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  1. After a few years of use I like to reverse the cable. Take it all off cut the bad section where the clip was and attach that end to the spool. Now your using cable that was probably never used for your terminal end. This is especially good if you have coated cable for your probed ,you can get a few more years out of the cable. good luck
  2. I am about to do the same thing , use a Minkota for auto pilot and anchor. I was wondering if anyone had a trolling motor with the auto stow/deploy and if it is reliable and worth the extra money? thanks
  3. Looks like you have some Cisco cradle holders in the pic. Are those for sale as well?
  4. Jack

    Walleye and riggers

    Has anyone tried the Michigan worm burners trolling for walleyes ? They say you can pull them the same speed as your stick baits. Might be nice behind the riggers
  5. I run Scotty’s as well . I put 3’ leads on them and grab them with a small boat hook so I don’t have to muscle the balls into the boat to reset the release. For walleyes I use the smaller planner board release. With the long leads on the releases it’s easier to see the small fish move the rod. Saw the long leads on Salt Patrols web site a west coast salmon guide . Interesting to see how they do things out there.
  6. Jack

    Walleye and riggers

    I’ve been the12# balls I used in lake O. What do you think is the right size ball for this ? are you running bait or spoons. Thanks JT
  7. Hi, I have a 18.5’ Striper that weighs about 3500 lbs. I would like to get a bow mounted trolling motor to steer and anchor the boat. I have a 8 hp kicker for trolling and would like to steer with the bow mount. (gps) Would a 24 volt have enough power to steer for 6-8 Hours of trolling? not sure I have room for 3 more batteries on the boat to get a 36 volt motor. Thanks for any info!
  8. Sold went to first person who offered full price plus paid for all the shipping
  9. Jack

    Walleye and riggers

    We been fishing out of Buffalo the small boat harbor. Starting fishing in August so real pumped about starting early in the spring. Most of the fishing we did was in 50+ feet of water. Not sure where to start in the cooler spring water. Any thoughts?
  10. Jack

    Walleye and riggers

    Thanks for the great info. I always trolled Lake Ontario for trout and salmon . A good friend introduced me to Lake Erie this past summer and I’m hooked big time. He loves Rod n hand fishing and I love trolling so our worlds are uniting for the love of walleye. A lot to learn and this is a great place for that. Thanks again
  11. Hi, been reading where guys are running harnesses off riggers I was wondering how far back from the a ball you run them and what speed ? thanks jt
  12. Cumings Heavy Duty Salmon Net . Excellent cond. Hoop size is appx 30"x30" and the sliding handle is 6' long total length 104" $30.00 in Rochester , NY 14612
  13. I have 3 Cabela's Quick Draw Rod Holders with mounts for sale . $ 25.00 for all 3 In Rochester, NY 14612
  14. Jack

    Sold / Closed NK Spoons

    sold pending payment
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