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  1. I like the angle of the rod holder, but i'm not sure if i trust it fishing for kings. That extention looks sketchy. Not to bust on your program tim, but i watched a rod, fish, reel, and full rigging disappear into the depths of the big lake one day due to a weak rodholder. I warn ALL not to do this. Depressing and very expensive. I'm gonna see if scotty's new ones will adapt to the 1116 riggers i have. Thanks guys. JUSTIN
  2. Thanks guys. Tim is that strong enough for a screamer king? I dont dare use plastic after i saw one snap.
  3. I see the new scotty riggers are equipped w adjustable rod holders. Has anyone retrofitted older scottys w the newer adjustable ones. I dont like the angle of the original ones. Thanks. Justin.
  4. Yep, i broke one in my boat. The glass is not replaceable. i made a cardboard template fit it, then cut a 1/4" thick plexigass window. The plexiglass can be Bowed to fit into the window track. Be patient, mine has been in for 4 years.
  5. 1990 Penn yan "21 tempest" hardtop for sale. Great condition, great running boat. Going to leave marine radio and sonar system on and strip the fishing gear. She is powered by the volvo penta aq 211a, (305 chevy engine w volvo duo prop outdrive). Also am including the heavy duty kicker motor bracket, (182 lbs cap). Comes w shorelander tandem trailer, also great cond, w new wheels & new 8 ply tires. Kingston ny area. Asking $11000. pm me for phone #. I will try to post pics if anyone wants them. JUSTIN.
  6. Good job on a few kings kevin, we were out there too. Spent a few hours in tight fishing for browns, got a few up to 8lbs. Then out in front of powerplant in 150-170 fishing a baitpod down deep. Lakers loved my stuff but went home without salmon, the guys that got them were fishing up higher. Didnt see much up there but obviously they are still around.
  7. I also use both, i use one and two color cores for spring fishing shallower depths. Out deeper i switch to coppers. I have one reel for each 50' incriments from 100 to 500 and like to run them on big boards to give that up & down action. I have not tried over 5 colors of lead ever, not sure why. Whatever fills your box, often the sinking lines are the only rig to fire.
  8. Note to self: Dispach fish in net if more than 27 hooks involved!
  9. My guess? #1 brown, male. #2 Coho. #3 Steelhead or dr. #4 KING. #5, good luck, bad pic.! But better than what i've caught this year!
  10. Fyi: Napa filters are made by wix. Had great success with them on all types of engines and equipment.
  11. The difference between 21.18 and 21.19 is hardly gonna be noticed in your final drive ratio. You can fine tune it with your prop if nec.
  12. Yea, did that on an older boat. Not the same setup though. My scupper tubes are close to 1.5'.
  13. I have water backing up through my drain tubes sometimes in rough water and heavy seas. I realize that this is due to the deck of the boat going below water line. That is no shock, i as well as all have added hundreds of pounds to the backside of the boat. She is a 21' penn yan HT. I read here about someone adding "ping pong ball" scupper valves, i assume this means when the transom goes deep the balls back into the tubes and provide a better seal than the flappers? I would like to hear some feedback from some who have these "ball valves" and where to purchase them if they are worth the upgrade. Thanks. TANGLER.
  14. Get yourself a box of rubber gloves. This stuff will be a tatoo on wherever you put it. You've been warned.
  15. Skunk: my buddys slickcraft had a tree fall on it a week ago. 230 merc (305 4bbl) he wants to part it out. pm me for details.
  16. Sometimes if you crank the motor and it doesnt start , that starter gear will stay engaged. Reason is the torque on the starter shaft vs the crank. When the motor starts, the flywheel spins faster than the starter and throws the starter gear back down the helix (the spiral thingy). Thats why the gear was still engaged. Glad u got her fixed.
  17. Yes! Anything is an upgrade from a force engine. Biggest gas hog available, the best day i had with mine was when i overheated it on lake george and blew it up.
  18. FYI : DFI stands for direct fuel injection. That engine is oil injected and direct fuel injected, ( meaning the fuel is injected into the combustion chamber not the intake runner). Its mercs version of the evinrude e-tech, although not as refined. Get the right oil.
  19. Misty IV: Just curious, how do u do that? Do you shut it off @ batt switch or something automatic?
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