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  1. They don't teach spelling anymore.
  2. Yes waterproof glue and non slip dot vinyl flooring. You ar pulling your floor for a different reason than I but you can likely use the same method. Set your skill saw to the depth of the plywood and cut a hole in the area that is bad. I made multiple cuts till the extent of the tank was exposed. In your case to the extent of the bad stringer. Hopefully its limited to an area that was getting or staying wet and not too extensive.
  3. I had to fix my gas tank. The aluminum tank split along a weld. I replaced the floor with 3/4 " plywood and a coat of fiberglass to seal it all up. As a bonus i got a hold of some vinyl and got rid of the carpet which is no good for fishing. And the one piece of vinyl wraps up the sides of the boat so any water has no place to go except the bilge unlike the carpet that would soak through to the floor.
  4. Sounds like the prop hub is slipping. Not sure what type you have but is it torqued properly/
  5. In answer ot "does anyone still use J plugs?" Yes but only in the late fall.
  6. I have a similar net to that one but its from Ranger. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... hasJS=true
  7. I was on the go and did not feel it. But my wife works on the 3rd floor of a hospital and felt it. We are on the Ontario Michigan border on the southern tip of Lake Huron.
  8. Just order them online from their website. They are very expedient in getting them out to you.
  9. I also have had no problem with tag ends so again would ask if you are doing correctly.
  10. I replied earlier to this thread but just got thinking that the fish in my avatar was caught on a purple and black with a white back spoon down 150 feet in 200 FOW on Lake Ontario.
  11. Nice fish even if only one. I have not had a chance to get out of Bronte yet this month.
  12. A friend of mine has a 24 foot bayliner and it has the motor (4.3L) under the floor. I still prefer my 22 foot with a doghouse. His bayliner can be a sail and hard to control at trolling speed on windy days. It sits too high for my liking.
  13. They are very successful in deeper water. 150 to 200 FOW or more. I don't use them at home here in Lake Huron but have in Lake O and Lake Michigan. I fished with Captain Dan Keating last year on Lake Michigan and he uses them for the deep program.
  14. I just added a bunch of the Traxstech stuff to my boat and like the strength and finish on it. Heres a question though. How compatable are Bert's and Traxtech? Can I mix and match pieces at all?
  15. My old boat with a 165 straight 6 always did that. We trolled for 8 to 12 hours a day for hundreds of hours every summer for years and it never hurt it. Oil pressure may be low but as long as the top of the motor is getting oil its not a problem. I ran hd30 oil in it. Sold it this spring and new owner is running it the same way.
  16. Most weights will have less blowback than round ones. I moved to fish shaped ones years ago and got rid of the balls. As for cable noise its the sound of fishing. Too be honest I don't even hear it anymore as its so normal.
  17. Well the bags are in. I checked the timing on the moter and it was out. With the timing set correctly I was able to idle it down from 900 Rpm to 700 Rpm. The next trip out may be more playing and experimenting thatn fishing but if I get all set then I will be ready to fish properly with this new to me boat.
  18. I just got mine and have not tried them but when I phoned to order he said keep them so they run about 1 foot below the water line. I hope to get some real experience with them soon.
  19. I use a palomar or a trilene knot. Both have the line go through the eye of the swivel twice for strenght and have never failed for the big salmon. I started using the trilene after taking a salt water charter and decided if it works for them it will work the the fishing we do here too.
  20. I ordered a pair of the 22" Amish Beefy bags today. They should be here in a few days.
  21. Yea more stuff dragging through the water. That did cross my mind as well. A couple more cannonballs should help. Last time out I only had 2 of my 3 riggers down.
  22. Yes I am hesitant to change the prop for that very reason. What size boat do you have for the 2 28" bags? I was thinking I need 2 22" bags for my 22 footer.
  23. I just got another old boat. This one trolls too fast and I need to slow it down. What is the best way in your opinions. It has a mercruiser 888 with a 14 1/2 x 17 prop. 1/ Should I change the prop. If so what do you recommend? 2/ Get some amish buggy bags (trolling bags) 3/ Put on a trolling plate.
  24. This week is a another great tip with Captain Dan Keating using divers and segmented leadcore. Two fish are caught during the filming of this tip. What a great day on the water late last fall to record this. I had the honors to be the guy pulling in the fish during the recording. http://www.torpedodivers.com/videos.asp
  25. Have you tried www.boatersworld.com
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