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  1. Still no new content no matter what checked on the left side..... just started having the problem this past week..... always worked before
  2. When i click on view new content tab....It comes up no new content it been doing for a few days.....I know there been new content.....Can anyone help????
  3. Took my buddy trolling, he does not troll a lot. He ended up catching this last spring, the 2nd week of April. 32 inch and 15 lbs. He was as happy as a lark, up on his wall. Hopefully in a couple more weeks we are back at it again.
  4. First time going.......looks like rain is a lot of it indoors or tents bring some rain gear?
  5. If you change your mind.......alpenas
  6. I will buy the alpenas..........
  7. Brewerton one is Saturday the 14th which is a Saturday?
  8. We're is this place at what town how far from auburn ny?
  9. Making love to my wife. We'll my mind is thinking about being on the boat. The love part is the only way I get new tackle. LOL
  10. Went there 2 weeks ago the bubbles were running and water was open but it was not this cold. Caught some fish but nothing to brag about. We called the park two days before we went to see if launch was open.
  11. Talking negative number for weekend and negative double digit wind chill for the weekend. About boat lunches not sure.
  12. I take it that there will be tables there to by stuff. (like vendores)
  13. Dave just emailed me. Shipping orders out this week. Just backed up a little. Very quick response. Thank you Dave.
  14. Just curious order lures on January 2nd and paid for lures. Received email receipts ....but no shipping info.....any body have any info on company ......be nice to Be informed about when shipped.
  15. Now you need a bigger boat......congrats.
  16. Just curious does Meyers launch have ice in the channel and launch.....want to lunch there this weekend.
  17. What model do you have? Not familiar with fishing kayak. Was that on sale didn't see them there at that price?
  18. Looking for a fishing kayak for my 14yr old son. That's one thing he wants for x-mass would like to keep it around $300. I know new one they run $500. So if anyone know of one please pm me. Thank You
  19. Looking to buy 3 tickets for the bills game 10-19-14 versus the Vikings . Me and my wife want to take our son.
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