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  1. Wow! nice fish! Didnt know the lake was that calm yet. Hope it sticks!
  2. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Tangler ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):4-29 Time on Water:7-2 Weather/Temp:47 deg, cloudy Wind Speed/Direction:w-5 to nw15 Waves: 2-3's w a 4 Surface Temp:44-54 Location:mexico to selkirk LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): dono =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 24 Total Boated:21 Species Breakdown:20 browns 1 rainbow (small, released). Hot Lure: stingers, sticks early, dodger-streamer. Trolling Speed: 2-3 Down Speed: 2-3 Boat Depth: 7-15 Lure Depth: most ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================
  3. You can test those rams with compressed air. Just remove the suspect ram, and with the hoses removed attach a shop air hose with rubber tip into lower hydro tube. SLOWLY apply air to the ram after it is fully extended, if the air ecapes from the top hydro hole then you have a faulty ram. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the report dave, plan on fishing that piece fri, sat. Is there any color to the water or is it clear? I'm trying to lay out my colors. Thanks Justin.
  5. Man, those whirlpools sound sketchy. Glad my boat has a 5' transom, though u wont see it there. I am exited to hear that someone else fishes with baitcasting reels in the rivers, thought i was the only one. I have fished several models but the ABU record 60 has no peer as far as i am concerned. Once i got the hang of this thing i could feed someone on the opposite bank with a flip of the wrist. Dont be afraid to try one. Curious what models u guys are using. T
  6. Dear Captain Scott: Nobody on this forum is (bustin on you). Its been a tough year fishing this lake and we go to this open discussion to try to put something together for the next time out. We are sorry if we offended you. Do not hesitate to post future reports about your expeditions on lake O, regardless of method! Fishing this massive piece of water is only a small piece of my annual program on the water, i will fish for anything that swims with any method. Including fly rods with yes, home tied flies. All of the people i've met and fished with on the big lake to date are just fun lovin folk. Yes there is sport in draggin spoons, lets see you pick the one thats gonna work! TANGLER
  7. We also have picked up a few strays on ff combos, sometimes they just like them. However fishing for spring browns on many lakes (including big O) i will fish a hand tied tandem streamer fly right in the propwash. I use a flyrod with sinking line in a scotty flyrod holder, but you could fish it on mono with enough splitshot to get it just subsurface. Put the line IN the propwash (this gives it its whipping action). They are a great winter project to tie also.
  8. Sound like you guys really slayed them. Hope you left some for the rest of us fishinfolk. HE HE HE.
  9. Jekyll: One more good point i forgot to mention, these are lifetime guaranteed. My uncle on the west coast had a problem with one of his old ones and brought it in for service. The guy demanded his other rigger and went through both, replacing everything questionable at no cost to him! You cant argue with good service. I would check out the new models, sure they'll be out soon. Thanks for the pointers on the rodholders guys i plan to upgrade mine. TANGLER
  10. You are in luck luckyman. Launch your littleboat at pinegrove(be careful it is shallow). Cruise over to the main river by the lighthouse marina and follow the river upstream. A couple hundred yards up from the route 3 bridge you will find a deep spot towards the left side, you will find salmon there.
  11. We have 2 scotty propacs on our penn yan and we love them! The only thing i dont like is how high the rodholders stick up, wish they made some adjustable ones. I stick the rods in my bert holders and crank em down till they're almost in the water.
  12. The browns usually get lockjaw about now and are difficult to target. They get real cranky when close to spawning runs. Should be scattered steelhead and salmon though.
  13. Dane: I stick with clear mono on the big lake, it just works. However i used 12lb cajun line on the hudson river for fall run stripers on my abu record 60 baitcast reels. The stuff is extremely rugged, casts like a dream and ties very easily. very good line but dont reccomend it for the lake, dont think it dissapears like they say and as you know the lake can be gin clear @ times.
  14. I would reccomend towing the boat over to mexico launch, i usually end my lake season there. Last year we slaughtered them in 80 fow on the12th of sept. You will have a real good chance if you can hit it on a weekday, too many boats on weekends over there for me. T
  15. Fast& silver: Dont be too upset. We got to oswego on wed bout 2, (4 hr tow). Set up & hit water by 3, fished 3 hrs wed, 5 on thurs, 5 fri morning. Ended up 0 for 6. Every fish we hooked (or didnt) came to the surface and flailed, throwing the fly. White on white was the only thing that they hit. Seaweed was everywhere, had to constantly clean lines and reset everything. Would have spent more time tryin but i had my 7yr old son & my 73 yr old dad onboard, it was a major insult to go home without a fish in the box! If you catch me trying to snag one in the river now you know why. TANGLER
  16. Where is food basics in kingston? I'm just across the river, this sounds interesting.
  17. Chris: Sounds like this guy Brett might be the dude to talk to about your dipsey rods. I cant even remember where i got mine. The rods arent as important as the quality of the reels. My catalina 25s have served me well, but the new ones are not the same. I'd have to say i'd replace them with the shimano 600lc, if i had to. The quality of the drag system is extremely important, as wire line has no stretch at all. This is not a place to try to save a few bucks,(these rods will produce a ton of fish for you sometimes when nothing else works). I would get these going this year then start fooling around with coppers maybe next year when you have your dipsy rods figured out. Good luck, do your research, some of this stuff is hard to shop for. See you on the water! TANGLER.
  18. Reeeeely nice fish! Great job! I figured it was only a matter of time till one that big hit the scale this year. Good luck. Keep fishin, you never know.
  19. Keithg: You will NOT see that arrangement aboard aboard my boat anytime soon. Here's why: You dont have any idea where this thing is gonna end up in your spread. The leadcore will sink, yes. The diver willl dive, but the thick leadcore (or copper) will severly effect its performance and you wony know where it is. The only combos i fish are: 100 or 200ft copper behind my center rigger(this is deadly) or a torpedo diver in front of copper sections. Knowing exactly where each rod in your spread is WILL help put fish in your cooler. Good luck!
  20. McDragon: The z-wing planer is designed for super high speed downrigger use. You need a stout rigger to pull them. I know that guys use them in saltwater trolling for kingfish where speeds in exess of 6mph would surface even 12lbers. Dont know anyone pulling them on the big lake, but would like to hear about how they perform if there is. I suspect that they would be highly effected by subsurface currents. Justin.
  21. WOW! I know that story has to be true, you cant make stuff like that up.
  22. Storm warning u may be right. I think he might just be kissing 100 with that setup depending on speed. I switch to magnum dipseys with rings when targeting 90 feet or deeper. We always fish at least one copper rig on a big board and the sharper dive angle of the mag diver prevents a chance of clipping the dipsey setup when i send it down the tether line. I can tell u that a mag w ring hits 100 w 225 of wire out, my favorite mirage fly had zebra mussels on it.
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