible with radar etc...since today with the latest update it can be use with the Lowrance Ghost motor. I can sold it with a choice of 2 transducers: HST-WSBL or the super Airmar TM-150 (new) Price to be discuss depends on the choice of the transducer. Price start at $600 w/o ducer. + 3% for Paypal
  2. I sent you a pm. Did you see it?
  3. A short video to show how to add a personnal touch to you're app and at the same time a view of Oswego using the sonarchart depth shading
  4. Don't know if this has bee posted before? I'm using something similar but that one looks better then what I use. I hate fighting the flasher when I got a fish-on
  5. I just find out this $500 for a 7" and a C-Map Pro: https://www.simrad-yachting.com/simrad/type/reconditioned/rfb-go7-xsr-activeimaging-3-in-1-c-map-pro/
  6. You can buy Simrad Go 7 for around $750 less the 100 cash back so $650 to have an excellent sonar-FPS with the autopilot compatibility
  7. Something very interesting now is the rebate you can get on Simrad Go. Like on the Go 9’’ you are getting $150 back so it’s interesting You can view and control your Go on a phone or tablet https://www.simrad-yachting.com/offers/go-series-cashback/
  8. You can use aHDS Gen2 and up. Another very interesting option is to use a Simrad Go that is the Lowrance Ti brother. The Ti can’t run the Nac1 bjr the Simrad Go can run a Nac1 and the MotorGuide Xi5. The Go series like the Ti are a lot cheaper then a HDS
  9. Maybe that can help: https://youtu.be/wlEf1Df7LvY
  10. As for the condensation in the electronics counter on the 2116, that was on the 1st série that came out. If you have any problem just call Scotty and they will send you the newer model at no cost
  11. Just contact Scotty and they will ship you the part free of charge (they may be not open because of the CONVID19)
  12. She is a US citizen so no problem going back home.
  13. I will be refuse at the border; it's not a question of self quarantine. The border is close except for the goods
  14. Tomorrow I'm calling to cancel the house that we rent and we are staying safe in house. Be safe everybody
  15. Our government (Quebec) want us to put ourself in quarantine for 14 days after coming back from another country including the USA. We are a bunch of guys that are schedule to go fishing on lake Ontario in April and we are not interested in being in the house for 14 days on our return. For my part I also own a camp upstate NY on Champlain so... Will see , things may change in a week or two.
  16. A 2018, 2075 in Canadian $. Can be deliver. Roughly $57,000 US no taxes https://www.groupethomasmarine.com/fr/autopak/bateau/53607
  17. Guys, my translator is not working properly when I read those new regs. The 1 fish per day(brown and steel) And need to be over 25”is in the tribes and on the lake or only in the tribes? Thanks in advance for the clarification
  18. Not sure if it has been posted before but here they are: https://www.newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/2020/03/dec-announces-4-new-fishing-regulations-for-lake-ontario-lake-erie-and-tributaries.html
  19. Îm a Lowrance user and use à MG Xi5 and if I want to follow a contour I create a route over that contour and I tell the MG to follow the route; I can also use my hydraulic ap Nac-1 to do the same
  20. Sodas Point on Navionics with SonarChart enable
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