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  1. Ok, you let yourself get pushed around by a blow boater if you want to think that. I turn my stern to them long before they are close to me, they get closer than I want them to..but they always alter their course as they pass me! Freighters are in the shipping lanes , That's their road. Or restricted in a channel on the St. Lawrence. or when entering Oswego or any Port, have already given their "security" call... common sense to stay out of their way! Sail boaters have no common sense... They ONLY learn one thing WRONG..they think they always have the right of way! I have never seen a bigger crowd of trollers anywhere on Lake Ontario than the Salmon river area. It's really not that bad if you are paying attention to what's about to happen, and CHANGE YOUR OWN COURSE accordingly ahead of time. Oswego harbor trolling gets congested also at times...not as many boats, just a much smaller area. Here again, if you "read" the crowd, and give up your pass on where you want to go at the moment, you can usually have very little problem. Some people just arrogantly force their way into a bigger problem up ahead. Back in the early 80's when there really was a crowd of trollers....I worked on The Amberjack with Capt. Ken Budd. He would only put down one downrigger in those crowds..turn on a dime, and go right back where we came from! That rod would fire, I would send the same item back down on it while we battled the fish on! Ken was the man who taught me " Just give me ONE that works".
  2. This is true. And yet, Charters are considered "commercial operations" in fine print to void warranties.... "Commercial" in Coast Guard regulations for safety equipment requirements...etc, etc.. So...when a charter boat has all it's gear out, including planer boards, and is restricted in her ability to maneuver due to the nature of her work ... If the Charter boat was equipped with a three light mast and/or dayshapes, indicating her as a a commercial fishing vessel.... Would this legally jump the vessel up the pecking order and make her a "fishing" vessel? I have always wondered? Rule 26 A fishing vessel is defined as one engaged in fishing with nets, lines, trawls, or other gear that restricts her ability to maneuver. It does not include sport-fishing boats with trolling lines, which are not considered to pose any such restriction.
  3. If you truly believe this, YOU better read that book some more and LEARN "The pecking order".... There is a vessel who ALWAYS, NO MATTER WHAT, has the Right of Way...It's the... 1. OVERTAKEN VESSEL. 2. Not under command 3. Restricted in ability to maneuver 4. Fishing 5. Sailing 6. Power 7. Seaplane Even the seaplane, at the bottom of the pecking order, has the Right of Way over any vessel on this list, including a sailboat, WHEN BEING OVERTAKEN ! Simple solution? Turn your stern to these sailboats, let them over take you....They have to move and give right of way to you! Now if only the sailors would read/learn the rules of the road beyond ...The sailboat has the right of way.
  4. I like watching them form...from a distance! Thought one was trying this morning in Mexico Bay, went down in cabin to grab camera, when I came back up, a rod fired, by the time we landed the fish, The spout was gone, or never formed at all?
  5. Oh, I know..it's a double edged sword! I personally just had a walleye trip I booked as a client aboard Vision Quest out of Erie PA. for TODAY.....cancelled by Capt. Pete on Friday... We could have fished today... I appreciate Capt. Pete thinking of "saving" us a wasted trip out there for nothing... But then again, we already planned on spending "x" amount of $$$ and time on Hotels, food, alternate entertainment, etc, etc while out there anyway.... So, if the wind blew today, we would have been $750 ahead of the game anyway? We would have rescheduled another trip for next year whether or not we fished this year. I'm sure as a group we could have found something else to do around the area if we had been blown off this morning! Instead I'm sitting home, when I could be out having fun with my friends on a road trip!
  6. Any and all cancellations should be made by the Captain...at scheduled DEPARTURE TIME. It's just good business.
  7. "If you see the fish stacked below the boat and they are not hitting, boat speed, direction, depth, and the distance from your ball are factors to pay attention too". Agreed! Just remember, if what you are doing....IS NOT WORKING...change it!
