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  1. LMAOOOO!!! Sorry Greg..I couldn't help it after reading your post. It's my sick sense of humor.
  2. They weren't a problem about 2 weeks ago and I plan on going up there on Sunday. I hope the wind is down.
  3. This might be a dumb question...I have plenty of those .....Where do we turn in our entries for the derby? Bear's or Barney's only?
  4. Thanks Rollie. I know about the tournament this weekend. We are still deciding since my son can only fish 1 day and we're wondering if it's worth it since we haven't done very well the past 2 weeks. I hate to only be able to fish 1 day in a 2 day tournament. We might do it anyway though
  5. We fish out of Fingerlakes Marina on Cayuga Lake and have only trolled for lakers, LLs, rainbows and browns. We would like to mix it up a little and try some fishing for bass and perch. I know most don't want to give away their favorite holes, and I don't blame them, but can someone put us on some likely areas for some bass and perch....types of bait to use...water depth...area and structure most likely to hold these fish etc.... Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. You're probably going to like it even less after Saturday
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