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  1. I use the same spit patch procedure and it works great for me. If I shoot my CVA on a clean barrel the first shot is always quite a ways off. Not sure it was ever a foot off though. I run BH209 and Barnes or THOR (for out west, made by Barnes) bullets.
  2. I gotta be honest, that deer creeps me out a little!
  3. Gambler Looks like you need to get the doe to drop in a shooting lane next time. I had a small buck keep stepping on a dead doe several years ago. He didn’t really beat on her. He was more like “wake up, I’m ready!”
  4. I love it. The walleye bite was the best I have ever seen Friday morning. I should have brought my shotgun too. I passed 3 flocks of geese on the way back in.
  5. Anybody seeing poults? It looks like the chances of rain is going to increase. Hopefully they are big enough that it won’t bother the hatch.
  6. The river is loaded with em. I would not feel bad! Nice catch!
  7. That is awesome! This part of the season can be great. If you can find a Tom there is a better chance that they are alone and callable.
  8. I am guessing it is similar to how you can out jig a set of tipups in the winter?
  9. Congrats! Jakes taste better anyway! Thanks to you I now skin out the entire bird and keep every bit of meat. Lately I have been cooking down the legs/wings/neck and then making a smoked Turkey chili. It is awesome.
  10. Awfully quiet here? Is nobody turkey hunting? I tagged my second bird on Sunday in the finger lakes. This one was silent with a hen and I happened to walk up on them and see them before they saw me. I was able to crawl to a tree and she brought him right by me at 20 yards about 30 minutes later.
  11. Jakes are more tender anyway! Hopefully we will have another dry late May and June so we have another good hatch.
  12. This bird walked the same stretch 3 days in a row. He would sort of shadow the flock 100 yards away. Finally I got set up in the right spot this morning. I never made a call.
  13. reeleyz

    May 1st opener

    When they changed the SZ deer opener from Monday to Saturday there was a lot of grumbling too. Turkey season has opened on May 1st forever. I would not be surprised to see more seasons open on specific dates. It cuts down on regulation updates.
  14. There definitely seem to be more birds around. I’ve seen Toms both mornings but they have been locked on hens.
  15. reeleyz

    May 1st opener

    I am hoping to sneak out tomorrow for turkeys before work and then hit the sunset bite for walleyes.
  16. Nice pics. I love the strutting jake. He looks tasty! I just made a batch of smoked wild turkey chili with some legs from last year.
  17. Yes they are out of season until May 1st. I am sure the law is in place to get the fish back in the water ASAP. I have never caught a walleye fishing for browns. I would take a pic too!
  18. I have had both a LUND 1625 Rebel XL and a LUND 1775 Impact. I love both boats. The Impact is wider so it handles waves better and it gets up on plane easy.
  19. I run browning cell cameras and have had zero issues. The first browning cell cam I put out was in July of 2021 and it is still on the same set of lithium batteries! I have never touched that camera.
  20. I chased them the other day. I cooked them in a stew with a turkey leg. That was pretty good.
  21. I have never been off 9” but I have definitely been off more than 1”. It is common across many ML brands and models. https://www.muzzleloadingbullets.com/Muzzleloader-Accuracy-s/1891.htm
  22. This is my first thought. My Accura likes a fouled barrel.
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