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  1. Myers frozen as of this morning. 1-16-16
  2. nautitroller do you know if myers launch is frozen?
  3. Anybody know if launch is frozen up.....as of 1-15-16
  4. Does he have a web site to order from?
  5. Received my honey bee order from fishy today. Order them Sunday received them today thank fishy. Tamiron like your lures thanks for making a nice lure.....be ordering online the ones fishy didn't have.
  6. Appreciate all leads and info....don't need any more information......he needs to chose now...... Thank you
  7. Not a 4 day notice......it says on aaaa Saturday.
  8. Buddy of mine is looking for a charters for whole day on a Saturday. I never fished on a trout or salmon charter on lake Ontario. Looking for recommendations. And pricing by person or hour. Oswego or mexico area live in Syracuse.
  9. Fishy do you have these honey bees? If so how many and how much?
  10. How do I order stuff is site up and running?
  11. You guys talk all this negativity.....makes me want to shout put My hands up and shout.....aye aye aye...
  12. Don't think this year...maybe in the past. I was waiting for that comment though...lol
  13. Looking to take my wife and son to a couple Buffalo Bills games, but heard the first 7 games are sold out. Looking for patriots 9/20 and texans 12/06 games. Need possibly 3 to 4 tickets.
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