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  1. the Toronto shows fast approaching. musky sunday.muskies canadas, a superb silent auction.
  2. gotta agree bagleys are sweet but there 1 fish baits. you go broke here on st clair runnin them.
  3. we have called the mnr many times poachers are slippery. they need to be caught in the act or possession.. I have fished muskies here for 50 years and seen lots of takers/slobs.
  4. I live here no the idiot. he,s a pocher sells fish rabbits whatever. never had a job. actually traing my dogs they got in his snares 2x. after that I tracked him cut every snare I saw..
  5. if anyones intrested the pike are moving shallower now. I am speaking of ice fishing the east end of st clair.. bring an extension for your augers. we have 30 inches of ice
  6. wishin we attended but. the ordeal for canadien manufacturing to export into the u.s. is prohibitive for us.. well back to the shop. see ya on st clair
  7. I paint for a living. paasche brushes are affordable/parts available. unless your doing intricate work try the h pattern brush.. you wont be disapointed
  8. here all ya gotta do is howl. they come and yap and growl. one group drives them they shot 208 yotes in 2 countys 3 winters ago.. I have had yotes run down my street cruising for cats. best one I saw was people trying to catch a stray dog in the grocery store parkin lot. was a yote lmao.
  9. yes attacked in southern Ontario. coyotes haet me and my labs. I have 1 yote that runs a 1/4 mile to meet us growl tail between his legs, ears back. . in the city there terrible here.. cant shoot em.. theres no stray cats left though lol.
  10. well its over now. merry xmas gang. f u ever do get to l.s.c. for pike try spring fish. east end Walpole mitchells bay.. well back to the paint booth . theres only so much time to get work done.
  11. on l.st clair pike. we run smaller georgie baits mid lake. we do get some pikes if the muskies don't harass us. special perch and fire bass colors. orange bellies
  12. sweet fish. for weeds as mentioned above,we use weedwacker lineattached on the head of a 5ft leader. on st clair my waters.take 8 inch weedwacker line. tie a knot. thru the hole attach the loop. theres a tab on each side. when weeds follow the line the weed wacker sheds the weeds.
  13. Guys and gals. We wish the best of the season to all. merry xmas. george woodie baits. only 6 months till musky season
  14. well canada is not north korea. as for u.s homeland security and border crossings its rude and very non tolerant period. . u.s. homeland security wanted this. canada did not. now the laws are being upheld we ALL canuck or american can see who is running the u.s.. sadly sportsmen feel it. i am in windsor ont. its not a picnic here either. . instead of pointing fingers at folks who want to fish. we should be asking our goverments if this is needed. maybe in the south u.s. thats where it seems to have 25 million illegals from mexico. did you know theres only 25 million canadians in all of canada.. . its sad to point fingers at canadians .. hillary clinton stated terrorist came from canada. maybe the u.s leaders should do there homework. . the aforementioned were from florida..
  15. keep at it. we all learn from our mistakes. thru the years i could heat a house with my screw-ups.dont be afraid to experiment.you have a great start.
  16. zach. as an old school st clair painter. red dots under the throat and butt are norm. as for dots on baits. special perch red dots, and frog patterns. good luck on your adventure. george woodie baits
  17. opener here is june. its a long wait till musky time on l. st clair. as for walleyes its happening now in detroit river.
  18. the fat ladie has sung. here the same winds are killing lake st clair. so its time to paint, and get show orders finished up. hopefully we will get thru the long winter and start the musky hunt over again..
  19. i will stik to wood . too much plastic trash out there.
  20. lsc is on fire this week. a 48lber reported by momc. club member. i may get some slime in the detroit river on some new woodie bottomfeeders.
  21. we fished the opener 2 small skies. woodies onb oards , fire bass,, perch. the waters still cool and fish are spawning
  22. we fish muskies here on l.s.c. its an incredible fishery. try planer boards and crankbaits like woodie, believers. my personal best is 54.5 inches. if you never been here your missing out on the best musky fishery in north america.
  23. just located this cool site. i am located south on l. st clair. im an old musky chaser.
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