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  1. Not nearly as extensive and impressive as most of you guys but: 7.62 Russian I customized 12 gauge Winchester 20 gauge Ithaca bear whitetail hunter bowteck allegiance ten point shadow light savage M2 muzzleloader 243 Ruger 270 Remington 223 Remington and finally, the biggest thing I ever got going to ice fish Honeoye - a nice fat doe with my 2011 outback.
  2. I just read that. It would help if you had the existing regulations open to compare. The proposal specifically references certain sections in the regs. My eRly morning eyes might not be focusing properly yet but I did not see the 12” Crappie regulation for Honeoye. Whew! 10” and 10 fish. Gills are 8” and 15 fish in Silver and Honeoye but 25 fish elsewhere. I’m not sure on perch. Jefferson county remains no limits but I think it says 25 fish limit in Ontario and I assume the bays. I’m also not sure of limits on perch in inland waters. Nothing on Erie. Maybe someone can interpret this better.
  3. Town halls in smaller towns seem to be better for licenses. Not Greece though. You have to call and make an appointment first. I just looked at last years license while talking to Gator. It expired July 30 for doe tags. The new one begins September 1. Keep that in mind if you are going to shoot a September doe. to
  4. All those ramps are good but he one I would recommend for now with kids and the shortest distance from Rochester would be the small boat harbor. Just put some worm harnesses down as soon as you clear the boat dock area and enter the harbor and head north until you get past the coast guard station and the north gap area. You should be able to pick up a few and probably hit some sheephead and perch.
  5. Very powerful and unfortunately true statements Bob, Les. Being a Long Island guy, you don’t have to tell me about the effects of too much development on a lake or the south shore of LI. The decline of Keuka was amazingly fast. When the alewives crashed, everything started eating the perch including the larger perch! In 2017-18 every perch I caught in May was loaded with baby perch. Since then every laker I get is loaded with perch. Most of you guys are not bass fishermen but they too have taken a nose dive. I have gone from a dozen + Bass per day while just perch fishing the shoreline to one or none. The Cisco stocking does not seem to be the answer. I just wonder what is.
  6. Pequod1

    Perch / rock bass

    Thanks for reminding me. I just went downstairs to my freezer and got a package of Oneidas finest out
  7. It happens. First time out, the schools were really tight. If you were not on top of them, forget it. That was in March with the big ice flow next to us. I got blanked. Not even a hit. Sometimes, fish have a way of making us look dumber than them I
  8. You really have to be right on them and have the right tackle , bottom rig and technique to get them at times. I have had occasions where I was hauling them in and boats 20’ away were not. I also have had that happen to me. It’s great when it all comes together though.makes it all worth while.
  9. Nice video. I was there yesterday and did the same. I launched at the state park for the first time. You would think the state could afford some sort of plastic/ rubber rub rail along the dock. The wood is old and in bad need of repair. We came in at the edge of a thunderstorm and the wind blew us up along the dock but I had my fenders out and didn’t break anything. The parking isn’t good either. You park on the other side of the road up a hill. Thankfully, they had 4 handicapped parking spots open right there otherwise I would have driven to union springs or the mud locks. Yes, sandwick, you can catch perch all summer long right on the shore up tight but not so much In Cayuga as the other fingers.
  10. What were the results? I’m always interested in seeing those weights. thanks.
  11. I might add that I fish that end a lot in my 16’ boat. You will be restricted to the south end because the wind gets funneled between the hills. Do not expect to make it down to vine valley if the wind is 15, but if you intend to fish up to and around the drop off, you should be ok.
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    Good job saving that guys but. He was lucky. I’ll probably head over that way when the water temps warm up and I’m done perching in the other fingers. Really liked that lake from what I saw last season.
  13. Just be aware and take it slow out into the lake. A friend lost his prop yesterday heading out through the channel when he hit something. I have a 16’ boat and was ok but if you get a south wind like yesterday morning, you might bounce up and down enough that the engine will hit. The lake itself is crystal clear and lower than most years. It’s so clear that I even found the remains of a very old boat on the bottom in 14’ mid lake north end. That was cool.
  14. I’m not sure how to read your panopticon. Were those fish on the bottom or suspended half way? Nice to find them that deep.
  15. He drove by me about mid lake. Ran around a number of spots. I was hoping he would not get close . Not the smartest tool out there yesterday fir sure. Fishing was the usual Honeoye. Some crappies and perch.
  16. I had a fair day yesterday out to Shackleton from the south shore boat launch. There were some slush pockets that I had to power through though. I bet they will be worse today and tomorrow but should be good again after the freeze up on Tuesday. One thing that worked for me on the perch was to pound the bottom with a #5 jigging rap and once they showed up , I dropped a black tungsten down with waxies. They pounded that immediately. And all these years I have been doing the jigging rap and minnow head thing. I’ll keep using the jigging rap morning and late afternoon for eyes but going to the tungsten for perch the middle of the day.
  17. The perching has taken a hit. Yes you will get them in March but try the rest of the year. Up until 3 yrs ago, I could catch perch the entire year. Not now. I hit other fingerlakes. When the alewife population crashed. The lakers went after the next easily available food source - perch.
  18. you convinced me to give it another try Friday. I intend to not go where people tell me its great. Seems to be the kiss of death. The perch I caught last October were excellent size. It must have been a great year class 3-4 yrs ago.
  19. I drove around the south shore launch about three weeks ago after an unsuccessful trip to Lewis Point. Looked like a nice area to park and fish out of. Seems like not as many people go there or was it because I was there on a Monday. I intend to try out of there this week someday, weather permitting.
  20. That is an excellent catch for your first time on Oneida. That lake can be very intimidating at times. Congrats to you.
  21. So Les..... You notice the girl friend but not the license plate The old flame still burns.
  22. You could tell he was a novice. A pro would have used a Milwaukee Fuel.
  23. Wow Les, I didn't realize it was that bad when you texted earlier. What kind of an A hole does that sort of thing.
  24. It was quite amazing to see it happen. Actually ironic . I’m still shaking my head. Poor Scotty. I met the guy in the parking lot later. He had the cahoona’s to ask how we did.
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