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  1. Now called Frontenac Harbor since Castelli's sold it.
  2. I hope you took good care of that lamprey before releasing the Laker
  3. Easy to read if you click on the ticket to enlarge it
  4. No problem Luredragger. I guess I was a little too sensitive. I agree.....Let's get back to what we are here for in the first place. Tight lines to you too! This is on me if we ever meet up
  5. Luredragger....I never gave the guy a lecture just an opinion on my experience. You need to learn the difference between the 2.
  6. I guess if we all felt this way a lot of charters would be out of business? Sometimes the knowledge gained by actually experiencing and picking the brain of these experts is well worth the money because of the knowledge you gain. I went out with L. Ontario charter captains years ago and the knowledge I gained by experiencing how to do things and picking their brains was well worth the money spent and much more than someone just telling me how to do it. Experiencing it was the key for me and I believe I am a better fisherman because of it. I'm not saying it is a necessity, and in reality, not everyone can afford it in this economy, but in my opinion it is well worth the price. With that said, what you can learn here is also very valuable. This is a great site with a lot of great people and fisherman (including charter captains) with a vast amount of knowledge who are always willing to help. I got some excellent and valuable information from the members here and appreciate every bit of it
  7. Yeah.....I'd take that anyday. Nice job! Great looking rainbow
  8. I really liked those reels at one time. I still do! As I recall, back in the late 80's and early 90's they were one of the top freshwater lever drag reels you could have bought. They don't call them "charter special" for nothing! I have several Shimano Tritons from 1990 that I just don't use anymore and they are like new ( I couldn't afford the charter specials at the time). Most of us prefer line counters because of the simplicty of use in knowing how much line we have out and want larger capacity non line counter reels for wire and copper set ups. Just my opinion.
  9. I know rat! Seems like a lot of guys (Scott I think you know who I mean ) think their boats are worth much more than they really are? I'm not sure where they are getting their pricing from? I don't think they know what BUC value is? Maybe thats why they are still for sale!
  10. FF line?????? I'm running 30# PowerPro and flourocarbon leaders. Can the weed mats be seen so that I can avoid them? Is there any reason to stay in 70' or less of water up there? I'm assuming the fish are oriented more around temperature than structure so that I can troll anywhere in the thermocline. Should I pay more attention to bottom structure and troll the thermocline where it intersects the bottom? Thx FF Line is called flea flicker. It is made by the Cortland Line Company. It's very effective in keeping the fleas off your line. Others seem to have some success with 30lb Trilene Big Game. I'm not sure about the PowerPro since I don't know anyone using it. The trick seems to be the diameter and shape of the line. Cortland Flea Flicker is specifically made in an oval type shape which makes it harder for the fleas to stick to it. I hear some have good success with the Trilene and others not so much when the flea infestation is unusually heavy. I guess you can experiemnt with the PowerPro, but if the diameter is thnner than the Trilene it won't work as well.
  11. The weed mats are on the surface. The weeds right now are mostly around the points, but you may find them anywhere at anytime depending on the blow and wave action. They are much easier to see in calm water, but more difficult to spot when the lake is choppier. If you find a lot on one side of the lake your best bet would be to either go to the middle of the lake or on the opposite side which is what we do when it is impossible to fish because of them. At least those line clogging fleas are better right now.
  12. Nice boat Jim! What year is that Baha? Is it an inboard or I/O? Single or twins?
  13. Running a 20ft sportcraft fisherman series now, but looking to upgrade to a bigger boat although even if we do that we will probably keep the 20 footer too. Not sure if I want to keep 2 boats, but it would be nice to have a trailerable rig too although I'm not sure I could justify that for the amount of times I would actually trailer it How is you boat running now? I need to go out with you 1 of these days so you can show me how you target those fish in deep water
  14. Hey rat Is the water back to normal color now?
  15. Hey Rat. What is going on with your boat? Is it fixed yet?
  16. The fleas were bad on Sunday. None on our Cortland flea line, but globs on our 30 ft 10lb mono leaders. Fishing was real good though.
  17. Referred to EC again? Does this mean it will take 6 months before the Assembly votes on it?
  18. Appreciate the update. What do you think the chances of it passing in the Assembly? Of course they way they operate down there.....
  19. You ain't kidding We had to dodge several big ones last week. I'm glad it was calm otherwise I wouldn't have seen them.
  20. Well, if you don't see him you can always smell him!!
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