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  1. does this derby have different divisions for trout?
  2. What are the initials in the middle for?
  3. What up with the youth division... No kids fishing or fishing that tough?
  4. Looking to buy alpena daimonds casting spoons for my 14 year old son. Size nothing bigger than 3 inches. pm me if you have any.....Thank you.
  5. exactly what i am talking about....great fish for there catagory...but no division for them.
  6. I was just thinking I know there was a 15lbs brown that won the derby on Seneca lake last year and that derby had different trout divisions. I am just saying if he had different division for trout more people would enter I know of four boats would enter if that was the case. Just expressing my opinion. I will be out fishing the derby this weekend good luck.
  7. I don't know about the fall derby but the spring Derby pretty sure lakers took all places. There was a brown in there but got knocked out. correct me if I am wrong.
  8. Wish the derby had three different trout divisions... Instead of Grand prize and five biggest. It really makes it lake trout derby this way.
  9. Not sure....but another question last year it was the one division that included all trout......are they going to break it up for three division for trout. Etc. lake trout ....browns....and salmon /rainbow....I think that would be great...give you more chances.
  10. 4life jackets. 2adult super large and 2adult large....$5 each.
  11. I know what honey bees area I have some......I just wanted pic for color wise....don't know them by name for the different colors and patterns. Thanks
  12. I will try to check for you tmrw I only live 15 min. Away.....but what I see on the very north end I doubt it all the ice got push to the north.
  13. He did mention something about hooks or did he mean hookers.
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