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  1. I've been thinking about doing this for quite some time but my dash is small and was going to use an Ipad with the navionics app only. My concern would be the WIFI connection and any data lag to the tablet. Still a neat idea for sure.
  2. Personally as a weekend warrior, it seems the fishing is tougher in the last few years and somewhat frustrating. You're right about the boats too. I was out Tuesday off Bear creek, totally flat and not another boat around. Fishing was dismal so I understand. Hopefully things will improve over the next few years.
  3. It was the same at Bear Creek on Tuesday. A barren dessert and ice cold. I had two on and lost and pretty sure they were lakers. Btw, they were single fish that showed up on the FF. Little bait but if there was it was very high in the column. Im wondering how long it will take for the warm water to come back. Maybe those NW winds will straighten it out on Saturday.
  4. Thanks for all your reports this year! I fished yesterday evening on one of the nicest evenings of the year. Marked fish and bait from 70ft and in off Bear Cr. but never moved a rod. A little sad but too nice of a night not to go out. Hopefully a quick and mild winter.
  5. How far are you running back the spoons off the riggers that close?
  6. Yes that's what the guests we're saying about the sunset and I thought they we're making me feel better. The worst was the fuel issues again. I'll explain later, it's more complicated.
  7. John1947, When were you fishing in front of the creek? I was out there after 6:00 and saw no one out except for a boat off p'ville. I unfortunately had a lousy evening and got skunked. Its been awhile but was bummed with some guests on board.
  8. I'd keep thinking glass half full with the belt going way out there. Not fun trying to find someone out there. BTW, make sure my boat gets fixed first at Pugsley's. I brought it in yesterday. No express line.
  9. Nice job Jason, John S. and I were out too but never made it too far. Still having fuel issues, I believe but Pugsleys will do another once through to check it over. Its getting frustrating.
  10. Short report from last night. Fished for a little over two hours with my hunting partner and had to keep an eye on storms plus the water picked up to 2-3footers. Went 3-3 and all fish came off riggers with gator stingers and DW candy cane. We started in 120 but screen was blank until we got out to over 200ft. Finally a few fish started showing up in 220ft and thats where we caught all 3 kings. Two were smaller but the last one was long and lean around 18lbs. I'm still having a fuel problem and it looks like the sending unit may be the issue. What a pain.
  11. plecos how were the flies today? Just found out today that there's some sunken boat maybe a old coast guard boat near or off Ginna. This was told to me by a scuba diver that use to dive. He says you should see it on your graph. I've never seen it or anyone diving there either. Anyone know about this?
  12. Chris you need to get rid of that motor box, its in the way and I'm concerned that you may need to start stretching before you get out there. Way too many splits!
  13. Yeah that was probably me. We some bait pods but very few hooks. Going to get out during the week for sure with the way things are setting up.
  14. Fished off Bear this evening from 90 to 180ft and the screen looked bare. Took a small coho and king and few knockoffs otherwise very quiet. Was the only one out except for a few off P'ville. The best part of the trip was finally having my motor run strong. After a few trips with surging power issues it appears something was partially blocking the pickup in the sending unit. Glad to get that thorn out of the way.
  15. I'm in too. I like the idea during the week too which forces me to get out.
  16. Nothing doin today Jason. Quiet all the way around. Hopefully the lake will stabilize again soon. This year is off to a slow start minus the lakers.
  17. Hey Jason out here today but quiet. Mostly inside waters around 65-85ft. And marking quite a few in 85 now. Only one laker.
  18. Hey Jason, I fish quite a bit out of Bear Creek just because its so close to my house so I'll give some more reports to help out. I was out last night with my neighbors who i believe your son knows. Anyway all lakers in 85-90ft, tried for browns in closer but nothing. Started this morning in around 65ft for the browns and again nothing. Slid out to 80ft and picked on the lakers. 120ft and out was barren. I was really hoping for some browns but I think that south wind chilled the water down quite a bit plus another full moon. Saw a few more boats out deeper off Pville and was wondering how things looked out deep. ~John
  19. Hey Chris we did about 9 lakers off Bear Creek and one Atlantic. It was perfect for an eight and ten year old boy. It was there first time on the Big O and we couldn't keep the lakers off. I really could use the auto pilot on the boat. I need to take a look at your set up sometime.
  20. Nice job Chris missed you this morning but was getting some needed shut eye. It was a fourth of July tubing too. I'll be back out Saturday and I might hit an evening in Thursday or Friday. I also need to re-tie a new torpedo weight. We lost one last weekend. There must have been a kink in the wire and it snapped.
  21. Nick, Thanks for the updates, it's like virtual fishing. The water looks nice, did the temp keeping dropping?
  22. Just finished my basement and looking for some wall decorations. That fish would be off to the taxi with cape like that. Congrats on a beautiful atlantic.
  23. Chris, I'm so sorry to hear that and let me know if you need anything, I'm just around the corner. Get well quick so you're ready in time to pull the bow back. You know I had a contractor over here and he was laughing at my ladder. He said to throw that thing out and showed me why he limps today with a busted hip. I take that stuff for granted some time. I'll get in touch soon and stop by even if you don't need me. Be well! John
  24. Chris and Pat, I should have mentioned that occasionally the temp went down to 60-65 but today it hung in there mostly at 70-72 from 70-90 ft down. If the probe loses signal then the screen goes blank. I guess it was just plain warm. That blow back confuses me though because I really never lose the ball on screen.
  25. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/30 Time on Water:7-11 Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: 1-4 Surface Temp: 73 Location: off the creek LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 3 Total Boated:1 Species Breakdown: 1 skipper Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed:2.4 Boat Depth: 70-350 Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Have to report the good and the bad. We could not find cold water. At one point we had 72 down 90. Question, this is my first year using down temp, is it common to lose temp after 80-90 ft of water? BTW, I'm using a depthraider. Also, I've always been skeptical where my rigger ball is showing on the graph. They always seem to line up with the graph. If the ball is 85 than the rigger shows around 80 on the graph. Today we had some major blow back and yet the ball and counter were very close. Shouldn't they be off?
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