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  1. I'm heading north on thursday for this years "fishing trip", bringing us to Shangrila on point penninsula for the weekend. Never been to the area, wondering if there's any advice with where to fish and where to have a few beers. We'll have a couple boats, but no trolling gear unfortunately. Mainly casting and jigging for pike and perch, but any ideas are more than welcome! I love checking out new waters and different tactics. I've heard stories of eyes around there, maybe we'll get lucky! Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for the great advice! Its all the amazing people like you who make the guys like me with extreme rarity to even find a few hours to make it out there have a chance of a nice day! Not that emptying a cooler among friends during a nice boatride isnt fun... but finding something to fill said cooler back up makes us chomp to get out there another day! Hope to see your names on the board next week guys!
  3. nothing at Lewis Shoal that we could entice... was a good weekend at the beach though!
  4. Thanks for the clarification! I've always put them out of my misery
  5. Anyone have any info on the legalities of using gobies for bait? I talked to some pier guys who say they catch a handul of them, then cast out gobies on trebles. I'm going to give a shoal a shot tomorrow am with the usual softshells and minnows, but might leave one of those little bastards on a hook and see whats up if they go through all my bait... We caught some smallies this spring while brown trolling and they were all monsters, so hopefully we'll get into 'em!
  6. May 20, 2010: Workers with the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee dump a chemical into the Little Calumet River in Chicago to kill all of the fish in an approximately two-mile stretch of water. The committee was killing the fish to search for evidence of Asian carp in an effort to keep the invasive fish from entering the Great Lakes. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co ... v=national
  7. I've caught them in front of Russell's in the fall casting spoons. First one i caught I was shocked as well. Very hard bottom to them unlike any other fresh water fish I know of.
  8. guys, thank you. Fibreglass boat, yes. Sounds like metal framing, plastic outer, marine grade non big box plywood/carpet interior and Im good. All stainless hardware and keeping the old to pattern. I'll share what I build, and value any other suggestions/ideas.
  9. Heres the only info Ive found yet in regards to plywood. Im still not sure if I should use marine or pressure treated. http://forums.iboats.com/showthread.php?t=303172
  10. Heres a few that come to mind...
  11. I'd say 75% casting/jigging and 25% trolling, since the summer I'm usually after bass and pike and thats when I get the most boat time. This year though I have a new set of easytrolls to put on the boat so now I'm not limited to shallow waters, and have the plans for some new boards, so this year might be closer to 50/50.
  12. Here's an image that shows the wall I'm talking about. The door and frame are salvageable if I need them I think.
  13. The interior wall in my boat (22ft Cuddy) has rotted along the floor. This is the wall dividing the cabin from the outside. I plan on disassembling next month, and rebuilding it based on what I discover, but has anyone done this before and/or have any advice? I've spent some time scowering the web with little results. My mind keeps winding on materials, customizing, etc. The old one had carpet on both sides which Im sure played a part in it rotting, so I'm considering a laminate (like a shower liner), hardwood, or stainless sheet metal. All ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Estimates from those who do this kind of thing will be considered as well! Thanks!
  14. $250 to spend on new boat gear!!! Thanks Saints! Great game
  15. Sunday 2/7 was a pretty lame morning on Braddocks. 4 hours spent with 2 of my buddies, with 13 tipups and 3 jigging rods, and only 1 tiny perch to show for it. There were a few pike flopping on the ice around us, but nothing but slow stories from the crowd. Once the wind picked up from the lake, we found out Macgreggors has stellar Black Angus Chili which goes nicely with a Dogfish Head 60minute IPA
  16. Decent toothy pulled thru the ice by my friend Brian 1/30/10.
  17. I caught one casting from my boat in front of Russell station in about 6 ft. of water in June. Crazy thing is, he missed the cleo by about 4 inches, and was just clamped down on my 10lb. floro! It was about 30". What a great surprise! I was shocked at the fight, then to see that at the surface... thanks for sharing your pics! I'll try and locate my gar photos.
  18. Thanks! It was a good fighter! Lotsa life... keep an eye out for him, theres a dinky treble in the left corner of its jaw with all 3 barbs burried. I saw a guy with a 38" the previous week from the same area. Difference is, mine didnt end up on the ice next to a bucket... In other news, that previous week I caught a 7"er with stripes! I never knew the tigers were in there! Cant wait till they grow up!
  19. Approx. 32" x 6.5" Northern caught Jan16 at Braddocks Bay. It was the thickest pike ive seen in a long time. Took line off a tip-up with a larger chub on 6lb. and a small treble put about a foot under the hole. Good times when the bite was otherwise pretty slow.
  20. Great job and report! I've got an invite to stay out at Silver Lake one of these weekends.
  21. I've seen these rigged similarly at Dicks. only justification that I had when a few buddies and I were looking at it was poor-mans outrigger ; )
  22. Cape Vincent opening day of bass looking at sunset over Carleton Island Trolling up the Genny late September
  23. I don't recall a discussion on this, so forgive me if I'm being redundant. In 2008, the City retained a marina design consultant team to perform a marina market analysis and an engineering and feasibility study that considered a new marina and surrounding marina waterfront development. Here's the link. Check out the Executive Summary PDF. http://www.cityofrochester.gov/article. ... 8589937660 Enjoy!
  24. I'm not sure the right place to post a link, but these guys saved me a ton on stainless hinges and bimini fittings. I'm after the rod holders before spring. I'm in no way affiliated, just a happy customer looking to save my friends a buck or two http://store.marinepartdepot.com
  25. wow! Imagine seeing that in you rearview mirror? I wonder what kind of speed he was reaching? Sick! Thanks for sharing Stan! I have a new respect for Bob!
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