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  1. Fish under the bridge they will be sitting in the shade!!!!
  2. Havent been up there in a while,wanna try walleye this year and have small boat....Glad to know its still there...Thanks
  3. Isnt there a free launch under the bridge,or did they get rid of it?
  4. Seems to be alot of this going on lately,I will stick to fishing the river!!Costs me around $20 for a full tank of gas and 2 Cycle oil,lasts me around 3 days of good fishing. The walleye fillets I bring in more than make up for it!
  5. Sounds like your keeping yourself entertained!
  6. I say let em grow up!That weird antler on the 5 point could of been caused by an injury not genetics.
  7. Nice boat!!!I dont fish lakes,but looks like a good deal.
  8. I fished the opener as well and had no luck on the walleye,seen one boat with 2 keepers after they put alot of time on the river.Still early yet IMO,should turn on anytime now.
  9. Not sure but hoping the walleye fishing will be good when I make it up there in a couple weeks!!!
  10. I will be on the Susquehanna river for the opener,but it wont be at night!!!I think I am the only one that thinks that you can actually catch limits during the daytime. I will sleep in and get a very respectable start around 8-9 am!
  11. I like shopping Walmart,but they dont carry some of the stuff I need for fishing.There customer care/prices and return policies are second to none though IMO!
  12. Would even favor fast food drive up window customer care to there pathetic display of customer satisfaction!!!!
  13. Gander Mountain Sucks,there sales team is worse than Kmart's!!!
  14. AWESOME,glad he found him!
  15. JASTER

    Monster Eye!

    Thats some huge walleyes!My goal is to get one this year out of Oswego river over 10 pounds.
  16. You guys must have a hotspot a little North from me,cause I cant catch 18 keepers in a couple hours from the susky.
  17. Thats awesome to know!!!!I find the same thing down here on the Susky,usually a week or so after the opener the walleye bite turns on.The opener is always a little soon IMO to be out there in my area....But it depends how cold the spring weather is,and its been cold here this year!
  18. By the way is the boat launch under the town bridge still closed due to construction?
  19. Hell yea nice to have a member from Oswego here,welcome from a member that lives on the Susquehanna river!!!! You ever get into the HOG walleye that live there?
  20. Progresso Italian bread crumbs proffered!
  21. I don't use beer batter,flour dip in egg and then coat with Italian bread crumbs and deep fry!!!!The best tasting fish I ever tried.
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