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  1. I run mine straight off the bow rails without pulleys. It all works great. The only problem I have is coming into a dock that has a post sticking straight up and more than 4 feet above the water. I could and have hit the planer reel. If you mount them on the roof you won't have that problem.
  2. I know a fellow that pulled the top of his Trophy. See here for anything you want to know about doing that. If you have questions for him I can get a hold of him. http://forums.iboats.com/showthread.php?t=443915 I have replaced a gas tank before but hope I never have to do it in my Trophy. I am not sure if I would pull the top off or look for a good spot to cut it and pull only the back half of the top piece.
  3. Interesting. I have not seen those before. That would work great on a Trophy.
  4. They don't seen to list the fish'n chip on their web site anymore. Has their products changed?
  5. I have my reels mounted on the bow rail by the front windshield. It is just high enough that I don't need a mast. That puts the reel about 4 1/2 to 5 feet off the water. You could try it there and then see if you wanted to add a mast. If I was to add a mast to my Trophy 2002 WA it would be where the front seat is.
  6. Yes sounds like a head gasket. Hopefully not a cracked block.
  7. that is exactly what I am using on my handrails. The rest of my rods holders are traxtech mounting in the tracks.
  8. My 15 HP on my Trophy does not have a charger but I am looking into getting one put in. Right now I start the main every so often to charge the battery. Not a big deal as I do have 2 batteries and could start off the other one if I ran one down to long. But if you are going to buy a kicker go with the worry free option of having it charge your batteries will running electronics and riggers.
  9. Yep I saw that last fall. I have some of those in hand. Not sure how to troll them yet but may put them behind a rigger with some small spoons.
  10. Running a 4 stroke would be good on that boat since it mixes the oil for the main but there is straight gas in your tank. I have a Trophy 2002WA that I bought last summer. I use a 15 hp 2 stroke because that is what I had. I have to carry an extra can of mixed gas for it. Never used a kicker before either. I always had an i/o that would troll nice. I have a set of buggy bags but do not want to put the hours on this motor so will use the kicker instead. Can't tell you how much you need as my 15 is overkill but works for me. 6 or 8 should be great for that size of boat but I personally don't like to go too small and would go for the 8 but that might be just me. Just got an EZ steer at a boat show so will be putting that on for spring fishing.
  11. I have no trim tabs on my current boat but really like the Bennet tabs on the last one. I would go hydraulic as electrics and water can mean trouble.
  12. I also have traxtech. I have the universal downrigger mounts. They have all kinds of threaded holes to fit your riggers.
  13. Here is a better example of well nuts. http://www.spaenaur.com/pdf/sectionC/C147.pdf
  14. My old boat had well nuts. (brass insert with rubber) When you tighten then the rubber is spread to fill the hole tight. Here is an example altough not a clear pic maybe you can get the idea. http://www.iboats.com/Well-Nuts/dm/cart ... w_id.38222
  15. The anode is suppose to disipate the electrical charge that builds on the boat. You must have a good clean contact between the ground wire, one of the bolts and the anode and the ground wire to prevent corrosion. What ever was between the boat and the anode was likely to seal the water out. I would use the 3m 5200 marine sealant between the transom and anode as well as in the bolt hols to keep water out. Sand off the anode to clean meatal where it is exposed to water and where it will contact the bolt with the ground wire. Replace of fix the ground wire. Make sure there is not corrosion on the other end as well.
  16. I have heard of them. I was going to buy one this winter and try it for trolling Salmon next spring. Will see if it will work.
  17. Maybe we will see you out there. We are just north of Lake St Clair and have fished it many times. The lake has its good and bad days. Some days you can't catch one if your life depended on it. Other days its non stop. The lake is very shallow and becomes a mess after storms with dirty water. We always take perch rods and minnows along and if ater a few hours of trolling for musky with no action you can allows anchor for some perch fishing. Belle river hump is a great spot for that. I can get you in touch with some local fishermen in Belle river that I know as well. Jigging for musky and or casting for musky as well as jigging or dragging harnesses for walleye are also other options.
  18. I now have an HDS7 and it works great in a split screen .On my last boat I had an LMS522 and I did not like using it in split split screen. i was going to go to 2 units. Even sold my boat without the522 so I could put it on the next boat. But this boat came with the hds7 and never got around to installing it. Now I am not sure if i should or sell the 522 or put it on the 14' tin boat.
  19. It's going to be a late start this year. Water temps in the Great Lakes are still up and there is no ice yet here. The long term forcast temps are still up above those needed to make good ice.
  20. Misunderstood the question and don't know how to delete this. Sorry.
  21. I like my Otter boats as well. Some don't like them as they will not hold up numerous lines with large heavy musky baits but for trolling for Salmon Walleye and trout they are great. Yes they take up more space than a collapsable but they run up closer beside the boat, don't pull as hard or lag behind.
  22. I have a pair of the 209's and enjoy them but as stated above I would not put leadcore on them based on the 3.1 to 1 ratio. It would take forever to real in a 10 color core.
  23. That can get to be a not fun expierience. I fished with a friend last year long after my boat was winterized in the 3rd week of nov. Water temp was still good and the Walleye where migrating out of Lake Ontario but it was below freezing which meant cold hands but the worst was ice froming on anything brought out of the water. rigger lines rod eyes and planer board and clips all freeze.
  24. Sounds like you have a leak and getting air in someplace. Loose clamp cracked line or bulb or loose fitting? Did you put some oil on the ring on the gas filter canister or check it is tight.
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