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  1. Yup i hold the hook w pliers (hook in vise) and give the line a good rip w my other hand do both hooks this way.
  2. I can see thad dude loves his cats. Anyway, Radio shack sells this stuff called (shielded wire), its like coax cable. You use it to power your fishfinder, (the positive power all the way from the batt to the monitor). Your power cable acts like an anntenae and picks up all kinds of electrical JUNK and feeds it to the screen. You have to hook the shield part (the braided wire surrounding the core) to a good ground. This should help.
  3. I have the same engine arangement that you describe, a (305 gm) though. Your shifting problem is most likley the shifter cable. I replaced mine myself with little difficulty. You will have to remove the old one first to measure it, ( i believe it is a 3300 series cable). My marine supply dude had it on the shelf. You will need an extra set of hands to feed the new cable into the shifter housing, but not a really tough job. Made a world of difference how my engine shifted. The steering problem however may be a bit tougher to tackle (sorry). If its fighting only one side you MAY have a bad power steering unit, haven't fought this war yet. BUT i will tell u this: find someone u trust first, then make sure they've worked on volvos before you give it to them, they have nothing in common with mercruiser outdrives. And yes they are more expensive to repair. Good luck, JUSTIN.
  4. Yes a bad vent could cause this! Your primer bulb is collapsing because the fuel pump on your motor is sucking it closed, which says its working.( the ticking noise is the pump suffering from severe vacume on the suction side) You have a blocked pickup tube in the tank or a faulty vent system.
  5. HB If you tested your boat in fishing mode than be sure you dont over-rev it. If you tested it empty than it may perform well when you fish it due to all the extra weight.. That would stink to blow coin on a prop that is not ideal, but i think having more "nut" is better on a fishing boat than going for optimum RPM. You may have to back off it after planing off to prevent over-reving.
  6. For salmon, the rods we run range from 7 to 12 feet, i use 8's. They have a faster action meaning the mid to tip flexes more than the base. They have some serius backbone too. Also most guys run 30# wire with the divers, this requires super hardened guides so the rods are specific application rods. If you think it pulls hard now, wait till you see a king smoke it. I've seen guys not be able to get them out of the rodholder.
  7. All good advice. I tie a piece of mono to the leadcore (bout three feet) with the willis knot, then tie on a spro power swivel and tie this to the braid backing with a palomar knot. The mono is where to put your release clip (if used), cores on boards are lethal.
  8. Yup, its true. You can feel a fish sniffin your stuff with it, then wait for a dink and.........WHAM you hammer him! Not sure how many fish i missed before it but, totally different feelin the bite with it. I like power pro and spider wire stealth, wall marts got best price on stealth. Get em!
  9. Absolutly! Find the best (and coolest) charter captain in your area, and ask him to take you out for a fishing lesson. You may not be able to remember everything but you will have the basics.
  10. Some incredible fishing this spring! Cant wait till i live closer.
  11. I believe there is a lund dealer in Albany, not sure what they have in stock. There is a boat dealer in kingston ny who sells crestliners, the style you spoke of. These things look awesome! tons of fishing room and storage. They actually have an 8'6 beam in a 17' boat! Bigger than you wood imagine for a single axle trailer boat. Nick Roberties marine.
  12. Back to the tippy Penn Yan. Mine is a 215 tempest hardtop, and it, as they said likes to roll side to side when on plane. I find that trimming the drive up a bit helps a good amount. I have to make TINY trim tab adjustments as the tabs are oversize. I have gotten use to it and absolutly love it, very well built piece of equipment. The bayliner is an entry level boat, also my last fishing boat untill the transom rotted out and the boat would not float. Multiple bilge pumps were added but in the end i had to put her down. Be very careful to inspect any craft of this age. Take someone who knows about boat hulls if you can. That 305 will be fine with the right prop. good luck. Justin.
  13. Wow steelfire, i thought i had a long pull from Rhinebeck. That's some tow to the ramp,wow!
  14. Wow! U need to fix that. I would let the setup out just 5 or so Feet and watch it, see what happens. We run #1's down to like 90 feet than for anything deeper switch to mags. Have never had one spin like that.
  15. I think the lakers eat all the llS! All 40,000 per year! I have fished for them for years and only caught 2. The lakers on the other hand havent been so lucky. Out in front of the campground is our best spot. We start in 50 fow and troll n-s, working our way out to 100fow. Small cowbells, 18 in leader to a flatfish. blue-silver, green-silver-red, stuff like that. SLOW with the flatfish(talkin .5-.8 waterspeed). put some of that smeltrite oil on your lures, its deadly. Good luck. Justin PS will be there may 26-31 .
  16. I'm going to assume that they are concenned about interference since the sub troll is wireless. "Positive ion control" applies a very low voltage to the rigger cables as an attempt to attract fish, or to prevent the cables from picking up stray voltage and thwarting them. If you have not read the BLACK BOX BOOK, then you should. You can buy the book from pro troll or just borrow one. U probably should disconnect that feature of the downriggers to eliminate any false info. I dont run cannons and cannot tell you how to do this, but it cant be too difficult. Good luck, JUSTIN
  17. tangler

    Boat Deck

    Try "bar keepers friend" liquid cleanser. This stuff even took a rust stain off my engine cover, got it @ bed bath & beyond. Cheap too! 26 oz for four bucks. Best thing ive found.
  18. What a lake, great trip for you and your stepson. You will be back soon. ME TOO!
  19. Thats an awesome fish! Dont worry bout that derby. I've been combing for that fish for years! Enjoy that thing on your wall for the rest of your days. Congrats!
  20. I know that browns inhale gobys, thats no secret. Of the 21 fish that we boated last fri we kept 4. The fish that we kept had fully mature allewives (7" long) and a few smelt fresh inside. If you'r fishin that dirty water, spoons with copper or copper backs produce. Good luck.
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