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  1. you might want to put this add on HUNTINGNY.COM....its a site just like this one but hunting. Free to sign up just like this one.
  2. Is the crack the flasher for the monkey puke.
  3. Are there fleas in Cayuga? I know the are in owasco from this past weekend.
  4. I make sandwiches with my wonder bread.....haha
  5. Against the law to snag........... Got one in the ear by my brother when i was a teen.....
  6. would love to but I only have one Sutton. but if you change your mind I would be willing to buy.
  7. Pm sent to hammer down.........back off dvdegeorge I started post. Lol
  8. Noticed you had spoons on another post. Any alpena diamonds? Check your personal messages people left you a bunch including me.
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