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  1. Just checking how the fleas are on owasco and Cayuga...want to go fishing tmrw just trying to get my poles around. Want to see if I need heavy line or regular line..thanks
  2. Fishhook boots sold pending payment.
  3. Fishhook one ahead of you let you know tmrw.
  4. Tktroller55 boots are available check your .
  5. One guy ahead of you waiting to hear back. I will let you know if he doesn't want them......I live in auburn ny
  6. Lacrosse arrowhead boots men's size11 great shape....son out grew them...regular price$150..asking$50
  7. Went today north end using heavy line fleas are bad......of water by 8:30am started at 5:00am
  8. Anybody know of a place to rent for a week next July on Seneca lake needs to have a dock to dock my own 17ft fishing boat, at least 2 bedrooms, internet. Under $200 a night. Want to be able to walk out door to lake, no stairs.
  9. Sounds like good day.......any fleas?
  10. Hookup one says sutton 44's and he other say flutter spoon luhr Jensen 44....let know....
  11. Hook up this what you looking for.... They are sutton 44's
  12. Prayers go out to his family and friends.
  13. It usually the open weekend of bass season. Third Saturday of June.
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