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  1. As I said Big Jon never seen that happen before. I use the Big Jons as my up riggers and never ran more than 6 lb weights on them to take advantage of blow back to keep the cables away from the trolling motor. The only thing I can think of is possibly a bad manufacturing production run. I'm not sure who Big Jon's supplier is but a lot of our steel comes from China. Chances are slim that it will happen again but a tag line gives me piece of mind and only takes a second to install. I use 1/8" nylon rope with a spring loaded clip. I just clip it on a cleat.
  2. Mikeyman A word of caution...I have 2 Big Jon captain packs down riggers with swivel bases mounted on gimbals to use in my rear rod holders. I do it this way to quickly remove the riggers and store in the cabin. Last year as I was removing them from the cabin to place in the rod holders I suddenly had the gimbal and half the swivel base in one hand and the rigger and the top half of the swivel in the other hand. There is a 1 1/4 inch pin that the swivel rotates on. That pin is steel and it snapped like a piece of plastic. I couldn't believe it. If it had snapped while in the rod holder it would of been a $800 rigger on the bottom of the lake. Big Jon said they never seen anything like that and they made good on the repair but that's besides the point. I now run tag lines to the riggers. If it happens again at least they won't go far.
  3. Welcome Jason! If you want to fish for stripers, come to the Hudson in the spring. Slips and a ramp are available in Newburgh. Not too far of a ride if you're by Wallenpaupack. Action usually starts in mid April thru Memorial day. Sully
  4. Your fuel pump diaphram has failed. This allows gas to be pumped into the oil, hence the release of pressure when the dipstick was removed. Replace the fuel pump ( very easy job ). Drain the oil and replace with fresh. Run the engine at idle to heat up the oil. Drain oil again and put in fresh. You want to get as much of that gas out of the crank case.
  5. I've been fishing the Hudson for stripers for the last 30 years. Bloods and live herring (chunk at night) are the preferred baits but I am a die hard down rigger and dipsey diver fisherman and do very well. I have fished from Newburgh to Kingston trolling stick baits. Now, there are a lot of shorts caught but that's a trend I've noticed over the last 7 or 8 years plus I'm not feeding them $1 blood worms. I've also have caught my share of 40+ pounders.
  6. Fitz, I have a 21' Grady White most likely in the same weight range maybe a little heavier. I have a Yamaha 9.9hp 4 stroke Hi Thrust for trolling that I'm very satisfied with. The hi thrust model has a huge prop and will really push into the wind and waves. The only time I haven't used it is when the waves are over 4' and close together. It also sips gas. I have a drop down bracket, OMC. I'm not sure I would trust a swim platform unless it is an integral part of the boat and maybe not even then, but that's just me. Sully
  7. Capt, The 320's work well on the riggers. I also use them for stripers on the Hudson. You can't kill 'em and parts are readily available if needed. I use Magda's 30 for wire. I haven't had any problems with the drags yet but for what they cost, I didn't figure they would last too long. So far so good. Sully
  8. The only guide you have to worry about with wire is the tip guide hence the twillie tip or a roller guide tip. Sully
  9. Boatino, I use roller tips and the same thing happens to me. I just cut off the "pigtail" and retie. Sully
  10. Capt, I like the Eagleclaw rods with the foam (not cork) grips. 8-1/2' SF400A for downriggers and Eagleclaw 10' SF403A for wire & mono dipseys. For the wire dipseys, I never cared for the twillie tips so I installed roller tips. Both rods are available on Ebay for $51 a pair plus shipping (Brett's place on the bay-seller). For reels I used a variety, Penn 320's, Okuma Titus, Convectors and Magda's. One thing, someone recently told me, the 10' dipsey rods are not as stiff as they used to be. The tips used to be very flexible but the lower half of the rod was very stiff to handle the pull of a large dipsey. They must of changed suppliers. 30lb Big Game mono on the downriggers and 30lb Malin wire, 1000'. Sully
  11. I use a cheap camera flash...runs on AA batteries. Very intense light but I'm not sure it makes any difference. Sully
  12. A friend of mine Gary who fishes Lake Michigan has a online store at http://www.bigweeniebrand.com/ He sells whole bait rigs along with flies, tapes, lots of neat stuff. I've been using his stuff for years with great success. Gary is a great guy...a pleasure doing business with. Him and his wife rescue weiner dogs hence the name. Check out his website...you won't regret it www.bigweeniebrand.com Sully
  13. raider44, Check out attheoak.com. They have great daily reports on where, who , what...the whole 9 yards. I'll also be at the Oak 8/8-8/16. Staying at 4C's. I start really paying attention to the reports 2 weeks prior to heading up. This will be my 5th year and the reports have been golden. Every year I have had great success using the lures, flies, methods mentioned in their reports. Maybe we'll see ya there. Sully "The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly."
  14. Jekyll, I wouldn't trust the bow rail uprights. Usually they are only surface mounted whereas your cleats are bolted thru the deck. Girard, I know its expensive, but have you considered a aux trolling motor? Expensive at first but I think it will pay for itself in a few years in gas saved. I have a 20' Grady Adventure with a 9.9 4 stroke that works great in all but the snottyest conditions. I can control my speed to tenths of a mile. You could probably get away with an 8 hp. It also gives me peace of mind knowing I have a back up in case the big motor craps out. Just as important, I can troll for 12 hours on less than 5 gallon$ of ga$. Besides, I also never felt comfortable basically idling a large 2 stroke engine day in and day out. It's not what they were designed for. If you would like to know my set up...PM me. Sully
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