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  1. We were fishing on Stillwater Reservoir last year and DEC checked us. First time they checked us they asked for the licenses for the people holding rods, not everyone in the boat. About a half hour later they noticed that my girlfriend and another woman were now fishing and came over and checked them for their licenses also. Since the women don't carry wallets, they didn't have their licenses and got tickets but were told they could continue fishing. All we had to do was mail in a copy of their licenses and the court dropped the tickets. What's this someone mentioned about jeopardizing your guides license? This would concern me too and I haven't heard of this before.
  2. I bought a 22 foot Penn Yan about 2 months ago. I trailer it anywhere I go. Shortest distance I trailer it for fishing is about 65 miles to Ontario. This boat and trailer loaded is probably close to the max towing of my Quad cab Dakota (about 4700#). I've trailered to Owasco twice, Oswego and Mexico 3 times total, and Cooperstown (Otsego Lake) this past Sunday. The truck seems to handle it fine, it does work in good hills but isn't overworked. I believe the trailer and boat are balanced right as far as weight distribution and the brakes work. I would not want to tow anything heavier or tow this without brakes. I did install a big transmission cooler. As far as the boat for fishing, I love it. We've got 80 hours on it in less than 2 months. I set up traxstech stuff this past week and fished 8 rods at Otsego with no problems (4 riggers and 4 dypsies). We still have enough room with 4 people in the boat to not feel overcrowded. It's an I/O with the doghouse. Good luck
  3. Are you talking about the eagles that nest at Ausable Pt? I went to Plattsburgh state and hunted there quite a bit and saw them frequently. Nice report!
  4. Here's some pics. Marlin Downrigger Mag 10A Downrigger Power cords are still in good condition, not cracking. Includes the mounting bases, power cords to the battery, weight retriever, Mag10A has the adjustable boom to 53", Marlin is fixed boom 36". Short stop works on both riggers and they function fine. I'd like to get $250 each. Cannon Low Profile swivel bases Big Jon Adjustible rodholder Locks in Vertical, 45 deg, and horizontal both ways.
  5. I started setting up my Traxstech stuff today so I stripped off all the old equipment that I would like to sell. I have: 4) Cannon Low profile swivel bases- all are used but functional, the mounting hardware is either corroded or mixmatch so it's not included. $40 each 1) Cannon High Profile swivel base- used but functional, no mounting hardware, $20 1) Cannon Marlin Electric downrigger- non-memory, used but functions properly, short stop works, new depth counter and gear last week, 36" boom, ball retriever, power wire to battery, locking mount and mounting base with hardware (the base not a swivel mount). This rigger is the odd-ball of my equipment so that's why I'm selling it. $250 1) Big Jon Adjustable rod holder- used but functional, locks in 3 positions, base plate and hardware included. $30 I may be selling a Mag 10A also, haven't decided yet. I'll add pics in the next day or so. I'll ship stuff if you pay shipping. I can meet for pick-up for Eastern LO, Syracuse, or Turning Stone area. I'd prefer paypal for shipping or cash if pick-up. PM or call (315)527-3652 Thanks,
  6. I would like to see the capacity plate on my boat and know where it is but can't find it. I've looked the boat over pretty good and it's nowhere to be seen. The boat is a 223 Penn Yan, same as the 225's. Thanks for the help.
  7. I recently added some leadcore to my rods. I loaded 2 ADP 57's with 300 yd of 30# PP, 100' of 30# Big Game for snap weights and/or extra passes and no fleas, 10 colors of 27#, and 50 feet of flouro and it filled them perfect. I also set up 2 ADP 47's with 300 yd of 30# PP, 5 colors, and 50' flouro and they are full.
