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  1. not necessarily, i have a fairly large tract of property and it really hasnt been an issue! seems like every year i get some property border incroachment early on but i tend to make an example out of the person if i catch them. trail cams are a wonderful tool, it is easier to pattern a hunter than it is a deer in some cases. i am on a first name basis with the local encon officers as well as the state police, they will happily show up any time i call with a potential complaint. i used to leave for warmer temps prior to the end of firearms season.... no more of that! i have to much time and money managing my farm for me than to have some a$%bag drop the hammer on a deer i have passed on all bow season. i am most likely that land owner everyone hates here, the one with the property that harbors "all the deer" once the shooting begins. but again....i pay the taxes and the mortgage! Dave
  2. its really quite simple, catch them and have their a%^es arrested! works wonders and it wont be long before the word gets out. took me one time to catch a scum bag on my farm, now the words out! so what if they don't like me... i pay the taxes! Dave
  3. hopefully the new group will run this event better! there are tons of horror stories surrounding the past $1000.00 a day derby from non-payments to a large amount of cheating both confirmed and uncomfirmed! tighter rules and strong enforcement will pay dividends! unfortunatley the word cheat comes up way to often in these events and unfortunately there are tons of ways to cheat the system and not enough ways to prevent it due to it being lake wide! being retired i enjoyed fishing the old $1000.00 a day derby until the facts as well as rumors started to fly about the negative issues that were taking place. i am routing for this event to make it and these organizers dont fall prey to what occured a few years back or its days will be numbered as well. Dave
  4. john that sucks.... the real cost of your process probably doesnt exceed $250.00, the rest are fees going to the documentation company. Dave
  5. a $600.00 redocumentation fee is a bit excessive! i would look into that. that fee should be no more than $500.00. i believe you have 40 days to register the vessel before you will be subject to interest and penalties, the problem is that depending on how busy the NDC is you may not get your documentation for a cpl months. you WILL need this paperwork to show ownership, generally the "clerks" at the DMV will let you slide with the issue date on you documentation. Dave
  6. any updates relating to this topic? was hoping that a decision would be made prior to heading south for the winter. your commitment to this overdue discussion/desision is greatly appreciated and your support remains strong! Dave
  7. super job!!!! did you sand it or use stripper? if you used stripper what type/brand? Dave
  8. www.niagarafishingguides.com.... joe and chris cinelli. top notch service tons of experience. always a great time. Dave
  9. why havent they considered looking into what is going on in michigan? PRIVATE ENTITIES running the tournaments! this is being done with great success. take some time and take a peek at ALL the tournamnets that are being held in michigan on an almost weekly basis! yes private entities will make money off of the events, thats their business, hence the more enteries, sponsors and dollars they generate means a bit more $$$$$ for their pockets. private entities also have in - roads with current and perspective sponsors, media and so fourth. you can have all the volunteers in the world but without meaningful contacts willing to part with money to support events like the pro/am it will remain the same event year after year. you can change rules back to "the old way" that were changed to the "old way" years ago, you can add an open event yada yada yada.... its still the same stale event imho. this is by no means to bash the commite members ( iguess certian ones it is) as i have been subtly accused of doing in the past but enough is enough. there is another thread here taking a poll on open communication for oswego hmmmm??? wonder what will happen in niagara?? good job oswego, but i can hear it now...we cant do it in oswego because we need to remain consistent. similiar to the starting time rule changes that took place way back when in oswego. let see some hands.... how many teams are satisfied with product (suggested retail i must add) being included in the "cash" payout? well here i go again bashing....... ... i can only take so much of this dog chasing its tail mentality. until next time. Dave (the nameless dolt)
  10. if i am not mistaken the rule you are proposing was already in exsistance some time ago or at least one similiar that was again changed. personally i don't agree with your proposal! much of the strategy in fishing tournamnets includes how far away from port you are willing to fish on a givin day! weather must be taken into consideration as well as distance, hence, amount of time lines are in the water verses running time!!!! in many instances this rule will give many an unfair advantage for many reasons, i am confident that if you think about it for a bit reasons will come to mind. the rule as applied right now promotes a level playing field (in this respect anyways) and i don't think we need to change it! this is all i am going to say regarding this topic to avoid being called a nameless dolt again. there are plenty of other rules that need to be reconsidered to bring this event back to the status it once had "back in the day" and this is not one of them! just my two cents! Dave ps... not sure how to vote NO CHANGE on your poll but that is my vote!!!!
