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  1. sounds like they might pull the boom first week of may i bet that will messed up the smelters when the ice james the shoreline. Hope not for you die hards. I did it once last year first time and it was enough for me. i think my back still hurts.
  2. fished it Thursday not a mark on the bar and tried for browns and caught 1 atlantic. mud line was about 200yards out. So there was alot of room for them to hide. Water didn't vary from 35 to 36. Winds went from SE to straight East and she kicked up so we called it a day. Good Luck this weekend
  3. i was out there saturday and saw a few lakers caught all on 3 ways with live bait they wouldn't touch my jigs. i gave up and switch to browns and did very well. It was cool to see the lakers busting bait on the surface old yellow tail rolling around. I would be more concerned about the ice boom getting let out this late. Iceberg city....
  4. Just because your "a Guide" doesn't mean you own the water as said. See it numerous times in my neck of the woods Niagara county were everyone is "a guide" They think a public launch is there own slip and use it as one even though its a non mooring area since they are "a guide" I have called into one such particular guide myself. I has burned me 2x and next time the slander will come out on this website or his own. I had a guy do the same thing to me last weekend he had boards way out and decided to go north south when the pack was going east west. However its my fault as he turns in front of me. I was hoping for his 600 /800 copper no doubt to start screaming on my rigger line. Of course he yelled at me when he turned right in front of me. I yelled you can't run boards in pack of 50 boats he must of thought we would yield to him for his special technique. Thats why I give up come Sept 1 to many ying yangs come out of wood work. Good Luck to all you combat fisherman- until next year.
  5. Thanks guys...Going to try and get out this Satuday but the weather looks like garbage as normal for a weekend 2 to 4's and worse on Sunday.
  6. Well after about 8 years of fishing salmon seriously I finally boated a big one in my eyes. I have to admit I enjoy watching other peoples eyes light up when the rod starts to scream almost more than my own now. This fish took off on the rigger and almost instantly made a jump about 2 ft out of the water. I thought it looked in the 20's. Two more jumps later and 25mins I had it to the boat and thats when it showed its stuff. It went for the rigger which luckily i brought up on the fight to 10 ft and had it up quicker than it could go for it, then it attemped to do a loop under the motor. We finally netted it and I couldn't believe how wide it was. It wasn't very long but just fat. Its stomach had about 8 alewies in it just packed solid. One thing with the pic i am 6ft 4 for size comparison.
  7. fished out of wilson Sunday started with 3footers in the am landed 2 lakers in about 1 hr. I didn't mark a single hook all the way out to 300. Than the real waves started rolling in and made slow turn back to the harbor. Had one newby over the side and another one shorlty gaining on him. Had to throw the towel in and head to erie to catch the other mud dog walleye. All you need is a worm and bottom bouncer and you will get your limit... unbelievable but I want Salmon Lake O has been messed up with all the wild weather thins year. However my friend went out to 28 line today and nailed the steelies. Must be nice to fish any day you want some people have all the luck...
  8. S * K

    Barcelona 6/30

    We did the same as well 6 fish 80-100 dephts fish mix bag of jets,leadcore, riggers. We were disappointed as we went down there as were heard guys were cleaning house. Thats some pretty expensive fish for a $160 round trip. Our biggest was 10 pounds and the avg was 8.5 all big fish.
  9. Fished out of buffalo today and boated 7 - Various colors jets and leadcore. One highlight was my 10 year old son even though he has caught ever trout under the sun he has never been walleye fishing since I got the salmon bug. He caught first fish and it turned out the be the biggest today 8.5lbs. I was salmon on saturday and walleye today. The fishing in my opinion really hasn't got going yet on Ontario after saturdays outing so I am sticking to walleye with the amount of fish out there its unbelievable.. we only fished from 10-2pm. I heard it was a slaughter down at barcelona this weekend by the way. I couldn't buy a fish on stickbaits today by the way
  10. Fished on Saturday started on the ledge some bait and hooks but no takers. Decided to run off shore and started at the 26 line and worked north. Didn't have pole in the water 5 mins and 3-5 lb steelhead hits. First one of the year ......shorlty after boated about a 5lb coho and my first laker in 400 ft of water 30 down about 8lbs. We went 4 for 9 with another steelhead boated and another couple rips. None of them sounded big with just a short run before becoming untagged. However the one highlight for was while letting the dipsey out thumbing it back I caught one of the steelies. It was a first for me while sending it back to have one hit. Pretty cool
  11. Congrats, like the guys said you are always fourth coming with information and a well deserved win. I look forward to reading your posts and wonder if those coppers were hand cranked in all week or you used electric rigs? Someones got to have some muscle....i can't get guys to crank in my 300...