  8. That pretty much sounds like the situation with mine. I don't know the age of mine but it's on a 223 and came with the boat. It worked good the first day out. The second weekend, it would just about spin the boat on a dime. Beeping was similar if not the same as you described but I noticed that I could hear it "running" but not move the wheel. The wheel was not at the end of the steering though. We messed with the plugs and recalibrated according to the instructions but nothing changed. I noticed that my wheel may be wobbly, is this normal? It probably wobbles 3/4 inch or so at the outside of the wheel. Another quick steering question: I've never driven a Merc I/O until this boat, only outboards. It seems that I'm constantly steering to hold a steady course, flat water, no wind at slow speeds in the harbor/channel or trolling. Could there be excess play in the steering or is this normal?
  9. Does anybody have any suggestions about brands of radios? Mine does not transmit and to have it serviced I'd be looking at over $100 for hourly rate and the cheapest possible part. I don't think it's worth it for an old radio. Are there any brands I should stay away from based on reliability and customer service? Thanks
  10. Jax, I thought I was keeping it away from the bottom. I didn't know that the counter skipped about 40 feet as you let it out until the cable went limp. Now we set that one with the fishfinder. The probe was wet anyway and didn't work so we fished the next 2 days without it anyway. Waterlogged, I'd appreciate that. Any tips on keeping the probe dry. Right now I don't think I can afford to change the set-up from the 840 or upgrade probes so I'll have to deal with it. PM me if you have an extra you can do without.
  11. Does any body know where to find these locally around the Syracuse area? What would I use to make it instead of buying one? Snagged the weight and broke off on Sunday. Thanks,
  12. Launched out of Emerson Park with my girlfriend, my cousin's husband, and Dominick to fish for the day after seeing all the rainbow reports. Started setting rods right from the channel. Didn't get the 3rd rod set and the stick on the big board goes off. While Carlos is fighting that one, the second rod goes off for Angela's turn. We were pretty busy for the first couple hours working our way out and trolling over deeper water looking for 'bows while the Lakers kept us busy. Took 2 in shallow on a redhead/yellow Long A stick, the rest came on NK28 Sea Sick Waddler and CR7 silver cup and a 4" pearl swimbait (trolled) parked at 40, 60, and 70' riggers 50 feet back. Took a few high line hits but they got dropped before we saw what they were. The swimbait also got hit twice when we popped the rigger to check lines but we were caught off guard. Went about 15/20 or so most 18-24", best bait and marks were 85 to 120 fow. Didn't spend much time on the North end as mentioned in a previous post but we did take 3 hits there in the short time we were there. After 2 days on Ontario, Dominick and I had the learning curve pretty much figured out with only one tangle for the day. Somehow the 60 and 70' riggers got together. The 70' fired and Carlos was fighting something the felt pretty big. When it got to the surface we saw that there was a fish on each spoon. A little teamwork and both came to the net. Here's a couple pics. The "double" The group and dinner. Tight Lines,
  13. A college buddy and I fished this past Saturday and Sunday out of Oswego. Saturday we went out to 90 fow and headed east. We took one 20" Atlantic on a Stinger Dirty White Boy on a free slider on a 70 foot rigger. After we headed in for dinner we made a couple passes in the harbor before heading back out and took a 9" Atlantic on a flyrod and wooly bugger then motored out to Nine Mile bouy line until dark. Didn't move a rod. We pulled up gear and went to head in to troll for walleye on the way back and I was going to let Dom drive in to 20 fow. We went to go and he gave it throttle. It didn't seem like she wanted to go so I said give it some more throttle. Lesson #1: Don't forget the trolling bag!!! Thank god the snaphook straightened and we didn't rip the cleat off the bow. Boy how she shot right up on plane when that broke loose. Trolled in 15 to 20 fow and didn't get any walleye. Sunday got a late start and left the harbor at 7:30. Went out straight from the harbor and fished 120 to 200 fow. Took one king 14#, dropped one at the back of the boat, 2 short Atlantics, and 2 short steelhead. Spoons were NK28 Sea Sick Waddler on a 70' rigger (both kings) and the DWB free slider again on a 70 and 90 rigger for the others and all over 135 fow Northwest of the dumping ground. Today's lessons: Replace the current autopilot for a bungee/ When a fish hits the free slider reel like hell to get the slack line under control/ Get a bungee or an extra fishing partner/ The counter on the probe rigger doesn't count right at all (Where do I get a replacement break-away cable for the probe?)/ When a fish hits mark it on the GPS/ The core and diver will get together if I use the autopilot. Now I know what everyone means by "learning curve". Monday we fished Owasco with 2 additional people. The report will be in the FL section. Here's some pics. Dominick and the first king aboard the "Pond Hop'r" Relaxation Tight Lines
