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  1. We use 3 feet of 40 lb big game mono between the snubber and flasher. the weight is ALWAYS toward the boat, this makes it lean towards the boat and pull away.
  2. 100 feet, 46-48 deg @ 100 feet. 325foot of wire on a 1.5 wont get u there unless they are magnums. The fish seem to care less about temp the closer they come to the river. I wouldnt care either if i knew i was headed for a hachery.
  3. My planer reels are made by BIG WATER FISH and are all metal, powder coated and pretty rugged. I've heard of the plastic ones breaking.
  4. Those are very nice fish! Looks like a coho but i see spots on the lower half of the tail. Not sure, we have caught hybrid fish on my boat that are hard to identify. A possibility?
  5. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:TANGLER ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):20, 21st. Time on Water:12 to 6 fri, 6 to 11 sat Weather/Temp:Nice but windy. Wind Speed/Direction:NE fri. S on sat. Waves: 2-4 laying down Surface Temp: 72 Location:Oswego LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 8 fri 4 sat Total Boated:6 fri 4 sat Species Breakdown:1 brown 1 laker 2 stellhead 4 mature kings to 24 lbs. Hot Lure: michigan (sea sick) spoon. Lemon icicle SD w crinkle mirage fly. Trolling Speed: 2.6 best (hard to tell when boat is going sideways) Down Speed: 2.4-2.8 Boat Depth: 120-180 Lure Depth: 95-110 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Made it out of port when we heard is was down to 3s tops around 1230. Set up in 120 and went east searching. @ 150 fow the 450 copper (on big board sea sick spoon) pops and melts 24 lb king. That rod fired twice again thet day loosing two large kings. Others came on wire MAG divers with SD & fly combos. Brown hit Maui woui spoon on rigger. Turned into a great afternoon on the big O. Everyone was way west of us so we had te area in front of the powerplant to ourselves and one other guy. ====================
  6. Stellhead: the overhand loop knot is all u need! Very easy, go to "fish doctor charters" website click on "video tips". You can tie this with one hand. Two years on my wire divers and rigger cables.
  7. Wasn't on water sat but had to listen to the rubbish on sun. If we ignore this crap i think it will go away.
  8. I wonder how they'll hold up? I think about pullin those copper lines for hours. I use spro heavy swivels for those. No way a plastic swivel is gonna put up with that.
  9. U guys rule! Watch those sharp hooks, they will maim you.
  10. To all: Looks like a volvo penta power system w/a small block chevy engine. 305 or 350. 290 DP (dual prop) outdrive. Not sure of beam. Prob 8-6. Larger cousin to my 215 tempest. (1990) Some elbow grease and mechanical wisdom could turn that thing into a fishes nightmare. I may be interested if it sticks around till fall.
  11. WOW papa, those are some great details. Good research! Dont think I'll be going down that road anytime soon.
  12. Not sure whats going on in the trench right now guys, if ur gonna fish it mexico is not the place to launch. You need to go further up towards henderson. Action usually picks up there this time though.
  13. Yup, been there done that. I bought a 7300 color GPS system that worked for three days fishing the hudson spring striper run. spent the next three days on hold, they wanted me to buy another antennae and try it! I boxed it up & sent it back. NO more lowrance ever!
  14. Steelfire: Last year i fished them on coppers in mid aug and did well with them. Dont think guys are using them as much anymore. I'm not afraid to try anything in the box if the bite is slow.
  15. Gave up on my cannons. 5 years on my pair of scottys without a prob. plus i believe those HS models are too fast.
  16. Have a friend or pro do it. If u mess it up it,ll cost u a lot more.
  17. Roughrider: I had a pair of those as my first riggers, had the same issues . there is an updated lubricant for the clutches, I ended up getting scotties and love them. I occasionally use the unitroll as a third rigger (center), and it is still troublsome. Fish307 has what u need but don't expect miracles.
  18. We know u LOVE to play in the mud jim! Trying to get up there, things not looking good. Justin.
  19. What kind of fly bodies are for sale? The only ones that work for me are howie or atomic. The jitter fly has produced also in certain conditions. those G flies i couldn't feed to a deer.
  20. Nice job bluewater! Things are getting interesting up there. Cant wait to get a hook into one of those slobs.
  21. Nice job....... Ok, i cant take any more of this,,,,,,,, Batt charger on. Rods, riggers. Look out the tangler's comin to town!
  22. Sounds like a fun week, i could use one of those. Try adding a CLEAR snubber to your wire divers. It improved my catch rate on the dipseys, i believe it helps from ripping the hooks out on those no stretch setups. Good fishing!
  23. Nice job bloodshot! Glad to see i'm not the only one that aggresive.
  24. Nice fish, that looks like the doctors boat. I see he is up to his usual tricks.
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