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  1. Sunday will be my shake down trip. Did all the motor maintenance today and will load up the gear tomorrow. Good luck tomorrow guys.
  2. Guess depends on what your looking to do with it. The regular 300 win mag will be a lot cheaper to keep ammo in. I have a 300 mag that I reload Berger VLD handloads for, my brother in-law reloads Berger's for a 300 ultra mag he is spending alot more per round. As for your original question it will kill anything that walks as far as you can shoot it, but so will alot of smaller more economical rounds. If I was going to set up a long range gun it wouldn't be a short action. Sean
  3. We always start the morning with four dipsys two high dipsys with flasher and fly combos in top 30 to 40 FOW have caught some great off fish. Then drop them down deeper as the day goes on.
  4. Thanks for that info! Same thing I see on Seneca same guys every day rain, snow or sunshine out pounding pearch. But I'm a Lib if I say anything about it. LOL
  5. Good advise!! Bob's trophy Charters out of Homer. July 1st ling cod opens up. Do the killer combo Halibut, Rockfish, ling cod. Awesome trip
  6. I spent the bucks a couple years ago and added down scan and side imaging to my system. Was it worth it probably not is it cool to see my divers going out and bait on the side of the boat at times yup. LOL. Now lots of units are coming with it so why not have it. As for using the sonar like stated above get out and dive into it. You will find stuff you never knew you had on it. I adjust it all day long depending on water temp, clarity, and depth. Best thing you can do is get a good transducer I upgraded mine and it made a big difference. Sean
  7. I'll second that you must love lake trout:). Nice fish
  8. Thanks for the report that's one trip you will never forget.
  9. So I guess they don't work? The one or maybe two that they have per County have more than they can handle.
  10. Exactly!! LOL. No one was bashing stream Fisherman. The guys that line up in one inch of water and stand over a trout are not catching that fish legally. Now could I hook that fish in the mouth sure I could. If you have enough water where you can do it right go ahead have fun that's what it's all about. I grew up on the creek and have thousands of hours of stream fishing under my belt. I've seen guys clean out holes of over 60 fish and not one was caught legally or released. But the guy on the lake dragging lines is doing more damage, give me a break. I had a one BOW limit per guy on my boat years before it ever started. If anyone can't see that fish in two inches of water are more vulnerable than they are in 200ft your blind. Sean
  11. They should of all been caught with only two inches of water in the creek.
  12. Had same thing at Owasco caught a Laker with three jigs in it, and probably 8 bass worms.
  13. I'd catch fish on all of them!! They look great Mike.
  14. Dang Les how long was that first bamboo pole with the hook you carved from stone? LOL. Good points made! Most guys on here can have a discussion without calling anyone out. It's nice to see and read. No doubt many factors influence the lake and will till the end of time. I've seen first hand only weeks ago thousands of gallons of liquid slurry, spread on frozen farm fields get washed into the lake. Had over an acre of Creek bed filled with foam where the run off was.
  15. Hi guys, Back in the day I used to go up to Oswego and troll for eyes at night after the May opener. Haven't done it in years how has the fishery been, and is it worth the trip anymore? I know some nights it was a rodeo with all the boats with no lights. One of those things I'd like the kids to see once. Thanks Sean
  16. Sodus and it looks good for Friday as of right now. Thanks again Sean
  17. Looks like I finally have that weekend off this year. The Reel Hooked Up boat would love to be in!
  18. Tonight I had two nice 8 points full racks and six does walk right across a corn stubble field, on way to work. I guess those two want to keep their antlers for next year. LOL
  19. Nice Job! I like that little lake just wish it was closer.
  20. Thanks for the report and nice fish! Any docks in at the launches? Thanks Sean
  21. Your right on there! I used to like to get a couple guys and go do an overnight tuna trip out of NJ. Called to set one up this last season and they were all in the 4k to 5k range. That ended that plan LOL
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