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  1. You may not need to do this. The shakepeares at least have the cable coming out of the antenna right at the chrome piece. You won't be able to unscrew the antenna but if the base is broke or dismounted you can unscreww the base out of the chrome piece without affecting the wire.
  2. I have never had any trouble or breaks with a back to back or double uni knot.
  3. The tip of the week from Torpedo drivers had a great video with Captain Ken Biemiller a few weeks ago. Go to this link and its the third or fourth video down. http://www.torpedodivers.com/videos.asp
  4. I just submerse my trailer deep enough so the boat floats over the bunks. Hook up the winch and winch it maybe 2 feet to get the bow in place. Pull out slow so that the trailer comes up and the boat lands on the bunks. No hard work or winching involved. I used to do it this way for my 20 foot Grew and now do so for a 22 ft. Reinell.
  5. That is what it sounds like to me. So that would be an issue of transducer placement. As for settings turns Fish ID off and learn to interpret the data yourself.
  6. Check your grounds. If you lost ground the current will try to seek a path to ground and this could cause this type of symptom.
  7. The Salmon in my Avatar is a Bronte Salmon does that count? Its from last May. Can't wait. Soon.
  8. Well I hope you get a fish on it and can really enjoy the feel through the wire. Are you using 20 or 30 feet of mono leader? I am.
  9. I have had some for 3 years. No problem and they have lots of guides. Gander Mountain was selling them as trolling combos. I also did not notice till I got home they said mooching rod.
  10. Deeper divers. Size selection gives me the depth and no messing with add on ring. Has anyone seen or tried Walkers new Trip z diver?
  11. I started using it last year and love the feel of the fish on it. I have used it on friends boats as well who had roller rods and have some roller rods coming for this season. I have actually been using it with regular rods on my boat but don't want to wear the line or the guides out prematurely so hense some rollers are coming.
  12. That is why you use the OR16 ( and they come with them) release not just any release. It has a pin in the center of it and you cannot loose it. It may slide down the line but then it is no different than catching something on the slider on your down rigger.
  13. Great new tip with Captain Dan Keating on the site for using multiple spoons on a single torpedo line. aka the Predator Ambush Position... The last 1 minutes are worth checking out too with a great blooper. http://www.torpedodivers.com/videos.asp
  14. Do you ever come through Ontario? I have been making some as well as an ultra sensitive balanced beam. So I could make some for you.
  15. I believe I got it from this web site. I have had it for years and edited out the swear words for the video. It looks like the author is unknown. http://mypeoplepc.com/members/johnandmi ... s/id9.html
  16. Lake St Clair packing up from a day of ice fishing as the sun sets.
  17. I would consider the 15LB Torpedo weights myself. See the link Mathew posted. These are made by the same company that makes the torpedo divers but these are down rigger weights that are stream lined.
  18. A mix of pics and video from Ice fishing to Salmon trolling set to a trolling Fish on song.
  19. Just saw this topic and might add I got my first spool early last season and did have it fray on me. This spool was the early batch and Mathew replaced it. I also know he has changed the manufacturing process. Since then I ran the new spool last season and enjoyed the experience. Some of you have said it is no difference than 50 LB power pro but there is. The feel and transmission of the pulls and shakes of a fish is much greater down the wire as opposed to 50lb braid. A friend of mine was not convinced till we took a couple of reels and roller rods out on his boat. His first reaction before he even caught a fish was that tripping a dipsy was like flipping a switch. You may have to take some extra care and handling to spool this stuff but to me the experience is worth it. Since I got my first spool replaced I have had no problem with fraying or kinking using for most of last season. I have used it on my boat on Lake Huron Erie and Ontario and my friend's boat as well as a Charter Captains boat on Lake Michigan. I will be looking at getting some more wire as well as some roller rods for this up coming season and looking forward to getting out there with it. I also got a roller tip from Mathew that I will be using this season.
  20. Name: FSNmachine Location: Sarnia Ontario Home Port: Sarnia Boat: The Boat is Offline an old 20 ft Grew ss200 I fish for: all kinds of stuff but as far as this forum is concerned we usually fish Bronte (Oakville) or the South shore out of Port Dalhousie or Weller. The picture is out of Bronte a few weeks ago. ==================
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