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  1. Hey there what is the name of the ramp in Wicklow is there alot of parking is the parking a bit safe thx for the help thefrenchman
  2. Hello i use shower curtain hooks with diff size rubber band depending on drag and water current strong or calm all bough in dollard store i'm to poor to use scotty release thefrenchman
  3. Hey there PAP Yeah you are very wize Very good advise And yes in the future i will keap it to myself And friends Thefrenchman
  4. hey there i think the moderators on this site used poor judgment on deleting my reply in the buy and sell forum regarding a 220 princecraft why we have to look out for each other that is a sour deal and someone i guess im the black sheep felt obligated to say it cause im an honnest man and a fisherman yes most of us knows its a bad deal but some may not know that a boat that size to put a main motor on it is way over 20k should i have let an innocent fisherman get played NO maybe i didnt use the right choice of words on my reply but i hope in helped someone thefrenchman
  5. Hey there yep use long boom i got 96 beam and never had a problem set up on the corner of the boat 2 straight back and 2 90degre out on the side what is important is the depth at wich you set your riggers so that they dont get tangle on a release i always set up my Inside deeper then my outside riggers plus dont do like (SABONATION) and use stiffer rod holders for your dipsys dont use cheap plastic ones and use long rods for your dipsys and your dipsy rod should never be over your rigger boom closest to the water possible thefrenchman
  6. Hey there excuse me but those rod holders are real cr...p friend of mine showed me yesterday his set-up he has 4 on each side of the gunel the 2 first one on his side he uses for dipsys and they wabble like bubble heads you put on a dash and only a season not even fisnish at that do yourself a favor and look at the new rachered rod holders from traxtech i bought 2 this year to try them wow you will see right away this is good stuff not made out of cheap aluminum sheet just go look at them #GT100 thefrenchman
  7. Hey there happen to me once tried to remove a plug and it was kind of hard to unscrew yep i [email protected]#$ up bad my mechanic retreaded the sleeve 150$ now i uncrew one turn after that its all with the hands only if its sticking i screw back and unscrew one turn and usaly fixes it i to had an optimax those spark plug are close to 30$ each here thefrenchman
  8. Hey there i'm from montreal i bought stuff from members of this site and spoonpulers site from canada and us members never had a problem without seeing the stuff first once had a problem but it was post office fault and ( legacy) fixed it right up so yeah there always a slight chance ot something bad hapening not all members are gentlemen but i think most are respectable person i dealt with most 500$ stuff without seeing but i would never buy thousound dollard boat without sea trial cmon very sry about your deal going sour life is a endless Learning curve thefrenchman
  9. Hey there laker1 i have a switch between my cranking and deep cycle batterie when im booting my main i charge both batteries then i close the swich to off when im trolling my kicker only charges my deep cycle that way when im ready to leave im sure my all my acc including downrigger didnt take the juice out of my main batterie the thing connected to my main batteries are pump and intrument on dash i use a bussbar on deepcycle batterie thefrenchman
  10. Hey there i run 300 and 500 copper 7 and 10 color lead and use shower curtain clip and rubber band size of rubber band depends on water condition i carry 3 size of rubber band very cheap in dollard store always go with the weakest size first you will see right away if you need to go to bigger size now usaly right of the bat with the water condition i know wich size to use (experience) thefrenchman
  11. Hey there i use weed wacker fluo color line more visible and my release (shower clip) slide very good on them thefrenchman
  12. Hey there i try not to spend a ton of money on my gear but one good expensif reel is better then buying a new cheap one every year the worst thing or weakest thing you have to check IMHO on reels is the drag system for line capacity you got tons of trolling reels you can choose from for every aplications i use daiwa l47 for my riggers 6 years now arround 90$can tekota 700 for copper and lead set-up 2 years now arround 240$can rapala hydros for dipsy set-up 2 years now going on third and the drag is still good arround 120$can ALL my rods are ugly sticks different lenghs for different aplications cheap and so far never broke one except when one of my kids close my bimini top on them LOL i fish an average of 30 days a year on the BIG O thefrenchman
  13. Hey there out of curiosity what is that contraption or rod made for is it for jigging when icefishing ? thefrenchman
  14. Hey there i think i'm folowing you a bit just like when i did my boards i drilled another hole a bit further back cause they were not pulling sideways enought so you are saying that my tow line wasnt picking up enought slack and the nose was diving down is that correct? thefrenchman
  15. Hey there Markbellino those are awesome but they dont sell outside U S you know a place where they would sell these to canada i looked at amish even owned some for spoons and dipsy from them but they dont hold the ones you showed it would save me alot of quality fishing time thefrenchman
  16. Hey there Gambler would you care to explain or be a bit more specific plz i try to run them about 25 feet on the side of the boat and maybe 5 feet more or less behind the back of the boat making it very easy to slide down the clip its been working very well for me thus so far the mat is at the front of the boat 6 feet up thefrenchman
  17. Hey there last year my bro gave me his otter boats to try when i came back i gave it back to im didnt like it one bit they where always sinking and not running true next week i made my own planner boards using plans from youtube tried them and they where jumping all over the place so the next week i added a piece of lead Under the outer side of the board 1/8 by 3/4 24 inch and sinse then wow running true and running them in good waves no problem so inexpensif you should keep your option open and try it its really cheap and i also use shower curtains and different rubber band size for release i use weed waker line the fluo colored ones my boards have big canadian flags on them i want people to see them in the water better for me and i think its better for everyone safety just my 2 cent thefrenchman
  18. Hey there a nice guy sold me some on this site to try this year cant wait to try it i'm sure the scent trace will help improve bites on slow days some days you see marks and they dont bite you know what i mean maybe wont notice it on good days but i'm sure it will have an effect thefrenchman
  19. Hey there salut ye ou le moteur au juste thefrenchman
  20. Hey bud Send the picture and price in a PM Just incase the deal is to good And i get jump on Thx thefrenchman
  21. Hey bud this is what i'm looking for http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store/Brads_Super_Bait_Cut_Plug.htm thx thefrenchman
  22. Hey there any of you guys know where i can buy those cut bait here in canada i've check on the net and all the places i saw price of shipping was sick i checked bass pro shop but it looks like they dont have those thx thefrenchman
  23. Hey there i use a perko switch on two power bar i've got 10 slot on my power bar one for negative and one for positive only three wire on the batterie on each terminal i've got one wire for the power bar and one for the automatic builge pump and one for the instrumental panel the frenchman
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