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  1. Just saying think we can get a fresher report starting from this year this one was started three years ago and it's 34 pages long. I am not trying to be mean or ungrateful but 3 years old a lot of pages. Don't blast me for statement .....not busting on mr clean....I appreciate his info.
  2. hey final flight notice you are from wyalusing penn. I live in auburn ny and born in auburn ny but my three brothers and one sister were born in wyalusing and my parents own their first house there.
  3. i under stand I don't even have a cell phone.
  4. I understand but different division might mean more people which in tail I think more money....I sign up either way.
  5. . Thanks....I know a bunch of people didn't sign up last year because it's only was one division. Is it a flyer or is it an application? ...if application take a pic and put it on here so I can copy to sign up. Thanks
  6. Hope there different divisions this year......laker...browns....salmon,bow
  7. You soaking him in cool aid....lol
  8. There is the state for you replace human worker with a machine.....no summer hirer there.....thanks coumo
  9. I called they are aware of it they have been talking it.
  10. Just bought copper line and reel. What kind of pole should I get for that set up? I will be using it only in the finger lakes.
  11. Had mine for 15 years time to get some new ones.....pm me if you have some for sale.
  12. Split up? Will take the 2 1/2 inch
  13. I have been out a bunch of time at t falls have a 17 foot boat have not had a problem...stay right going out under bridge...last time out last wknd.
  14. Deans is open drove by Sunday 1-31-16
  15. Deans is open drove by Sunday 1-31-16
  16. Sealine reels and poles.....set up for finger lakes not Lake Ontario?
  17. No problem.....Yes taugh launch. Small LL
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