  8. One boat..two Captains working on it at all times.
  9. Thank you guys! For remembering us! Capt. Larry Jones for Niagara/ Buff Harbor ! I could also suggest Capt. Rich Clarke/ Sign Man Charters for the St. Lawrence River.... There are Many other great Captains out there also. We don't see Capt John Orevac in Clayton as much as we used to...but that man is a Musky catching Machine! A little late in the season to get a ride on The Waterwolf....... We do have a couple open dates though. Oct. 24 th Oct. 27 and 28 Nov. 7 th Dec. 13 and 14 (weather pending on these late dates, of course. But the last few years we have run right to the end. This year? We will see!) Frank, good luck in your quest to catch your fish of a lifetime! Whoever you choose to fish with, I'm sure they will do their best to provide you with such an opportunity.
  10. Coast Guard Oswego Station is a training facility.. Expect to get stopped/boarded. If you are not sure about your legality, Don't take the chance! Good luck. bring bail $$$..
  11. Mr. Toothy has produced lots of northerns, but no muskie...yet! Maybe this fall ?
  12. See you on Nov. 30 th. ! I still haven't caught a legal Muskie on that Baker you gave me...how's that Bergerking rig treating you?
  13. I'm trying! I would be just as happy to see you get it. Good luck out there. I won't be in Clayton until Oct.?- Dec15....Stop over room 7 in Bertrands for a if you're still in town!
  14. Rain would be good...I sure hope the water temps drop faster than they did last fall, for a good musky season. As long as the water gets cold, the nasty weather could hold off until after Dec. 15 th ?
  15. Or...maybe SOME of the cohos are wild, and the DEC doesn't clip the adipose on the stocked coho's, so we wouldn't know the difference?
  16. I had my turn with the DEC on Wednesday. I was Captaining for another boat, who's owner couldn't make it due to his "real job". Just hooked up to a fish and here they come! They politely pulled up along side us while the young lady was battling, checked fishing licenses, Life jackets, My Captains License, and both mine and the Mates Maritime Consortium cards ! Everything was legit, so they moved on their way !
  17. They answer the phone when I call...So I'm not sure? Getting Jeff on the phone is a different story..... Melody, I think? Still waiting for ours, but they are coming! I hope to have them by Musky season....
  18. I've had many days that a fly was hit so many times there were only a few strands of material left on it and it was still catching fish. I believe the fish were hitting the beads. I've also had many days that a white fly with white beads wasn't taking many shots and replaced it with a white fly with green beads and they were slamming it. I'm a firm believer that bead size and color make a big difference in catch rates. Raven made a good point regarding weight effecting action as well. Speed and leader length also have alot to do with it. Glen Your boat misses you .....I'm tied up two slips away now !
  19. Put a fly without beads in the water while trolling, look at it, then put the same fly WITH beads in the water, look at it..... There IS A DIFFERENCE. Bead size matters also... Rig one fly with one size beads, tie the same length leader behind your chip, as the same fly with bigger beads...observe the action of the two flies. Same goes with HOOKS. (Maybe it all has to do with the overall weight of the rig?) We troll with a Strike Vision underwater camera, and play with this stuff all the time....Fine tuning a rig to what we think looks good, doesn't mean much. But then all of a sudden a rig goes down and a salmon or muskie shows up immediately and tells us what THEY want! So we duplicate it .
  20. Great video! Thanks for sharing. I will have to get my father on-line to check that out. He would be tickled to see the old Misty Blue still out there doing what she was built for!
  21. greens and..... Very addictive and fun past time ! There's a certain feeling about having a fly you tied get hot for an hour....and frustrating when you can't catch another fish on it for a few days after... Just try a different one..... you don't know how to tie flies. Lol [ Post made via Android ] I know...That's why I still buy A-Tom-Miks to catch my fish.
  22. greens and..... Very addictive and fun past time ! There's a certain feeling about having a fly you tied get hot for an hour....and frustrating when you can't catch another fish on it for a few days after... Just try a different one.....
  23. greens and..... Very addictive and fun past time ! There's a certain feeling about having a fly you tied get hot for an hour....and frustrating when you can't catch another fish on it for a few days after... Just try a different one.....
  24. Tony needs to be out on an afternoon charter....There was a tribute last Saturday. About 6:30 pm.
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