  11. very well said Duane, unfortunately this is all too typical! I know many of us in my group will not use GLTS proudcts (weather they catch fish or not) because of these issues. not very good representation imho....... Dave
  12. my 2 cents.... i think before we all run out and get the i 68 forms there needs to be plenty more clarafication with this policy. having said that, it will vitually be impossible for these guys to enforce this on many bodies of water in our beloved nys. guys have been fishing the niagara river all winter crossing the imaginary line and have yet to have this problem. my guys and i are going to take a wait and see approach with this. i am sure you can call 10 different bp offices and get 10 different answers to this. i am going to follow what is on paper until another written document is disclosed to the public. but..... with all of these agencies running around lake o and the niagara river in their brand new $200,000.00 rib's they may need to start to justify their jobs and payrolls and start stopping everyone. who knows? Dave
  13. yes.... i did mean 4/2 my eyes don't seem to work as good as they used to. actually its great to hear that the ice is getting blown over the boom, gives it a two day head start as it sounds like weather permitting they will begin pullung it monday. quicker the ice leaves the quicker we can get on with some real fishing Dave
  14. yes sir! everytime we made a north turn and hit a bit deeper water there they were. lots of em they are fun til the kings start up. was very good color water quite a ways out but could not buy a king. Dave
  15. beautiful day on the water! launched from the state park and as soon as we cleared the pier heads we found 41.5 temps with great milky water. trolled from the west branch of 12 mile to the 425 pier east & west in 7 -10 feet of water. caught 11 browns (all cookie cutter 4 pounders) 2 steelhead and only 1 coho. it was very good action inside, we decided to move a bit north and once we crossed the 20ft mark it was lake trout heaven! all inside fissh came on inline boards with the usual stuff, rapalas, bombers and we had a green nils masters working well also. the lt's came on stinger blt's off the riggers 12 & 17 ft down. no kings ..... maybe sunday after this blow. hopefully this time we remember the camera great day to be on the pond!
  16. with the amount of ice on lake erie i would assume that it will be a few weeks before they consider pulling the boom. my experience with this would indicate that they may do it around easter this year based on ice volume right now. Dave
  17. There is plenty of room west from the RED can, however there is not fishing the "GREEN can. like gokudl3 says, you should be okay drifting up the east side of the trench but be careful if you are west of the green can as the border is not very far away. better to be safe than sorry as the dnr can get quite agressive checking in that area and wouldn't want to see anyone get ticketed. my two cents! Dave
  18. i would have to say that if you are not sure it would be better to be safe than sorry! i would not risk going to far west w/o a canadian license . i cant say exactly how far from the can the border actually is w/o looking at a gps, but most of the "trench" is in canadian water if my memory serves me correctly. as many who fish this area know it is monitored very closely by the dnr! good luck..... Dave the nameless dolt
  19. the "kotl" sounds and looks like it is shaping up nicely. once the rest of the gang gets back from their winter stay in florida our team will be making arrangements in the very near future. I must say that although we haven't participated in the niagara pro-am for a number of years i am somewhat dissapointed that the guys in wilson decided to hold their salmon slam during the scotty event. i heard that it was a wonderful event and many are looking forward to it again this year. my reason for this concern is that the event added a new flair and added excitement to an already stale over regulated tournament. it also was a very nice way to thank the entrants who choose wilson as their home for the pro-am, it also showed tremendous hospotality as all the pro-am participants were invited to the evening festivities. well rather than getting called a nameless dolt again i won't step on anyones toes and i will happly enjoy the function while fishing the scotty and will stop here as i am sure the guys in wilson are holding it during the scotty for all the right reasons. Dave... the nameless dolt
  20. well put atomik, allow me to start the informal poll. we are looking forward to fishing as much as the scotty series as we can. Dave
  21. great site! love the format. looking forward to fishing it. Dave
  22. why not use butt splice connectors or bullet terminals? i did this on my lund when i transfered the old digi trolls from my big boat when i sold it. probably save you some aggravation. Dave
  23. hookedup wrote Hi Rod, This post should have a warning I just finished all 10 pages. Sean Sean - i concur, it does make for some entertaining as well as informative reading! what these 10 pages also seem to indicate is there are a number of anglers here that are very passionate about this "prestigeous" event positively or negatively. it is no secret where my opinion falls. it does show that there are a fair number on this site (and who knows how many not on this site) that are or have been on the fence regarding participating in this tourney based on what many feel are frequent unfair rule changes. i think most if not all the banter is intended to be suggestions or constructive critisim, my posts included. i think one of the problems here is that many of the guys here are relatively new (say 7 10 yrs) to fishing the pro/ams and have not been privy to the debates regarding the same issues taking place over and over! the fact with me is as a partcipant from the beginning that these issues come up over and over and a certian few individuals come up with ficticious reasons, laws or federal guidelines on why a rule can't be changed! however when you have one (and i must admit one of the select few) alone you can never get a straight answer just more BS. i myself can only speak of the past issues in the niagara area and many of us are familiar with the history there and still to this day people accept status quo. the pro/am is the same old stale event that has only changed when that "select few" feel the need for it to be changed as long as it dosent negatively effect their bottom lines as participants. lets not be niaeve here, the commitee members are participants, whos interests do you think are priorities. againg lets see what takes place now with all of the excitement the scotty is generating! dave
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