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  1. January first nonresident hunting license fees double. You can buy next year's license Moose, caribou, and bear tags at 2016 price before January 1st. I'm going back again for Moose figured I'd pass info on. Sean
  2. Hi Andy,. Hinge cut them all about 3 to 4ft up. Left it all a twisted mess and they love it. Doesn't take long at all either. Sean
  3. If the corn still standing during gun season it doesn't matter much what you plant. And yes soybeans are awesome late they eat the green early then are off them when they start to turn but love them this time of year. I have seen some awesome big deer spots destroyed by guys doing food plots. If you have food close make your spot thicker and stay out of it. I dropped 2 acres of trees 5 years ago in one spot and made a jungle. Killed some great dear off the edge of it this year. I'd take a major doe bedding area over a food plot any day. Now I'm hunting agg land already so I have the food close. Sean
  4. Hope you get that buck good luck!! Snowing here got 4 inches since 6pm
  5. Sweet tell her we all said great job and awesome deer!!! Never hunted a day this year without one of my three daughters with me. It is worth every minute it's like being a hunting guide at times but well worth it. Once again great job!!
  6. Ten gauge with buck shot that's my favorite chicken coop guarding gun here on the farm. Can cut them in half at ten yards or kill them at 80 yards. LOL. My 13 year old daughter has shot it. Sean
  7. Sucks but in most towns or areas, he could ride the hell out of them 24-7 on his own land and nothing at all could be done about it. I deal with it every day
  8. Had a 700 in 300 mag do it 25 years ago. Had a gunsmith fix problem that was before anyone knew about it. Sean
  9. LOL. It's only blowing 40 plus at my place with probably 5 inches of snow. Our small group did kill three good eights so far, and I did see a lot of deer at the butcher shop last night. Sean
  10. He is a toad! The side view is a lot more impressive one of the few bucks I've seen in NY on the hoof that will go close to or at 160. Some great dear on this thread this year and it was a very low moisture year. Sean
  11. This one said hi from the house! Never seen a neck so big. Big heavy 11 point his days are numbered.
  12. Sweet Buck!! My daughter loved that pic.
  13. Daughter and I just had a small 8 under the stand couldn't even hear him till we all looked at each other LOL dang wind! Probably should quit reading LOU post that may help me see them quicker also. Sean
  14. Nice post guys!! Working night shifts so no hunting for me now. Have seen two giants the last two mornings from the house. Both are holed up in separate two acre brush lots with a doe. Watched them go in this am after hitting the corn. Won't see them again in daylight. Good luck to everyone that gets to hunt today. Sean
  15. Thanks again guys!! Trip was great glad I took the custom built meat box. Filled the box to the top with frozen vacuum sealed Elk meat. Was a great ride home and its good to be back. Sean
  16. Afton just below Jackson,. Jackson is a great area to hunt very beautiful and lots of Elk
  17. My dad got it done today on another great six by six at 650 yards!!
  18. Hi Pap,She shoots a custom built 300 mag gun is heavy and has a break. So no recoil and its rock solid. Running 190 grain Berger VLD bullets throughout it. I've got custom turrets made for the elevation. Used the 9000 ft turret for this hunt. We stopped at a range on way out in Colorado and shot up there 1000 yard steel. I'm fairly good with the gun but what she can do with it is amazing. No bad habits and started off on good equipment from the start. I was figuring out Kentucky windage on an old 22 at her age and now she has learned the hold and adjustment for a ten mile cross wind or 40 deg temp change LOL.
  19. Got a group of five of us that drew tags for Wyoming Elk this year. My 13 year old daughter Sierra was one of the group. I'll get more pictures and info on a little later. You can see in the picture of my daughter on the rock face a clearing on the next mountain over (by her left elbow) that's where we located 7 bulls that evening at 800 to 1200 yards at dark. The next morning after a couple hour horse ride we were set back up on that rock ledge. Located all seven bulls in that same cut feeding back towards the timber. I got on the gun first (her call LOL). Shot a good six by six at 850 yards. Sierra then jumped on the rifle and had clear shooting at the third biggest bull of the group. We ranged him, gave her the wind, turned the turret to 876 and she smoked her bull with a perfect hear shot. Type of country we are hunting is super steep so cross canyon shooting is possible. It's about impossible to see them on the same side of the mountain. So the first morning my daughter and I were done. Had two Elk packed on the three horse's and out by 1pm. I'll get more pictures of the hunt and the rest of the group soon. Ready to get me some deer back home now. Dam proud of my daughter she has turned into a hell of a good hunter.
  20. Launched at the south end and ran North on a beautiful flat lake. Set up a 12 rod spread 4 riggers 125, 115, 66, 60, two mag dipsys out 220, 230 flashers and Iron Duke fly's. On the boards 200, 250, 300 copper 8, 10, 12 color core. Started just north of Taughannock in 130fow and trolled North. Best depth was 120 to 160 FOW, speed 2.2 at ball T-Cline was at 60. Every rod took several fish Browns, Bows, Salmon, and Laker's. Never got to run my spoon dipsys and could hardly keep the rods in the water. One of those days when it never slowed down. Had some friends out from PA who will have some sore arms tonight. Got blown off around 2 with the approaching cold front from the North.
  21. Arney's Marina just before the free launch has a great launch.
  22. Nice job! That's one great Bow
  23. Fished out of Deans Cove today with a husband wife team from Florida. The husband was 90 years old and got a work out today. We crushed the Lakers, Salmon, Bows, and Browns. Best depth was 100 to 130 with most bait in the 110 ft range down 80. Bows and Browns were down 50 to 66 ft and the big salmon and Lakers were in the 100 to 120 range. Flashers and fly's down deep spoon up high. Down speed 2.0 to 2.2 gps averaged 2.3. T Cline was at 64ft. I've had teens and young adults who couldn't reel in fish like these two. We had times when they were both reeling in fish and six more were waiting to be reeled in. Only had a few shorts today and at least 30 plus legal fish. It's been awhile since I was on Cayuga and it was a beautiful day on the water. Should be some awesome silver fishing this spring on Cayuga. Sean
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