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  1. From the Navigation menu you can select trails. You can hilight the trail or create a new trail and there is a radial button to record. If I get aminute I can turn mine on and verify all the steps. I just did it last weekend.
  2. I have not tried it but would like to. I do have a whippin rod and it should be time to try that soon as well.
  3. I have had some good days in October in the past so the boat does not get winterized till the last week of October. Minus 1 or 2 will not hurt an i/o. I have covered the outboard and put a light bulb under the motor in the engine compartment should we get a real blast of cold. A friend of mine has kept his boat in the water till mid Dec before. The outdrive is underwater and will not freeze and he would put the buldb in the engine compartment if you have shore power available. So there is no real hurry if you feel you are not done fishing for the season yet. The following pic was taken 2 years ago on October 25th Lake Michigan.
  4. I have a ranger salmon net. Big flat front easy to scoop a fish. A little on the big and heavy side but my wife never misses a fish. http://www.cabelas.com/landing-nets-sei ... ts-1.shtml
  5. Agreed, Stackers never work for me. I use free or fixed sliders instead. Being limited to how many rods we can use I like to use my rods for other purposes like leadcore or planers or dipsy's. Then you can double up on your lures by useing sliders. This can maximize my total presentation.
  6. I see this topic is a little dated but my fish wells in my 20 foot Trophy are getting a little soft. They do have wood in them wrapped in fiberglass. So it looks like this will be a winter project but I was going to cut into the fiberglass on the underside and put some strips of 1" plywood standing up to give more strenght and then wrap them in a blanket of fiberglass. If the old wood is rotten then I will replace what looks like 3/8 with 3/4 and fiberglass that in. This way I do not affect the top surface like I would if I bolted angle iron or aluminum onto the covers.
  7. I am not sure if any of them work that great. I have an aquavu myself and it is great for ice fishing but not much else. One problem is trying to see the screen in bright daylight conditions. A friend of mine has a Walker Strike vision down rigger. We even had to put the monitor screen in the cuddy to see anything. Could not see the screen up on deck. And even then if the water is dirty you won't see anything.
  8. I just sold my 22 foot day cruiser a few weeks ago. We looked at and tested an 18 foot Trophy but was afraid it may be just too small. We bought and will be picking up a used 20 foot Trophy and think we will be happier with it than an 18 footer. I did have an 18 footer a few years back and the difference between an 18 and a 22 was amazing. I am hoping dropping back to a 20 will not spoil the rough water handling too much but the 18 foot was rough and banged a lot trying to ride back to port against the wind. I don't think you will gain much by an 18 and you might be happier with a larger boat as long as you have the tow vehicle to handle it.
  9. Yes I know what you mean. We where recording a fishing tip of the week in late fall 2009 and still tieing and rigging when one of the lines went off. It happened so fast that I had to slow the video down to see it properly. I hope I am not highjacking your topic to post it. 4mq98-MffIg
  10. Thanks Chris I will be getting your app as soon as I get an ipad2. Hopefully very soon. If the fishings not good my wife won't get bored trolling and can use the ipad as an e-reader. Thanks for your help.
  11. The Traxstech is 1 1/2 inches between the mounting holes.
  12. Yes that is what I have been thinking too. mine work great and don't even use a mast. I run them off a bow rail. About 4 feet off the water.
  13. Chris, Thanks for your reply. And sorry I thought Inavx was from Navionics so that clears some things up. As for the Navionics app which is what I would like to get can I assume it has good coverage for all the Great Lakes? Does it include Lake St Clair? I will also keep my other chips on board in my lowrance gps/sonar for navigation as well but would like to play with the ipad app as well. I realize buying the Navionics app would not be a big deal to buy it and try it but I do not have the ipad yet so that purchase hinges on it. I did play with the app the you had at the Toronto boat show but was nt planning a purchase at the tims so did not look at it in enough detail.
  14. Chris, I believe it was yourself I met at the launch in Picton (Bay of quinte last fall and at the Toronto Boat show. In Picton I was with Mathew of Torpedo Divers when you noticed his Sonar block on the back of his boat. I have been thinking of trying this on the ipad2. If I get the app INAVX then what else would I need to fish the Great Lakes? I am in Canada so I hope the US map also includes the Canadian side of the lakes? I also fish Lake St Clair and would definately like to have it included. I also fish some Northern Ontario Lakes. I current have a Hotmaps Premium Canada and a Hotmaps Gold Region 14. which I use in my lowrance handheld and 522.
  15. Lake Erie is full of them. Caught 13 one day while trolling for Walleye and Rainbow.
  16. Been using Rv antifreeze for the last 5 years and gets as cold or colder here. Never had any problems with it.
  17. Take the 22. It may depend on the type of fishing and how much of it you want to do but its more a question of how much better the extra 3 feet will handle as opposed to how much more space. We have had so much wind the last few years you will be able to get out more and stay out longer in a 22.
  18. I have one of these test plugs. It would allow you to test the vehicle without plugging in the trailer. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/store ... ing_nextag
  19. You can use dipsy's but it's tricky espesially if you want to run multilpes. I use torpedo divers and or segment leadcore.
  20. We use a free slider a lot on Lake Erie. Like someone said a double header is a lot of fun. In Erie the bows will run higher with Walleye down deeper. So we often catch a Walleye on the rigger and a Bow free slider. And it's fun the first time you try to net them both at once.
  21. Bronte is a nice launch and I have used it a few time as one of my daughter just lived around the corner from it fro a few years. Last year they have had some theft and vandalism problem. Sounds like kids or a vendictive neighbour. Sharp stones on bunks. Lugs nuts loose and accessories stolen off trailers. So be warned but it would not stop me from going there. Over all the area is good and safe but someone seems to be targeting the launch. Actually I just comre to think that the picture used for my avatar is from Bronte. You can see the trees in the background to see we are not far out of port.
  22. But in the Great Lakes that oil or dark meat also holds a lot of the toxins and polutants and is the reason I trim it off.
  23. Yes I was first told this by a well renowned Charter Captain who told me you in effect increase your beam in rough water. I have an 8 foot beam but with a 22 inch bag out each side my boat will act more like a 12 foot beam. You increase the profile of your boat in the water. For those concerned about looseing fish my bags are both pre tied and fastened to cleats. To deploy just throw them over the side. Should i have a big salmon coming in on that side I just need to pull up on the dump line and throw the bag on the inside of the boat. I can have it out of the way in seconds.
  24. I havea pair of the Beefy Amish Buggy bags. As per others do not use the lighter drift socks. I also re propped the boat to slow it down. I only use the bags now when the wind is behind me.
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