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  1. Good to know ! I guess I will have to get down there Saturday , after I get off the water!
  2. Fish are being delivered Friday.
  3. I can help on Monday. see you then.
  4. size #16 rubber band..keep the extras out of the sun. I wrap it around the line 4-5 times, NOT a half hitch...Put both ends of loop in a black or any other release.
  5. Did they test them in 1998? 15 lbs. is a very nice coho! I had clients send a couple around that size, and up to 18 lbs. to taxidermists in the last week.
  6. SPEED AND TEMP...... If what you are doing isn't working...change one, or the other , or both!
  7. call Kevin Rooky (Rooky Bros.) at (315) 263-6204 He is used by all the charter boats in east side marina Oswego for many years.... Ask around, his reputation is great ! good luck with your troubles.
  8. Zach, i work for Capt. Bob on The Waterwolf...i can assure you that every effort is made to successfully release every musky that is caught on our boat! We are out there trying to grow world record class fish, and killing them is counter productive for these efforts? Yes, it's true, this monster fish rolled up in the steel leader...and cut it's own gills during battle. Wash down pump trick, and repeated attempts to revive it in the water were made, to no avail.... Every other fish caught this season made it back safe to grow! It was the only one that didn't. How many musky have you caught that you released? Capt. Darryl Raate
  9. there's too many variables .....every boat, every reel, every speed, every setting is different! The only way you can tell for sure, is RUN THEM INTO BOTTOM? and then when you lose a bunch of line off your dipsy reel.... it will be different the next time you set it. One boat telling another, where their dipsys are hitting is just a starting point? Keep moving your own until it hits!
  10. Nice catch Reese! Sorry i didn't return your call...i was a little busy netting fish on HatTrick.......
  11. At the time of that statement.....250+ views...and NO RESPONSE! When we hit the dock Sunday, our crew split up and carpeted the crowd. Being a "walk -on crew" and NOT noticibly affiliated with Capt. Bob, or Salmonbound......we figured we would pick up on something pretty quick? We did. We picked up on a vibe that indicated NOONE REALLY BELIEVED SUCH A THING COULD REALLY HAPPEN! So thank you for the responses! Keep talking it up! THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT! SOME SCUM NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! All of us just need to think how Bob feels......Show up on your boat......and find that some one has vandalized and tampered with it.... Tom Allen is correct. This is a tight knit group of Professionals/ with a great public image! BUT THERE'S ONE IN IT THAT DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE HERE! We don't need to call the cops....(there's enough in here already...) We can" police" ourselves...to a better justice ?
  12. Good move! I think i dropped the only fish during the Wayne county pro-am? After Bob made me take off my "REEL ACTION " hat....i don't think i would have worn that one!
  13. The "grapevine" Wasn't on your boat when it happened! 6 of us were ! We all saw the real deal. I noticed lots of people looking at this thread........ and yet, nobody has a response? Lots of whispering in the background tho......
  14. ok, I'm going to try to post this issue, WITHOUT LOSING MY TEMPER..... The person responsible for this act of ignorance, is the only one I'm mad at. HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED. I was fishing on Team Salmonbound this weekend out of Sodus Bay, for the Pro-am. This morning Capt. Bob pulled away from the dock (using twin screws) and staged with the rest of the boats at the bouys, waiting for the "blast off". after we cleared the piers, he powered up on plane, and we headed for our fishing grounds. WE LOST STEARING ! Ok, shut her down, pop the hatches, what's wrong? THE STEARING ARM WAS DISCONNECTED FROM THE PORT RUDDER! BUT THE PIN AND COTTER KEY WERE PUT BACK THRU THE STEARING ARM!!! OBVIUOS TAMPERING! If the cotter key was missing, and the pin was in the bilge......i would surmise it just fell out? This was NOT the case....Someone took the pin out, disconnected the rudder, and replaced the pin, and put the cotter back in ! NOT COOL Last years joke of putting fish guts in the boat was easily cleaned up with soap and water...... This years "joke" could of got somebody killed.............. GROW UP. AND YA BETTER HIDE, CUZ CAPTAIN BOB IS ON THE WARPATH.
  15. Bob, Thanks again for the great time this weekend fishing the Pro -am! Brian and Marc both had a lot of fun fishing with you. We didn't win....but thats ok for putting together a team of strangers? Too bad someone had to vandalize your vessel ! We are really lucky nobody got hurt......YET , i'M SURE SOME ONE WILL WHEN YOU CATCH THE CULPRIT! I hope to get a chance to fish with you again, call me if your mate needs a day off, I'll fill in, if my schedule allows.
  16. We sat on the dock and watched the wind blow......... T-K Charters was the only one happy about it?
  17. The fleas are so bad, they are gathering on the downrigger cables. Guys on the radio yesterday were saying 40lb. was not even stopping them. F L E A Just another four letter word....
  18. I really miss that naked lady.... They should put her back on there.
  19. I agree. I Mate on different boats, It's not uncommon for me to run a working program on one boat in the morning trip, think i have it all figured out? Jump ships for the next charter, and have to run a whole different game to get a hit! Some programs only "work" on certain boats? I believe you have to find what works for you, but be willing to change to what works for the fish! (that hour ) Good luck.
  20. I had my doubts....But ran one on the down and out......It came back with a salmon stuck to it! So far so good. It sold the salmon, held up, and repeated itself! It's NOT the magic answer to all our problems.. But earned a spot in my daily spread for sure.
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