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  1. The EZsteer connects to the outboard with a bendible mount. So you can bend it to shape and then clamp it on so it should fit just about any outboard. I have one on a 175 Merc efi. to a 15 hp kicker.
  2. I used to have one. Mine was a 1976 in a Slick Craft ss200. It was a great engine. Loved it. Did some work on it myself and upgraded the ignition to a Pertronix to get rid of the points etc. I still have a hard copy of the Clymers OMC shop manual 1964 to 1986. I have it on cd as well. If you are interested let me know.
  3. Yea I would agree. Aside from that when we have one fall off a fish into the boat my wife is grossed out and stands on the seat. I can imagine her reaction when I tell her I am going to take them home and freeze them.
  4. Double uni knot is what I use on all my varoius lines to leaders. Swivels will work as well.
  5. I use an easy steer. Outboard to Outboard model from my 175 Merc to my 15hp outboard.
  6. We where in the Negril area of Jamaica last April. Researched fishing before I got there and asked the the place we stayed. Even the place we stayed at was honest to say the fishing is not great. They said you may catch something but most times it will be an expensive boat ride. Apparently being one of the more established fisheries in the Caribean they have over fished it and had no regualtions. Regulations now are not enforced well. Its really too bad but we saved our money for another place and time as I was taking relatives with me and only want to treat them to a positive experience. We did do some excellent snorkeling in the many reefs with lots of beautiful and colourful tropical fish.
  7. I don't really have a closeup but here is a pic of the whole setup in the water.
  8. We had one watching us fishing in northern Ontario this summer. We where really surprised when it came down and grabbed a small bass we threw back. Caught some pics and had the gopro running and uploaded a small clip to youtube.
  9. Yes that was what I was thinking. How do these hook on to the downrigger weight. Most devices like temp probes and the Walker strike vision all have 2 eyes. One on the top and bottom. This one and the troll pro only have one eve on the front.
  10. That sounds like a good feature since my kicker does not have a charging circuit.
  11. I am in the same position. I have old walkers. Burn't out a motor earlier this year and now we have been fishing deeper and another one intermittantl cuts out. It may be running hot. Had to wind it up manually last weekend. I like rthe walkers and they are old so can't complain. I do like it that the big jons flip up.
  12. My 2002WA is a little older than yours but I have a kicker installed. Will try to find some pics. Works great and I use an ez-steer between the kicker and the Merc 175 outboard.
  13. Well maybe I will have to dig em up and give them another try.
  14. You got the idea and I have a bunch of them I got with my Walkers but I don't use them. If you get a hit and you have the tension right it comes off or releases real nice as the pull is from the back. But if you want to release it they are not so nice trying to pull straight up from above.
  15. They look like they are to straight up for dipsy's I like to angle them down toward the water. If your goals is to gets 3 or more rods per side go with a more tree like holder for 3 or 4 rods and then rather than using 3 dipsy's use 1 or 2 dipsy's and then some inline planer boards for the outside. you will get a wider spread and less chance of a massive tangle with 3 dipsy's.
  16. I guess to each his own but I hate big snaps that go over the spoon. That' not good when you have a double header on the line. I have done it with big snaps but prefere small.
  17. Yes and they are small too. Makes them great for sliders too.
  18. I have some and use them for riggers. I would not use them for large lead cores as they are too slow. A 10 color leadcore is already known as a widow maker without putting a slow retrieve rate on it. For the riggers I don't need to worry about the newbies horsing the fish.
  19. Vinyl letters from a sign shop work great and not real expensive.
  20. Yea helicoils work great but not sure how you are going to get them in without shavings except to take the head off
  21. What size is your motor. I have a 175 Merc EFI 2 stroke. I don't troll with it. Afraid to carbon it up. Always use my kicker for trolling for fear of messing up the big motor. would be nice to know that it would be OK to troll with.
  22. I would and have used the ramps at the end of Brimley road beside bluffer's park marina. http://www.bluffsparkmarina.com/index.html
  23. A 3 or 4 foot length of heavy chain on the anchor may help. If the rope is too short the anchor pulls up and does not dig in. A heavy chain will put weight on the front of the anchor and stop the rope from pulling it up and it should dig in better with less rope out.
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