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    Canandaigua Canandaguia Launch

    I’m waiting too for the south end docks. The weather might actually get better soon, can’t get much worse.
  2. Wow, 50 deg. Your lucky. My favorite Crappie lake is still in the 40’s.
  3. Crap, I was planning on oink there tomorrow. I guess there will be 100 boats joining me Seriously, you can get them all summer long . I alternate Erie walleyes and Cayuga perch he entire summer.
  4. Anyone know if the docks are in at the south end? They are not in at the north end.
  5. Nice going. I miss those Cayuga perch. ill Be at them soon though.
  6. Pequod1

    Ibay 9/29

    The secret to perching I Bay is to take a Golden Horseshoe with you
  7. For the life of me, I can not catch Erie perch on plastics. They just prefer Niagaras. I have caught them on buckshot spoons and stingnose minnows. But, Erie fishing is anywhere from 50-70’ deep fishing. Everywhere else I fish, plastics rule.
  8. The spawn is. I generally do not do well until the temps hit around 42 deg. Depends a lot on the lake too.
  9. I have not been out but I have heard of a few good catches in the bay. Traditionally, this is when you should be on Sodus. Targeting shallow areas in 12-14’ should do it for you. Good luck.
  10. That’s for sure les. Lots of small perch in the lakers these days.
  11. Wish I had it two weeks ago when my brand new Yamaha 7 hp quit in the middle of the bay!
  12. I saw that bubba too. How many perch can you get threw at a time. I have been using an American angler but recently the “ new” blade replacements are worse than the original. Thinking about cordless.
  13. Not quite right about that Brian. They cut off about the last day or two of muzzleloader for a long Christmas break. It is always best to call. I have been using Swans for six years now and they will make anything you want as long as they make the same product out of beef/ pork. There are a few German sausages they have made for me that are not on their official list. Just ask. And, while your there, stay and have lunch. Try a sampler meal of their brats and wurst. Inexpensive and very good.
  14. First deer I ever got from my living room. Sat in 70 degree comfort watching the outdoor Chanel when Gamble called. I’ll publicly thank Kieth and Brian for their support. It’s tough to miss most and possibly all of deer season but it’s great to know you have good friends.
  15. I admit, I followed the hype about rage when they first came out. The first deer that I shot at was a picture perfect broadside buck at 30 yds and he was down within 20 yds with that “ tv” hole through both sides. The next two deer were much luckier. Watched the rage hit and glance off on an angling away shot and watched a doe run off with a rage in the shoulder blade that never went through. One of the things that is not really talked about is the lb bow you shoot. I can only pull 55 lbs. that’s simply not enough for a mechanical to work 100% of the time. I went back to slick tricks and other than a muzzy or two will stay with them.
  16. I own a ten point shadow light with the crank and I also shot the Parker at the archery shop when I was deciding between the two. The Parker was a neat crossbow. All I had to do was press a button and the big co2 cartridge would draw the bow. The reason I did not buy it was that it was heavier than the ten point model I bought by at least five pounds. I also was concerned about how reliable the mechanism would last through the years. I bought a mono pod accessory for the ten point. It snaps on and off and I have used it successfully in the tent and in a tree stand. It allows you to shoot without having to hold up the full weight of the bow. Great for people with a handicap. Believe me, I know. Ten point is a good company and they stand bye their bows.
  17. Hey longspurs, I somehow forgot what a dedicated waterfowl hunter you are. Now that I see how successful you are, I figure a little goose jerky out on the ice this winter is in order I’m recovering from knee replacement but should be on first ice without a problem. Keep up the good work.
  18. Pequod1

    Ibay 9/29

    This time of year the water temp is the key. When the big lake turns over, it forces them in for short spurts of time throughout September. Last year, we really did not find any in the bay until temps were in the upper 50’s around mid month. I did find them last year in Fairhaven for the first two weeks of October and also Erie. Kept us busy until they showed up locally.
  19. Nice going. Brian told me you were doing good on them. If I can peel him away from those lakers next year, we will do some major testing. Gives us another option besides the harnesses.
  20. Pequod1

    Perch rigs?

    Les is right about the sensitive rod separating the great catches from the average. Thanks to another member here, Gator, I got back in to rod building. I have specialized rods made for perch in Erie and the fingerlakes.
  21. Pequod1

    Perch rigs?

    What les is saying is true for the finger lakes but you can be fishing anywhere from 55-80’ in Erie straight down. I would recommend the most sensitive tip rod you have between 6-7’. Do not use straight braid. I’ll use 10-15 lb braid with a 6’ section of 10lb fleurocarbon. Do not go lighter because there are monster size silver bass with sharp gill plates that would cut lighter line. Keep tight to the bottom with just enough tension to tighten the line. As soon as you see them on the graph, they will hit. I slowly lift the rod and get them to hit that way but my fishing buddy just sits and watches the rod. We wind up catching the same amount. Spring perch fishing is a little different and I’ll explain that, if you like ,ext March
  22. Pequod1

    Perch rigs?

    It is a little early for consistent perch action in Erie. In the past, the entire month of August was great but in the past 6 yrs, I have not seen any real action until October. I would probably head out of the Cat and head straight out to 53-54’ set up and wait. The perch this time of year will come in smaller pods and you will have to be ready to pick off a few before they move on. Later on, the pods will be bigger and will hang around longer. Just use a simple drop shot rig. 3/4 oz. sinker and two hooks about 6” and 18” above. If you can find Niagaras that would be great however, Golden shiners work too. Sometimes fatheads work, but I have not had much luck with them.. if you see other boats out there anchored up, watch them. And if you see gulls sitting on the water near a boat watch him closely. The gulls are picking off any small perch boaters might try to release and float belly up. Spot lock on a minn kota is highly recommended. good luck
  23. That’s horrible. I would not have been shocked if that occurred in Rochester but in the country around there I am surprised. Hope they get them soon.
  24. RThanks for the info. I have more or less ignored this issue since I have never had a problem. After seeing my knee surgeon yesterday, I now have a healthy fear of bacterial infections. I was told that any bacterial infection would travel to a foreign object in your body like a knee replacement and cause a severe reaction to the point of removal of the replacement and being placed on an IV for a long time. I plan on wearing gloves from now on while filleting and carrying peroxide and anti bacterial ointments on the boat.
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