  14. They were splashing at Mexico Point Launch 2 weekends ago. Bowfishing is a blast. Good Luck.
  15. Mike's Marina has transient docks and lodging. This is Little Salmon River. (315) 963-3119 Stick's Bar and Motel, just a few miles down the road from Mike's Marina. (315) 963-3084 These are just the 2 locations I know about, I'm sure there are others. Good luck.
  16. Took the new boat out for our first trip of the year. Launched at Mexico Point with a buddy. We wanted to try the salmon bite first so we motored out to 80-100 feet off Nine Mile. Didn't do anything. Moved shallower and had 2 hits but no-one home. At about noon we decided to move deep and went out to 120-140. Took a 6.25# and a 3# brown on the full core/yellow gold star dodger and crazy b*tch glow. Got some slime in the new boat and didn't start the year off with a skunk. Raced the storm in at 2:30.
  17. I plan on fishing out of Oswego, Mexico, or Pulaski. I'm planning on trailering and live near the Turning Stone. I realize and have experienced that the forecasts are pretty unreliable and make it tough to plan the trip. I'll try those websites and pay attention to the winds also. Thanks guys, Andy
  18. I was wondering which wave report is typically more accurate, Weather underground or NOAA? Are there any other websites that are better for Lake O? Thanks, Andy
  19. Since I saw the other post for a treatment for ethanol fuel, it got me thinking..... Will ethanol fuel harm a Mercruiser motor from the mid 90's? I know it plays havoc on the chainsaws and other equipment until we change the rubber hoses. I'm working on the purchase of an I/O and would be trailering it mostly. I can not think of a gas station within 20 miles of home that does not have ethanol fuel. I also assume that Marion Manor and Snug Harbor both also have ethanol fuel at the dock too (they are Oneida Indian Enterprises and all the Sav-on gas stations have ethanol). Is this something to be concerned with? Is there any treatment I could use if I have to use ethanol fuel? Thanks, Andy
  20. I know we all try to support our local shops but Walmart in Oswego had Howie Coho Candy flies last time I was in there. I think they were about 2 to 3 inches, larger than the peanut fly but not full size.
  21. Duane, I was thinking the same things about the canvas. I'm planning to trailer and that's why I'm looking at the 22 footers, so if LO is rough, I can trailer to the fingers, Oneida, Otsego, or Fulton Chain. Right now I think it's the most feasible option for me. Do you do a travel cover or mooring cover when trailering or just batten down everything? The canvas top would make storage easier. What would you suggest for a rocket launcher/arch?
  22. Thanks guys, I pretty much figured everyone would prefer a hardtop. I probably would prefer the hardtop also but that would have to be the last criteria on the list. I'd rather have a good boat and a soft top than get a problem boat with a hardtop (I think that would be the general concensus). Other than the canvas cost, there didn't really seem to be any truly negative comments on the canvas top, it's just more of a convenience having the hardtop. Thanks for everyones input. Andy
  23. If you were looking at identical boats with the only difference being one is a hardtop and one is a soft top, which would you choose and why? Are there any serious drawbacks to a soft top? I've been looking at PY 225 Outrage hardtops and now a 223 Rage soft-top is coming up for sale. I haven't really considered a soft-top and don't know the drawbacks...or benefits. Thanks in advance for the advice. Andy
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