  12. I fished Tuesday night off the North gap and did squat along with 5 other boats circling same area. However my buddy went today and got 4. He said the water was real real muddy and wasn't sure how the weekend was going to pan out with all this rain. Amazing how the water temp went from last week 53 to 63 this week.
  13. Thanks, I will look into as compass in sunk into dash and I don't want the big whole showing. I guess its one or the other..
  14. I just bought a new hummingbird and I am trying to install it on my boat and its within about 1ft or less of my compass. As soon as I get within about 1 1/2 feet the compass moves. How do I prevent this.. I would like the compass to work just incase the electronics take a sh** while out in the water. Whats the trick?
  15. haven't scene the lake forecast but I thought they said heavy NW winds up to 30mph with this cold front coming thru. Good Luck hope you the weather treats you well and you can get out.
  16. Fished Tuesday afternoon as well same area - NADA marked them as well
  17. Does the premium east cover the Canadian side?
  18. I always sent my reels out and got sick of chasing the man for when they were done. I can't believe how easy it was to work on them. Yes there was a learning curve but once I figured one out the rest where cake. I worked on Sealines and Okuma. I bought the stuff Tunasreeltroubles.com as guys recommended on here and I got the stuff fast. Just and idea if your motiavated.
  19. Does anyone have the side imaging and think its worth the extra $500 bills. I have 2 boats a troller and small water boat and am playnning on buying 1 unit to use in both. I fish for pretty much everything majority salmon however i am biting my lip and pocket book on the side imaging. I am between the lowrance elite 7x and the bird 898 with or without the SI.
  20. Thanks Guys - I will give it a shot
  21. Where do I learn to redo the drags in my reels. I do have a guy I take mine too every other year but honestly I would like to learn myself how to replace the washers. I mostly have daiwa sealines 47lcs. The guy I use isn't expensive but it just drives me nuts to relie on someone else. Any ideas
  22. Leaving tomorrow myself to head up there. We stay right and inlet and I couldn't take it anymore 2 years in a row without my boat up there. I am taking my smaller boat and can't wait to explore. I was thinking about taking the riggers or cooper rod 300. Is it worth it? I plan on just bass fishing but I saw a ton out suspended a couple years ago. I am guessing landlocks?
  23. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:S * K ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):8-11 Time on Water:6:30 - 10:30 Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: 2to4's Surface Temp: 76 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 14 Total Boated:11 Species Breakdown:Kings - Steelhead Hot Lure: SD various flys Trolling Speed: 2 -2.5 Down Speed: 2.5 Boat Depth: 220-300 Lure Depth: 70 -80 Got to love taking a family out that all love to fish and this being only their 2nd time fishing for salmon. First time no majors but that all changed as of this trip. Started off waiting for the lightning to clear and the supposedly 30mph that hadn't shown as of yet. Luckily we got there and the lone storm passed towards toronto and we headed out. Started at 100 and went straight north. While getting the riggers ready I was lower the leader and heard a crunch. Looked down and noticed I squished by spring on the big john, of course it had to be my speed and temp side. While performing surgery on that one the other rigger goes off and the first king of the morning on. After a 15 minute fight being the biggest fish they have every tackled of course it had to come off about 100yards from the boat. Depression sinks in for about 15 mins until the starboard dipsey set at #2 back 220 setting starts peeling off. 500 feet later and 25 min battle. They land the biggest fish of their life so far 28.5. Which made the trip and is starting to conver them from bass to salmon fisherman. We caught several steelies from 4 to 7lbs and another couple teenage kings. Back at the dock by 10:30 when the waives hit the 2 to 4 mark. Nothing beats taking someone out whose never heard the drag scream before.
  24. Sounds like a suggestion well taken
  25. Thanks for the tips guys - will give it a shot - just ran out to see what kind of reels they are Okuma mag pros 30 DX's. My other reels are sealine 47LC which I have never had an issue. Once the season is over I will have the man go thru them as I don't know if it was the steel or the drag as it seemed not to smooth. I just took them both to my town park and made my kid do the walk to the horizon. One of them I found a couple kinks and I had to cut line so its done. The other one looks pretty good and I will give her one more shot without the crimps.
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